Thursday, November 19, 2020

Still on a Ballistic Trajectory to Victory!


Friends, challenging an election, and changing the narrative about an election that most people believe has already been "won" by the other side, isn't easy!  Nonetheless, there are signs that we're making headway.  Read all about it:


We're attacking on all fronts, and Trump remains fixed on the ultimate prize: "four more years"!

BONUS: Here's a hard-hitting piece about social media censorship of conservatives:


  1. Dr. Waddy from Jack: One favorable decision could swing things. Why the left ought to know all about that since it has misused the Federal courts especially to impose unlegislateable fiat on the entire country. One Federal District Court judge in Hawaii makes a decision and the other two branches are superseded nationally.

  2. Dr. Waddy. As of today, Trump is 1 for 30 in court.

    I understand the pragmatic reason for continuing to back these hopeless Hail Marys -- trying to delay certification and hope GOP electors can be substituted for Dem electors. It's not going to happen, but I understand the strategy.

    But, do you honestly believe the outrageous claims Rudy, Sydney and Jenna put out there in their press conference yesterday? If so, I worry about you. If they go into court with that craziness, not only will they lose, they will be sanctioned by the court. In fact, look for disbarment actions to be initiated against all three when this is over.

  3. That's true, Jack: there's a scattershot quality to the GOP efforts at present. That results in a lot of dead ends, but if they hit pay dirt in a single avenue, the narrative could change overnight.

    Rod, I didn't see the press conference, but I understand that the allegations were mighty sweeping. I continue to believe that proving pervasive fraud or voting machine shenanigans is a tough challenge, but proving the unequal and arguably illegal treatment of mail-in ballots should be relatively easy. Either that treatment presents constitutional issues for the federal courts to bite on, or it doesn't. You regard such efforts as "hopeless". If so, then chuckle away. Many said the same thing about Trump's candidacy back in '16, of course. Few are laughing now.

    1. Dr. Waddy, I suggest you watch the news conference because if you are supporting this baseless attempt to overturn a democratic election, then you are embracing the absolute lunacy of the Three Stooges. When you do that, you really lose all credibility. The only benefit here is that they can't make these charges in court.

  4. I will be brief, since I doubt I will be able to post any comments on this site until after Christmas, being extremely busy with house guests.

    After going through the entire process of determining who is going to be the official winner of this election, I firmly believe that if Biden is declared, our Constitutional Republic will be destroyed by the end of his administration. There will certainly be no more Republican Presidents, much less any free elections as such.

    That's my take on the situatioN, and I realize a dismal one it is. At least with traditional dictatorships there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, but with a Biden presidency and beyond, the powerful forces that support the so called "Democrats" will have ironclad control of the country. Kiss your freedom goodbye.

    Best Holidays to all.

  5. Eek! So we're all screwed...but Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas! Gee, thanks, Ray. :) Seriously, Seasons Greetings to you and yours!

    Given the fact that Biden wouldn't control either the Supreme Court or the Senate (in all likelihood), I think it will be tough for him to abolish our democratic and constitutional system, but I suppose the presidency does give one some formidable powers -- many of which President Trump has thus far chosen not to use. A President COULD make himself into a dictator, especially with the connivance of the media. I would say, if we see the government start to shut down the conservative media, and right-wing social media, then we'll know that it's time to turn out the lights on American democracy. Anyway, I'm not giving up on Trump just yet...and I'm certainly not giving up on America.

    1. Dr. Waddy, I don't know why conservatives can't understand that on election night in PA, only the in-person votes were counted (which skewed heavily for Trump). Because the GOP state legislature would not let election officials begin to even start on mail-in ballots (which skewed heavily for Biden) until Election Day. So, yes, way more Biden votes came in after Election Day -- legal, mail-in ballots.

      I also find it so incredibly funny that 24,000 GOP voters who voted mail-in during the GOP primary did not vote in the general election, likely because of all the garbage Trump was spewing about the legitimacy of mail-in ballots. So, Trump's bullshit screwed him royally. With those 24,000 votes, he would have won by 12,000.

    2. Dr. Waddy,

      That news conference with Rudy Giuliani, Sydney Powell, Jenna Ellis and other cast members from "Greatest Conspiracy Theories Ever Told" was stunning in its complete detachment from reality. Are we to believe that President-Elect Biden masterminded a complex plot involving poll workers in as many as 10 states throwing out Trump ballots, creating Biden ballots, ignoring directions on counting mail-in ballots and physically muscling poll watchers to the outer fringes of the poll sites?

      Are we to further believe that in order to make sure that if those tactics weren't enough that Democrats planned in the previous two years to arrange for states to purchase Dominion Voting Systems, which had easily hackable "back doors" that would allow for people in Germany to be counting the votes?

      Are we also to believe that Biden's team also got judges placed in just the right courts in order to throw out all the Trump claims (Trump is 2-32 so far)?

      Finally, are we to believe that the CIA may very well have had a hand in all of this?

      I would love to be snarky here and say that if you believe all this, please seek help.

      But, this isn't funny. This is frightening. There are Trump followers who believe these baseless accusations. Lots of them! And even when all of legal suits by the Three Stooges (Syd, Jenna and Rudy) are dismissed by the courts, those followers will still believe this trash.

      If we are lucky, those folks will just spend the next four years telling anyone who will listen how the election was stolen from Trump.

      If we are lucky.

      If we are lucky, no one will get hurt.

      If someone does get hurt (or lots of people get hurt) we know whose hands the blood will belong.

  6. Dr.Waddy et al from Jack: Guiliani plausibly maintained that the evidence he has for a pattern of fraud was generated by cities long run by Democrats. Who would know better about that than him? He took a grand, world class city which was reduced to measureless degradation by years of Democrat misrule and returned it to greatness and civilization. He did it with a combination of courage and common sense which bespeaks enormous strength of character. What reason can be mustered to say that he no longer possesses these qualities? Disbarment indeed! Except of course if the vindictive nascent"Trump Accountability Project" gains the acceptance that such as AOC advocate! Then all Trump supporters would be marked for second class citizenship.

  7. Dr.Waddy et al from Jack: I saw the entire conference. Guiliani presented very plausible evidence that the early Trump lead (as was to be expected in a down to earth state like PA) was statistically impossible to turn over as it was supposed it was.

  8. Dr.Waddy et al from Jack: Obviously Guiliani could not have gone into detail on his cases in the peremptory confines of a news conference. He summed up their arguments and findings. To denounce them on this alone is prejudice.

  9. Dr.Waddy from Jack: He spoke at length about Constitutional Equal Protection concerns raised by evidence generated by sworn accounts of election irregularities within key states. He spoke in passing about such concerns in the decision in Gore v Bush. Being a Scotus decision it is mandatory authority in any system which recognizes the value of applying the accumulated wisdom of past decisions rather than relying on current "feelings".
    It may well be that that is Guiliani's ace card. This will end up before the Supreme Court and the Dems must fear this, since Scotus is now inconveniently lawful. They may well be preparing their ranks for the anarchy that would result from a just Trump prevalence. The always presumptuous but probably ground breaking "Squad" has already asserted it's intention to force a Biden administration to the far left. Surprise, surprise!

  10. Dr.Waddy et al from Jack: Rod: No, I don't think Biden managed such an arrangement; he has not the required executive acumen and has shown no sign of being capable of it. What? His Vice Presidency to a leftist radical who used him only for electoral and ancillary duties? Are we to assume that the Dems purposed the deposition of Donald Trump (and really, it would have been anyone who insolently denied Hillary)?Why of course! They got to work on Nov.17th, 2016, they did, such was their self righteous indignation! It is less certaintly positive that the Dems placed judges strategically but then , America hating Obama was President wasn't he? A shotgun will place some of it's pellets but perhaps not enough to prevent heresy. The Three Stooges eh!? I watch them every Saturday because they crack me up.Rudolph Guiliani:: Under fearsome and enervating physical and emotional threat this proven great man took the Mafia to task! And this was a key part of his subsequent redemption of NYC from consummate cynicism and degradation. He had good reason to expect at any time the execution of an atavistic mob contract on his very life. This is documented. His integrity is not easily attacked, oh no!

  11. Perhaps Rod, ought to seek help for the plausible arrogance/deniability. If my memory serves me correct, isn't Hillary still claiming she won 2016? Is she not in denial? Didn't the dems cry foul through Nov. to early January? Yet, Trump can't? Simply amazing. But, oh...I forgot, Americans aren't suppose to remind you folks of that. Geesh (hitting forehead) sorry about that {{rolling eyes}}.

  12. Rod, I am intellectually capable of comprehending the fact that Trump-leaning in-person votes were counted BEFORE Biden-leaning mail-in votes in PA. Fair enough, but that doesn't mean I automatically dismiss the idea that there was fraud. I am, in fact, queasy when I contemplate any situation in which, first we Republicans count our votes (revealing how many we have), and then the Dems count theirs (giving them the opportunity to cheat, whether or not they seize it).

    Rod, you paint a scary picture there, but the nonsense which some conservatives believe is matched by equal or greater nonsense on the Left, which you would perceive and acknowledge if you didn't have a blind spot for any "conspiracy theory" that cast Trump as the greatest villain of all time. And if you're worried about people getting "hurt", start following the "facts", which are simple and straightforward: it isn't Trumpers and Republicans carrying out most, or much, of the violence in America. It's mostly criminals -- you know, all those "oppressed" people who you can't wait to let out of prison? Anyway, to address the substance of your comments: I don't necessarily believe the Dominion Voting Systems theories, or the ballot dump theories, because I haven't seen much evidence to substantiate them. I do believe that the Dems engineered a collapse in the rigor of requirements for mail-in ballots, and in so doing they may have knowingly invited the submission of thousands or even millions of illicit ballots. I believe, therefore, that the Dems' margin of victory may well be in illegal votes. Be that as it may, it's also becoming clear that the media and the political establishment don't want to hear about it. Their joy in being rid of Trump exceeds their devotion to legal niceties -- a fact which should surprise no one at this stage.

    Jack, it's the statistical evidence that many Trumpers are hanging their hats on. Unfortunately, statistics are also famously opaque and open to misinterpretation. As a skeptic, I would ask: if there was a pattern in multiple states of big city political machines skewing the vote, then there ought to be evidence of communications between such people for that purpose. If there really was a byzantine conspiracy, then we better hope the FBI and federal prosecutors are on the case, because I suspect that's the only way we'll ever prove the allegations. It's clear that the Dems and the Left want no such investigations to be pursued, however. Their position is clear: there was no fraud, period, because...they don't want it to have happened.

    Do the Dems fear what SCOTUS might say and do re: the election? They'd be foolish not to fear it. They're building up a tidal wave of momentum for Biden precisely because they don't want any counter-narratives to emerge. They want, in essence, federal judges and justices to understand that, if they give Trump and Giuliani the time of day, the nation will rise up in white-hot rage -- and the judges themselves will never be received in polite society again.

    Jack is right that an organized national conspiracy with Biden at its head is not needed to "steal" an election. All one has to do is give tacit permission to election authorities, and especially those in deep blue areas, to fudge the rules and work their peculiar magic, so that the necessary votes "appear". Who looks a gift horse in the mouth?

    Good point, Linda, that the Dems have proven themselves equally capable of questioning the legitimacy of an election result. Most believed in 2016 that the Russians "hacked" the election (literally). Many believed that sinister voting machines stole the election from John Kerry in 2004. Rod should know by now that most people -- even brilliant, intellectual Dems -- believe what they want to believe. It's called the "human condition", and none of us are immune from it.