Monday, December 21, 2020

The Grandeur That Was...America?


Friends, President Trump, in a sign of good judgement and exquisite taste, has issued an Executive Order encouraging the construction of federal buildings that follow classical models.  He isn't a fan, apparently, of modern or minimalist architecture, and I must say I can relate.  The ornate and elegant buildings that dominate Washington, D.C., like the Capitol, the White House, and the Supreme Court, ooze American strength and stoic virtue.  Pretty much anything constructed since the 1960s, on the other hand, looks cheap, flimsy, and pedestrian, at best, and downright weird, at worst.  Note that this order does not FORBID innovation or originality in federal architecture, but it does suggest that we return to our classical and Victorian roots.  I second that!


As our building styles hearken back to the days of the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire, might our politics do the same?  The GOP Chairwoman in Arizona is encouraging Trump to "cross the Rubicon".  The relevance?  Julius Caesar famously crossed the Rubicon River in 49 B.C., bringing his army with him and thus violating the orders of the Roman Senate.  The result was the collapse of the Roman Republic, a civil war, and a lurch towards dictatorship and monarchy in Roman politics.  Was Kelli Ward thus encouraging Trump to become a dictator?  Maybe, although the phrase is commonly used to mean "take a big step", not necessarily "put your enemies to the sword".  You know how those lefties love to clutch their pearls when anyone (but them) toys with authoritarianism... 


  1. Dr.Waddy from Jack: A look at the pretentious "Albany Mall" gaggle of state office buildings erected at Rockefeller's grandiloquent tax and spend pleasure,is instructive. Of particular interest is the "Toilet Bowl" building. It's all in the neo classic form pioneered at Brasilia. I've always thought Rocky expected to be President and wanted a spare capitol on hand in case DC was nuked. But then, Brasilia was carved out of jungle, whereas the Mall as built on casually leveled old neighborhoods.We have a contnuing tradition of dictatorship in NY.

  2. Dr.Waddy from Jack:The left has its ducks all in a row,it does. It knows exactly what it wants - totalitarian control! After that? Whatever "we" or more likely Madame Lider says, that's what goes! How do "we" get there? By any means necessary; witness the 2020 election. "Heads we win, tails you lose". Consider the Krondstat sailors who had supported the Bolsheviks but realized early on the evil they had helped to power. But too late; Trotsky crushed them. In the present day American left are many of good will who do not believe that they are being used by dedicated Marxists. This includes so very many of the big corporate world who think obeisance to far leftist dogma gives them license to thrive in the new world they expect. IF the left prevails and it has an imperfect (so repugnant to them) advantage just now ,it seems,they will fully realize their terrible folly!


  3. Jack, I must admit, I find those 60s-era monstrosities fascinating. I won't say I find them BEAUTIFUL, but they do have a certain institutional charm. Funny you should mention Brasilia, because Ray turned me on to a Netflix show called "The Mechanism". It's set in Brazil and focuses on political corruption. It also features some panoramic views of Brasilia.

    Quite right: many will realize the folly of supporting the Left...too late to stop it. I frankly believe professors will be among the first to jump ship. They're airy-fairy idealists. They really believe in the socialist, multicultural utopia that the Left is supposedly building. The reality of left-wing rule could only disappoint and, in due time, horrify them.

    1. Dr. Nick

      Don't forget that the majority of professors (most of whom are Marxist oriented, with people like the late Howard Zinn as primary), have been at the forefront of The Left for many decades now, and have indoctrinated many people in politics today, to include many in the media and film industry.

      In fact, these asshole professors have made left-wing rule possible. Nothing would horrify these damn people. These professors have also made sure that people from kindergarten through college have been fully brain washed by training teachers to make sure this got done.

      Left-wing rule is already here. What's happening now is merely the political phase of it, like that cherry on top of the sundae.

    2. Dr. Nick

      Make your next Netflix show "Mar de Plastico" (Spanish TV series).

  4. Dr.Waddy et al from Jack: Doc Waddy: What do you think of Brasilia? All I remember from its inception is shiny edifices right out of the 23d century rising incongruously out of the Amazonian wilderness! Rio at Carnival is the only place in South America I'd make an effort to see. I love Bossa.

  5. Dr.Waddy et al from Jack: The subhuman history of empowered Marxism cannot be unknown to today's American Marxists. It cannot be that they are,in the main, as sociopathic as to think it's record of unparalleled oppression at all creditable.That some of them do is appallingly obvious from their increasingly open advocacy straight out of 1917. But these incipient Stalins must be few. No, today's Marxists think Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot just got it wrong! Why, let us try again they say.

  6. Dr. Waddy et al from Jack: I invite comment on this from Marxists or their apologists (and I mean that not in the pejorative but in the dialectical sense of the term apology). First, how do you argue against your congruity with the other great demonstrated evil of the 20th century, Naziism? Your doctrine was, in full practice proven actually far more evil than their's! Why do you not deserve the richly deserved excoriation and complete disempowerment rightfully accorded the Nazis? Why pray!!!???

  7. Ray, I certainly agree that left-leaning higher ed bears a large share of the responsibility for the plight of our country. The minds of the younger generation have been poisoned at every level of what passes for "education", but probably no level is better at it than academia. You might think of it as "finishing school" for leftists? Granted, the ground is prepared very effectively by elementary and secondary ed.

    Jack, Brasilia is not without its charms. I suppose it must be unlike any other city on earth, and kudos to the Brazilians for achieving something original and different. It's "futuristic", but only if the "future" is defined by what was imaginable in the 1950s and 60s.

    I wonder how many leftists would embrace a program of mass murder to achieve the utopia they so pine for? It's probably impossible to find out, since no pollster would get a straight answer to such a loaded question.

    Jack, you ask a valid question: why socialism continues to be "respectable" while national socialism isn't. Is it more virtuous to kill "class enemies" and "wreckers" than ethnic and racial enemies? I suppose it must be. I've long thought the Left is more aghast at thought crimes than, well, actual crimes -- of violence, for instance.

  8. Ray, BTW, I finished "The Mechanism". Very enjoyable!