Tuesday, November 24, 2020

It's Lonely At The Top


Friends, my latest article reflects on how few allies Trump has in our political establishment, and how few allies he's ever had.  Truthfully, contesting an election, and overturning a flawed election, is eminently possible, but it's darn tricky when you have to go it alone against the media, the courts, the Congress, and our entire cultural and economic elite.  Maybe Trump went to Washington thinking he would get a fair shake and people would appreciate all the sacrifices he's made to make America a better version of itself.  Well, if so, he got schooled, didn't he?  Nevertheless, Trump still has his "trump card": a visceral connection with the American people that few politicians can match.

Check out the article at Townhall:


More signs that something fishy went on, and may still be going on, in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania:


And could 2024 be a good year for...more Trump?  Never say never! 


  1. Dr. Waddy, you can get allies when you have a reputation of turning on them for every perceived slight. Not only did you have to agree with Trump 110% of the time, if you didn't praise him enough (if you didn't imitate supreme butt-licker Mike Pence), then Trump would go after you.

    Trump reaped what he sewed.

    1. Hey Rod,

      Thanks for the lecture.

      Have a nice day, asshole.

  2. It should be interesting to note that Communists took over Eastern Europe through fraudulent elections after World War Two, ensuring socialist/communist dictatorships for 50 years.

    That is exactly what is happening in this country right now, with the so called "Democrats" (in reality a collection of authoritarian leftists, as all leftists are) taking over.

  3. With the tragedy of a Biden regime looming on the horizon, one of the greatest threats to this country is the renewal of cordial relations with the world's biggest communist dictatorship, The People's Republic of China. With that said, check out the PRC version of SOCIAL-CREDIT. Don't think that a BidenISTA directed America will not try to implement that system here. Leftists love to control and manipulate people, so beware that a SOCIAL-CREDIT system is not an impossibility here.

  4. Dr.Waddy et al from Jack: Dr.Waddy: your essay goes to the heart of the present day American civil conflict: Trump hatred and all of the comedic hurly burly of the last four years would have occured had Mr. Rogers been elected instead of entitled Hillary. President Trump presented an insolent roadblock to the "inevitable" triumph of the totalitarian left's "fundamental transformation" of Amerika. As such he had to be destroyed. But it was only a means to an end which remains ever their goal!

  5. Dr.Waddy et al from Jack: Yes, Trump hatred was a very effective tool among the less discerning. RINOs ate it up and cemented their disdained place among amoral and practiced leftist realists as contemptible SHILLS! Read Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, consider the pathetic character of Lepidus. What did the RINOs give us? Romney, Romney! "Apologetic conservatism," viewed with bemused and patronizing disdain by leftists whose daily task is to advance the leftist daily task of destruction of the "monster " That means YOU, ME and all Americans of common sense and loyalty to that which has afforded us positive means of living willed positive lives!

  6. Dr.Waddy et al from Jack: And what did this "roadblock" produce ? First, with the cooperation of heroic Senator Mitch McConnell, a 6-3 lawful Scotus (gads, just imagine Hillary's picks). Second, a border chastened by real material American defense of our borders. Trump hatred, very real, is in effect and to the purpose of the professional left, hatred of the real America! We have seen it all! And we do not care how many politically correct automatons you summon. This fundamental conflict has been going on since the '60's but we did not discern it. You leftists did but we see it now! In any Civil War there are casualties; Donald Trump may be one of them but we will survive! We have so many strengths (a lawful Scotus, Mitch McConnell). And always we have the guaranteed leftist penchant for overreach, which will, ala 1994, redound to their disfavor.


  7. Rod, you're right that Trump is capable of turning on people...but you forget that he's also capable of befriending former enemies. I'm thinking of the great senior Senator from the State of South Carolina, for instance, who won reelection by such a COMFORTABLE margin, with Trump's help... Just sayin'.

    Ray, you're certainly right that every democracy is one rigged election from dictatorship. And one semi-rigged election can certainly beget many more, and of a more egregious character. If -- IF -- Trump leaves office, the least he can do is appoint a special prosecutor on his way out the door to investigate election integrity.

    Quite right, Jack: Trump hatred is a means to an end. The "end" in sight is the elimination of all meaningful, effective opposition to the Left. A monoculture has always been their goal.

    You're right about Romney. I suppose he thinks his Trump hatred earns him "credibility"...and moral superiority, of course. In fact, the Left would turn on HIM in a heartbeat. Truthfully, it already 2012. Apparently he wasn't paying attention.

    That's so true that leftist overreach is something we can always count on to balance the scales of political fortune. And then there's the other possibility: that Biden won't reach far enough (for the firebrands), and he'll face incoming fire from the far left. Holding the Senate is nice, but it seems to me that a firm majority on SCOTUS is an even better Trump card than Trump himself! Of course, I'd prefer to hold ALL the cards, which we still can, if we persevere!

  8. Dr. Waddy, Trump does not have friends. You have to have the capacity to give of yourself to have friends. If Lindsey Graham says something against Trump, Trump will go scorched Earth on him.

    Trump is a very lonely guy, and will become far lonelier once January 20 hits.

  9. On the contrary, Rod -- Trump has 74 million friends...and counting!

    1. Trump has supporters and enemies. He does not have friends. He does not know how to be one.

  10. Dr.Waddy et al from Jack: Rod, I think your apparent demonization of the President to be unjustified. His conduct over the last six years has demonstrated great strength of character. His willingness at his age to endure expected and, for most people, withering public calumny when he could have enjoyed luxury, is indicative of a generous mien. Most generous people have many friends indeed and so, surely, does he! What he has done was for the good of his country; what personal gain could he have realized by exposing himself to such an amoral assault on his person and his family? He has done the real America much good by doing his best to be true to his promises and has helped to prove that one from outside politics can win and effectively exercise the Presidency. And that has earned him much good will!

    1. Bullshit!

      Strength of character? How can you have strength of character when you have none?

      Trump created a myth that he is a self-made billionaire, taking only a million dollars from his father. Of course, it was over $400 million, and, along the way, he stiffed creditors out of hundreds of millions of dollars. He is currently being sued by hundreds of vendors he did not pay.

      The Trump Foundation was such a scam, they had to pay $2 million to 8 charities, and have to meet a number of conditions should they ever want to run a charity again.

      Trump had to pay a $25 million settlement because of his Trump University scam.

      He entered the political scene by accusing President Obama of not being a U.S. citizen, even when President Obama revealed his birth certificate. In his announcement for the 2016 nomination, he called Latinos rapists and thieves. After the first debate, Trump launched into a scurrilous and misogynistic attack against Megan Kelly because he didn't like one of her questions.

      When Ted Cruz won Iowa, Trump accused Cruz of stealing the election. He later attacked the looks of Cruz' wife, and linked Cruz' father to Lee Harvey Oswald.

      He constantly attacked the press on the campaign trail, mocking one reporter's disability. At one rally, he singled out Katy Tur as an example of fake news, and she had to be escorted from the rally for her safety.

      When he lost the popular vote (by 2.85 million voters), Trump falsely stated it was because of illegal voters.

      Character? Before he even took office, he showed how he had no character.

      And, what has he done since entering office?

      On Day 1, he lied about the size of his inauguration crowd -- the first of over 25,000 lies since he took office.

      He instituted a Muslim ban.

      He instituted a policy separating immigrants from their parents. Today, there are over 600 sets of children whose parents can't be found.

      He promised to restore the coal industry. Even before the pandemic, fewer people were employed in coal than when he took office.

      He promised to be a jobs president. In the three years before the pandemic, Trump's economy produced 185,000 jobs per month. In the last three years of President Obama's tenure, his economy produced 220,000 jobs per month.

      Trump promised "3, 4, 5% growth." In the 3 years before the pandemic, economic growth averaged 2.5%. In the last 3 years of President Obama's tenure, economic growth averaged 2.4%. What growth Trump got was the temporary bump of capital available from the tax cut to benefit the wealthy and corporations. Once that economic "sugar high" was over by 4Q 2018, so was the growth.

      Trump promised to repeal and replace the ACA. Didn't happen. Over 20 million people are glad that the ACA was in place during the pandemic, or things would have been much worse.

      Wages rose, but the rise was pretty tepid. Given the unemployment rate, wages should have been up dramatically. They weren't.

      Our standing in the world with Trump rose -- among tyrants such as Putin, Orban, Erdogan, Duterte -- while the rest of the world is delighted to see Trump go. Even Netanyahu is not broken-hearted with Trump's departure, and he was the only non-dictator who liked Trump.

      Race relations in the United States have not been this bad since the 1960s because Trump has given a wink and a nod to white supremacist groups.

      I could go on and on. I will stop with the utter mismanagement of the COVID pandemic. Tens of thousands of people died unnecessarily because Trump failed to do his job. He lied to the American people about the seriousness of the pandemic, and did not urge people to help stop the spread.

      He is the worst president other than James Buchanan, and he gave Buchanan a serious run for the title.

      Done America much good? It is going to take the bulk of Biden's first term to begin to undo the damage.

      Good riddance to a miserable, incompetent narcissist!

  11. Rod, that's a nice line about the President being incapable of friendship, but besides the obvious joy you get from delivering it, I'm not sure it illuminates the situation much. Trump has, I would argue, a stronger, more visceral connection with his supporters than any politician in recent memory. Aren't those the sorts of "friends" a leader needs?

    Jack is right that Trump has withstood withering incoming fire for five years because of his sincere desire to make this country a better place. That sounds like strength of character to me.

    Rod, thanks for laying out the reasons why you rate Trump as the second worst president ever. I'm actually a little surprised that you place him in the top 44 presidents! We appreciate your generosity. :)

  12. Dr. Waddy, in all fairness, Trump did not lead us into a Civil War.

  13. Not yet... Don't count him out, Rod!

    But wasn't that Lincoln, not Buchanan?

    1. Dr. Waddy, while the war occurred under Lincoln, the match was struck under Buchanan.