Friday, December 4, 2020

The Tip of the Iceberg


Friends, I had always assumed that proving the certainty of substantial fraud in deep blue areas would be very hard, because, if election workers were involved, you would need to lean on them and get them to "flip" on one another.  Easier said than done, and virtually impossible when state and federal law enforcement is sitting on its hands, as it has been for the last month.  Well!  I forgot about the fact that much of this fraud occurred in areas that would be subject to video surveillance.  And here we have compelling evidence of electoral chicanery in Fulton County, Georgia: 

Obviously, what should now happen is that those involved in such fraud should be interrogated by law enforcement.  Will that, in fact, occur?  Maybe, but what is guaranteed is that, as we speak, election authorities throughout this country, and especially in deep blue Dem cities, will be reviewing and deleting surveillance footage that could show similar criminal behavior.  We need to scoop up as much of this video as we can, while we still can.  Another potential opportunity area if we wish to document electoral fraud is cellular communications and emails between election workers and/or Democratic Party operatives.  Has anyone been reviewing such information?  Of course not.  That would require subpoenas, and, as we've been told a thousand times, there's "zero evidence" to justify such investigations.  Well, now there is evidence in Fulton let's get on with it!  The fraudsters have already been given a month to cover their tracks.  We've given them enough of a head start, I'd say!  To break this case wide open, there's really no substitute for the active involvement of the FBI.  Christopher Wray, are you listening???

Some additional indications of fraud: 

And here's evidence that the state legislature in Pennsylvania is starting to do its job and take back control of the process, as well as the 20 electors at stake.


That's a good sign, but it will take a lot of backbone for all those Republican legislators to stand with President Trump.  More evidence would come in handy!


Finally, here's an article by Newt Gingrich that correctly points to the spectacular success that Republicans enjoyed in state legislative contests this election cycle.  How did Republicans do so well across the country, while Biden racked up massive, improbable wins in just a handful of big metropolitan areas?  Gee, I just can't figure it.  Can you? 


  1. Among Biden's "promises" on his website is a blurb about working towards a cure for ALZHEIMERS. Very commendable, although hardly original. HOWEVER, if he is declared the "winner" of the election then it is ALZHEIMERS that people on the right should hope they can get. We can all fade away in peace without any memory of a Biden regime much less any memory that 2016 was the last free election. Sound morbid. That's because it is. So I am going to design a red baseball hat that says "MAKE ALZHEIMERS GREAT AGAIN". When Lefties beat you up before they read it, you won't remember they beat you up anyway.

  2. This attempt to "clean up election fraud" , real and imagined, reminds me of that graffiti on the partitions of public bathrooms just about everywhere for years and years, that one might still see "Here I Sit All Broken-Hearted, Came to Shit But Only Farted".

    Lot's of convoluted logic about how efforts to show that election fraud is not to over turn the election, but making sure that future elections are free and fair. SAY WHAT?

    If this is not about over turning election results based on fraud than it is an exercise in futility. Sorry, but if Biden is inaugurated in January 2021, there will probably be NO free and fair elections come 2024.

    I'm sorry, but is anyone dumb enough to really believe that "Democrats" in power in the next four years are not going to do everything and anything possible to prevent any Republican ever getting back in The White House?

    What's that old crude expression "Shit or Get Off The Pot". Overturn the results of this election in Trump's favor, or hope fo r some miracle or Captain Midnight magic come 2024.

  3. Ray, I suppose if we all get Alzheimers it will probably be one of the border hoppers preferred by Democrats who end up wiping the drool from our chins in our dotage. Is that some kind of "justice"? Maybe.

    I agree, Ray: we shouldn't beat around the bush. We want four more years for Trump. Then we want four more years for someone Trump-like. Then we want the Democratic Party to close up shop for good. We can have an opposition party: just not the tainted Demo-socialists.

    It's amazing, when you think about it, how much the nature of our elections did change, from 2016 to 2020, and most of those changes required no legislative reforms at all. The election authorities just decided to accept every Dem ballot, no matter how grubby, and -- presto! -- Biden wins.

    1. DR. NICK

      A lot of hope for Republicans is now being placed in keeping The Senate. However, I don't trust The Senate either. People like Mitt Romney "collaborated with the enemy". I don't trust The Supreme Court of The United States either. Justice Robert could have stepped in even if just a "toe in the water" but has not. What can I say.

      Historically speaking The Nazis ran Europe because millions collaborated with them. Stalin ran Eastern Europe because millions of home grown Communists collaborated with the Soviet Union. What can one say. People cover their butts, and kiss the butts of their enemies when it is convenient for them to do so.

  4. Very well said Ray and Dr. Waddy.


      I'm sure you are very busy, plus with Christmas also. However, when you get time, I strongly recommend a book by Pat Robertson titled "The New World Order". It was published in 1991 right after the Iron Curtain fell, but it is just as relevant today. It tells why things are so screwed up today, and gives a detailed reason as to exactly why.

      Please get a hold of this book and read it. Yes, Robertson is religious but his explanations are very secular, without apology. Something leaps out immediately on page 109, and you can use your imagination as to whom these words might apply, and it sure is NOT President Trump.

      "When the facts are known it is clear to me that anyone who takes an oath of office to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States and then deliberately attempts to subvert the sovereignty and strategic interest of this nation in favor of those of another government-world order or not-is guilty of, in a word, treason."

      Robertson makes it clear that these efforts have been going on for at least 100 years, as you suggested before in a previous post. Get this book and read it, and then you will fully understand why our situation is, in my opinion, probably FUBAR. Take care.

      I think a lot of Americans have been brain washed into believing that our current dilemma is just a recent event, and we got a bad President (Trump), and the "Democrats" will fix things. BULLSHIT! This is a concentrated attempt to turn this country into a Marxist oriented dictatorship, aided and abetted by a bunch of technocrats.

      George Orwell must be laughing in his grave repeating "I told you so'!

    2. You know, Ray...I think I might just have that book in my collection of books that haven't been read yet (spent the last 4 years in college--long list of books I want to read, sigh). Thanks, I have looked it up and will go through my books and if not, I will order it. For $4, it will be well worth it, smiles. Without looking at the book-I was reflecting as a Historian on the last 100 years. Scary stuff coming down the line. I hope folks are ready for it. But, you know, I am just a "conspiracy nut" like the Media and such like to call us folks who follow/plot history.

    3. LINDA,

      History is full of conspiracies. Some of worked and others have not. There are probably some that have never been discovered. However, as you know, they are real. People with power get together and plan something they don't want the general pubic to know, and then proceed to do put it into action. Conspiracies big and small going on 24/7. For example, the Kennedy assassination was certainly a conspiracy. What else could it be called. Even if just one person did the shooting, someone had to be behind him. Yep, conspiracies are real. Of course some are actually conducted in plain site and then called something else. Ha!

    4. LINDA

      An excellent example of a "conspiracy" is when Henry Kissinger met secretly with the Chinese Communists as a prelude to recognizing the biggest Communist Dictatorship in the world. This was a "conspiracy" of the Nixon administration. It was done in secret and then presented to the public as a thing already done.

  5. Dr. Waddy et al from Jack: The Gingrich article raised very plausible comcern about the election!


  6. Yes, well said, Ray! We can't entirely trust any of these institutions, and neither can we trust the GOP. It's a fallen world. The Bible has been telling us that for centuries. We've been proving it to one another for even longer.

    My thoughts on "conspiracies"? Sure, they happen. The bigger and more elaborate an alleged conspiracy is, however, the harder it is to credit. Rather than "conspiracies", I see lots of, hmm, people working towards a common goal because they hold common beliefs? That's what I would view Russiagate as. You don't need a lot of bigwigs in a smoke-filled room deciding to make things up about the President. You just need a bunch of people who already hate him, who will seize on ANY narrative, no matter how far-fetched, if it helps them get rid of him. Same with the election: there doesn't need to be a master-conspiracy or a chief conspirer. All you need is for every Democrat and swamp monster to be working in common to elect Biden at all costs, and determined to look the other way if any hanky panky was needed to do it. Simple.