Tuesday, November 10, 2020

The Tale of the Tape


Friends, arguably the fate of our Republic hinges on the ability of Republicans to prove electoral fraud in 2020.  I know -- liberals are inclined to scoff, roll their eyes, and say "Tsk tsk".  Proving fraud serious enough to overturn an election is indeed a high bar, as it should be.  I encourage everyone to read this article, though, which lays out a strong prima facie case for serious irregularities in the 2020 presidential election.  Steve Cortes is no dummy, and he's no conspiracy nut either.  He's made a believer out of me!


Remember, this sort of statistical analysis is key.  Showing that a few election workers broke the rules is merely suggestive.  Showing widespread, systemic tampering with the vote would be far graver and ultimately far more useful to Trump's cause.


  1. I will admit, Trump/Republican Party has a uphill battle with overturning the election. But, I think it can be done. Great posts, Dr. Waddy. BTW, I left FB and have since joined Parler and MeWe. I had had enough of the lies, fact checking and censorship by FB.

    1. Hi Linda. You can hope against hope if you want to, but the election of President-Elect Biden and Vice-President Harris will not be overturn. To date, 12 post-election lawsuits have been dismissed in the courts.

      Of course, a year from now, Parler and MeWe will still be saying that Trump is in office (rather than in jail for fraud).

  2. Dr. Waddy. Cortes' argument is HIGHLY flawed.

    1) Wisconsin is not Ohio. WI traditionally has higher voter participation. In addition, the WI DNC worked hard in Milwaukee to get the vote out, especially given that low turnout in Milwaukee in 2016 cost WI for Clinton.

    2) Biden outperformed Obama in the PA suburbs because of the increase in the number of suburban women who switched from Trump to Biden.

    3) There's no reason to believe Sidney Powell about anything. This is an allegation. In addition, we don't know how that number compares to the number of people who voted only for Trump and not down ballot. Beyond that, when the votes are all counted, 150 million people will have voted. 450,000 seems like a lot of votes, but it is 0.3% of the total vote and slightly less than 0.6% of the Democratic vote. Put another way, 99.7% of the voters voted down ballot as well.

    Beyond that, in GA, more voters cast ballots for Perdue, Loeffler and Collins than for Ossoff and Warnock. That's where the difference from the top of the ticket occurs.

    Finally, comparing GA to WY is not just comparing apples to oranges, it's comparing apples to rocks.

    4) There was so much attention directed to issues of the rejection of mail-in balloting that voters learned what were the issues that would create problems with mail-in ballots. The Democratic Party also provided lots of communication nationally, and on the state level to prevent people from losing their franchise.

    Beyond that, Cortes' charge that ballots were not properly vetted, and that Democratic governors encouraged mail-in balloting to overwhelm the system are just baseless. Cortes seems to have forgotten that there was a pandemic going on.

    Conclusion? This was not a statistical analysis. Cortes piece is based on seriously faulty assumptions and laughable comparisons.

    I won't claim that Cortes is a dummy, but his analysis is very dumb.

  3. Wow why the animosity and hate? I just don't get it from your side, Rod. Oh, but wait, count every vote means nothing now, right? If I seem to remember, Biden recently said he would not declare victory until every vote is counted, surprising, but states are still counting and not one state has certified anything. So, your telling me, its ok for the media to elect the President? Rhetorical question. Actually, my whole comment is rhetorical, because the left can never ever see both sides and just want to talk down to us 'little people'. No need to respond to my comment.

  4. Linda, the courts could certainly have a major impact on the outcome of this election (by altering which ballots in fact count), but it's also possible that the political aspects of the process could save Trump's bacon. It's Mike Pence who forwards the results of the electoral college to the Congress, and Congress that votes to accept or reject them. Lots of opportunities for gamesmanship in this process. It's important what the courts do, yes. It's also important what the people BELIEVE -- and what politicians do based on what they see in the polls.

    I'm tempted to leave FB too, but it means losing my connections with a lot of people. A big step!

    I see Rod is not impressed by Cortes' analysis. Surprise surprise. No doubt, if Biden had been slightly behind in the vote count in the key states, Rod would have thrown in the towel immediately. Uh huh. Rod is right that Cortes doesn't PROVE election fraud, but he raises some piercing questions that demand answers.

    Linda, yes -- nothing has been certified yet. Certification is itself a long way from the end of the process. The end comes in DC in early January when the Congress votes to accept a winner of the electoral college...or the House chooses the next President voting by state delegation. The simple fact is that, if the courts were to mandate a narrower interpretation of which mail-in ballots were valid and legitimate, Trump would win the election. That could easily come to pass.