Friday, November 13, 2020

How We Get There From Here


Friends, tempers are running awfully hot right now, and charges and counter-charges are flying in every direction.  A lot of claims are being made about the election with scant evidence, too.  Here's the bottom line: we want Trump!!!  The media has called the election for Biden, and Biden appears to be ahead in the key states.  Thus, we need to prove the election was illegitimate, or parts of it were illegitimate, or it's...President Biden.  Ewww.

My latest article lays out what I believe is our best case for overturning Biden's narrow "wins" in the critical states.  See if you like where I'm headed...

How the 2020 Election Was Stolen

President Trump's campaign is rightly pursuing challenges to the results of the 2020 presidential election in several battleground states. Meanwhile, the conservative media is shining a bright light on election fraud and irregularities, from dead voters, to chicanery at the post office, to faulty voting machine software, to outright ballot stuffing.

All of these stories cast doubt on the legitimacy of Joe Biden's “victory”, and, if sufficient proof can be assembled in the form of witness statements, statistical analysis, and documentary evidence, Biden's win may yet be overturned. If it is, a strong argument can be made that the electoral votes of the relevant states should be changed, or they should be thrown out altogether. If that happens, the electoral college may produce no majority for either candidate. Then, the next President would be chosen by the Constitution's Plan B: the House of Representatives, voting by state delegation, would decide. Given the fact that Republicans control most of those delegations, Trump will be reelected. We will be rid of Joe Biden once and for all!

This, of course, is the outcome that all of us hope for. How can we bring it about?

The problem with the current narrative about the election is that, while doubts about its legitimacy are rising, conservative criticism of how it was conducted is highly diffuse. While the standard line of leftist journalists — that there is “no evidence” of election fraud — is growing threadbare, Biden backers can justifiably claim that so far the evidence that has emerged is episodic and anecdotal: it proves no systemic fraud that would be capable of changing the election's outcome. That conclusion, however, is arguably premature, since assembling proof of pervasive fraud is challenging and time-consuming, by definition. It may take weeks, or even months. On the other hand, even if the fraud is real, proving it may be impossible.

Luckily, there exists another path to demonstrating the illegitimacy of the 2020 election.

First, we must keep in mind that Biden's margin of victory in the critical states was incredibly small. 20,000 votes or less in Wisconsin, Georgia, and Arizona, and about 62,000 votes in Pennsylvania. Given that we are talking about thousands of votes, rather than hundreds or dozens, it's still a high bar to prove sufficient fraud to invalidate the results. On the other hand, it we count the votes in a different way — by changing the standards for what constitutes a valid ballot — this could easily alter the outcome. It could result in four more years for Trump.

And here is where I believe Republicans and conservatives should concentrate their attacks. This year, because of the coronavirus pandemic, more Americans than ever voted by mail. Most of those who did were Democrats or left-leaning independents. Democratic election officials (as well as Republican election officials rooting for Biden — not a small demographic!) knew this would be so from the start. They made a variety of changes to make voting by mail easier in 2020. They did so because they wanted to maximize the number of votes for Joe Biden.

What appears to have happened in 2020 is that, in addition to officially and/or legislatively approved changes to vote-by-mail procedures, election officials routinely and systematically ignored statutory safeguards intended to guarantee the legitimacy of mailed ballots. Depending on the state, such ballots might have to be requested, they might have to be returned by a certain deadline, they might have to be verified by a witness, they might have to be accompanied by information confirming the identification of the voter, they might have to be sealed in a special envelope, they might have to be signed, they might have to be stamped with a readable postmark, or they might need to meet any number of other requirements. Traditionally, any returned ballot that doesn't comply fully with all these stipulations is either flagged for review (the voter is sometimes given an opportunity to correct any errors), or it is not counted. Historically, between 1 and 5% of mail-in ballots are rejected (for novice voters-by-mail, the average is close to 3%).

In 2020, these patterns were turned upside-down. In the fanatical drive to encourage and expand voting by mail, and to count as many of these votes as possible, Democrats and their allies achieved a massive, and highly suspicious, reduction in the rejection rate for such ballots. In Pennsylvania, .03% of mail-in ballots were rejected in 2020, compared to a rejection rate of 1% in 2016. In other words, in a year when mail-in ballot requests exploded, and when many mail-in voters were new to the process, rates of rejection were 30-fold lower than four years earlier. A little fishy, no? Rates of ballot rejection fell — cratered, in fact — similarly in other states, including Wisconsin and Georgia.

Reports are piling up of election officials “curing” ballots on a systemic basis: fixing problems with the ballots with or without any input from the alleged voters. Reports are accumulating of postal and election workers backdating ballots so that they would be counted. Some ballots lacking vital signatures or other information may also have been tabulated in violation of statute.

You get the idea: the fix was in. Democrats and their allies in post offices and Boards of Election across the country worked feverishly this year to change the terms by which our elections are conducted, and by which votes are counted. They did so to privilege votes cast by mail, and to count such votes even if past practice and relevant legislation would seem to dictate that they be thrown out. They did so to expand the “universe” of votes that would be counted, so that low propensity voters, voters who have trouble complying with official instructions, and — yes — probably some imaginary “voters” as well, would all have the opportunity to participate in...the Biden campaign for President! This was extremely thoughtful of them, to be sure, but it was also a form of election interference. It was, in fact, a form of fraud. Election officials lowered the bar for participation below what the law allows, and they did so to ensure the election of the candidate of their choice. Our election system was corrupted as never before.

It bears repeating that, because of the tight margins in many of the critical states, the acceptance of tens of thousands of ballots that in any ordinary year would have been rejected had the effect of altering the outcome. Were it not for this Democratic cheating, we would not be in the current mess: Donald J. Trump would have been reelected, Sleepy Joe would have gone into retirement, and the ordeal of the 2020 election would be over.

As it is, though, we are dealing with the consequences of the Democratic Party's mendacity and fraud. Either President Trump will succeed in reversing the illegitimate outcome of a Biden win, via the courts, the electoral college, or the Congress, or Joe Biden will take office on January 20th, safe and secure in the knowledge that, since he and his allies successfully gamed the system in 2020, there's no reason why they can't do it again in 2024.

That's not an outcome that any American patriot should find acceptable. We must demand that the votes in the critical states be counted again, in a transparent and fair way. In other words, those votes should be counted according to the law, and thus mail-in votes that do not meet all the statutory requirements should be thrown out.

If and when that happens, the tally will confirm what most Republicans already know: Donald Trump won the election.

Democrats will never admit it, of course.

The more germane question is whether the Republican establishment and GOP lawmakers can still be persuaded, or whether they too are on the Biden bandwagon.

Dr. Nicholas L. Waddy is an Associate Professor of History at SUNY Alfred and blogs at: He appears weekly on the Newsmaker Show on WLEA 1480/106.9.


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  1. Unless this election is overturned in favor of President Trump, a Biden Presidency would destroy this country by packing The Supreme Court of The United States. Biden has made a veiled threat to do just that, and it should automatically disqualify him from being President.

    Packing the court is launching an assault against the separation of powers at its most powerful point. If Biden were able to do this under his administration, it would be a giant step in the direction of a dictatorship, with freedom eventually destroyed.

    This is probably on the top of the list of the worst things that could happen in a Biden regime. Once the court is packed, you can kiss democracy goodbye.

  2. You can be sure that a Biden Presidency means a renewal of relations with The People's Republic of China on a more cordial basis, but with a price. The PRC will eventually go for the prize which is Taiwan, and once they take that, Biden can either go to war or let them keep it. The goal of the PRC is to get us out of East Asia, and they will not "play by the rules" like Biden thinks they will.

  3. Dr. Waddy, you seem to believe that, like President Trump, the louder and longer that you scream election fraud, the more valid it makes your claim.

    It doesn't. It just makes you look more like Trump -- a sore loser who has no one to blame for his election loss.

    You claimed in your podcast that there are all these "valid" questions that need to be examined regarding the legitimacy of the race. These questions were raised for months by Trump and his supporters in order to undermine the election process should Biden win. The questions aren't valid -- they are strategic.

    There are "reports" here and "claims" there. But, when investigated in court, Trump is 1 out of 15. The only case his team has won has to do with counting the ballots in PA that arrived after Election Day. That amounted to about 10,000 votes. If they broke 80-20 for Biden, that's 6000 votes less for Biden, or, as of this morning, still resulting in a 56,000 vote lead (and growing) for Biden.

    The point is, when Trump's team gets into the courtroom and has to provide evidence of fraud, they lose -- because they don't have any.

    It has gotten so bad that Porter Wright has stopped representing the Trump team. Even their lawyers know that what Trump is saying is bullshit.

    It's over. AZ won't have a recount because Biden won by more than 200 votes. The recount in WI so far has resulted in Biden gaining more votes and Trump losing votes. No fraud has been detected in GA's recount. The result in PA will be greater than 0.5% which will mean no recount.

    Of course, Trump might win a Hail Mary in PA on process grounds, but that would result in a recount. It still wouldn't matter. Biden won 306 electoral votes. Take away PA's 20, and Biden still has 286.

    I am very much looking forward to President Biden and Vice-President Harris. Finally, some adults running the Oval Office.

  4. Dr. Waddy, an update. Trump is now 1 for 22 in lawsuits. He lost 6 yesterday in PA and one in MI. He has now named Rudy Giuliani to take over his lawsuits. That news reminds me of the lyrics from "I Know Him" in Hamilton, when King George hears that John Adams is taking over from Washington:

    John Adams?! -- [Insert Rudy Giuliani here]
    I know him
    That can't be
    That's that little guy who spoke to me
    All those years ago
    What was it, eighty-five?
    That poor man, they're gonna eat him alive!
    Oceans rise
    Empires fall
    Next to Washington, they all look small
    All alone
    Watch them run
    They will tear each other into pieces
    Jesus Christ, this will be fun!

  5. Well, I rather be like Trump, Rod, than China Joe. I am starting to think, Dr. Waddy, that the American people are going to get what they wished for and then in 2024 Trump will be reelected. Hopefully, America won't be so far gone. I think we will need a major intervention by then. How said it is, I am almost wishing for the left to take over and show the people what exactly they are up too. Maybe just maybe folks like Rod will wake up. I doubt it.

    Ray, wishing you a very Happy Holidays...and there was an article in our local paper about the Eric County sheriff telling Cuomo he was not going to comply with the mandates and he was wishing the citizens a very Happy Thanksgiving. What we need is more folks like him to stand up to the tyrannical government. I see many states are standing up to China Joe and telling him NO they will not shut down. Good.

    Waving to Jack, smiles.

    1. Linda, Dems are so hoping Trump will run again in 2024. To spank him electorally once again would be awesome.

      Plus, so long as Trump plans to run in 2024, he freezes out other candidates. As the brilliant Zeynep Tufekci just wrote in the Atlantic, that keeps competent authoritarians on the sidelines (Mike Pence, Tom Cotton, Josh Hawley).

      So, yeah, Donnie, bring it on again!

  6. ***sad not said...sorry...about that.

  7. Rod Carveth's rants are, to use a crude expression, like stink on shit. But what can one expect from a certified asshole.

  8. Hey Rod! Get some new ideas of your own. Quit playing the brain washed pimp role for Biden and The Left!

  9. Ray, the fact that the Dems will have, at most, 50 Senators, and one of them -- Joe Manchin -- says he won't support court packing, means, in effect, that ship has sailed. It's questionable whether there would be a majority for it in the House either. I think we can breathe a sigh of relief there.

    Rod, I guess you know there was no substantial election fraud refuse to investigate the question? If, as you say, there's "no there, there", then you have nothing to worry about. I personally regard a lot of the results this year as suspicious, and we Republicans indeed will do our due diligence and examine how this race was conducted...and how the votes were counted. The evidence will accumulate. It may never impress you, but the courts? The American people? We shall see.

    Linda, "China Joe" -- I like that moniker. You and Ray are undoubtedly right that our relationship with China would grow much warmer under a Biden presidency. Could Taiwan be imperiled? Maybe. If I were Taiwan, I wouldn't count on any help from the U.S.!

    I doubt very much that a national mask mandate or a national lockdown would work. The good ship Biden would leak like a sieve, I suspect. Americans simply will not be imprisoned in their own homes.

    Rod, like you, I hope that Trump runs for a THIRD term in 2024! That would be swell. Put the final nail in the coffin of the Left...

    1. Dr. Waddy, the issue of voter fraud is being investigated. The problem is, there is nothing valid to report. Charges are NOT evidence. Trump and his legal team have gone into court 23 separate times. Their cases have been dismissed 22 FOR LACK OF EVIDENCE.

      The end result of these baseless charges is to further divide us as a country. Because of Trump's gross mismanagement of the COVID crisis, we are now up to 175,000 new cases per day and 1800 deaths. The economy is stalled because of the pandemic.

      Yes, Pfizer appears to have a vaccine that may get an EUA in the next 2-3 weeks. But, we have never had an mRNA vaccine before, and have no idea how long it will last. The fact that people need two doses and the vaccine needs to be in cold storage represents an incredible logistics issue. There won't be enough people vaccinated until next summer for us to start to get pass this.

      Anyway, the GOP can keep going down the rabbit hole of trying to find evidence that is not there. It will not change the fact that Joe Biden is the President-Elect, Kamala Harris is Vice-President-Elect, and in December, the electoral college votes for Biden and Harris will be certified.

      Trump is looking so bad right now as he whines and stomps his feet about the election that, if he chooses to run in 2024, he will be trounced, losing every state he lost this time, plus OH, NC and FL.

  10. Dr.Waddy et al : Linda,Thanx back to you.That the left stole this election is very plausible.They tried ater 2000 and 2016. Since the '60s they have been the standard bearer for moral relativism and presumptuous recreation of public policy out of whole cloth in smoky dorm rooms.They and their avatars prosper to this day!

  11. Jack, the allusion to moral relativism is apt. It brings up a relevant question for Rod: supposing, just for a second, that there WAS fraud in 2020 -- would you care? Would you want to know? Would it not be defensible to use ANY MEANS NECESSARY to dethrone the orange tyrant?

    Rod -- I'd say you underestimate Trump's appeal to the electorate at your peril. Twice the Left has salivated at the prospect of thrashing him and the GOP severely, and twice, against all odds, he has proved a much worthier adversary than you expected. As for 2024, no one could have imagined 2020 in 2019, so what point is there on speculating on 2024? I may be in a reeducation camp by then. You may be People's Commissar for Reeducation. Let's not get ahead of ourselves.

    And Rod, you know as well as I do that Republicans have mustered hundreds of affidavits to support their case that fraud and irregularities abounded in 2020. They may not amount to enough to impress a (swampy) judge, but that's still a body of evidence far superior to anything that Christopher Steele ever compiled. And those who submitted such evidence in 2020 are actually accessible and accountable for their claims, which is more than we can say for the long list of "anonymous sources" who have (allegedly) materialized to take down Trump.

  12. Linda from Jack: Awhile ago I had a chance to thank Tim Howard for his opposition to the "Safe" act overreach. He's gutsy. Cuomo has no moral authority to criticize or threaten him; Cuomo is blithe to countermand any Federal law he pleases.

  13. Speaking of which, I fear for the future of the Border Patrol and ICE should Biden and his minions get their hands on power in DC. I shudder to think what our southern border could look like, 6 months from now.

  14. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Ditto, ditto. Not only as ICE and Border Patrol have had to endure a shameful onslaught of calumny for doing their dut ybut a Dem administration would bring upon them a maelstrom of official vindictiveness designed to destroy their morale. But those people are tough; they couldn't do their jobs otherwise.

  15. Jack, I don't question their toughness, but the simple fact is that, under President Biden, they would be ORDERED not to do their jobs. They would either comply, or they would be dismissed. My guess is they would comply. And the nation would be much the poorer for it.