Saturday, November 28, 2020

Only Zeros Claim "Zero Evidence"



Friends, I hope each and every one of you -- even the bloodthirsty leftist monsters among you -- had an enjoyable and calorie-rich Thanksgiving!  I hope you remembered to stay six feet away from everyone in your family, including yourself...


It's true that so far President Trump's legal team hasn't had much luck in the courts, and the mainstream media is sticking to its guns: it claims that allegations of voter fraud and massive irregularities are baseless and unsubstantiated.  Well, consider these three articles, which offer compelling evidence to support the idea that something fishy happened in Election 2020.  The first article is especially powerful, because it's based not just on statistical analysis but actual forensic investigation.  The people who put the study together talked to real live voters, in other words -- or in some cases to non-voters who are nevertheless recorded as having voted.  Funny, that!  I defy anyone to read these three articles and to come away believing that there's "no evidence" to call this cycle's results into question... 

Now, if the election really was stolen, or its result will always be clouded in mystery, then the question is: what can be done about it?  It's possible that SCOTUS will give President Trump substantial "relief", by invalidating election results or mandating a redo in certain states, but it's not very likely.  It's much more likely that the Supreme Court would acknowledge the flaws in the election but insist that it's state legislatures, the Vice-President (as President of the Senate), and Congress that are constitutionally designated to sort such matters out.  And that means that the "action" could soon center on state legislatures.  They don't seem precisely eager to join the fray, but momentum is starting to build.  Keep your eyes on those state legislatures.  My view would be that, even if a majority in the relevant legislatures won't endorse new slates of electors, a significant number of legislators might.  And remember: the evidence will continue to trickle in.  This ain't over yet!


  1. Here comes my "Power of Negative Thinking" again. Let's say the election is called for Trump, which realistically speaking I doubt. What do we (The American People) get if he stays in The White House for another four years. If that happens, probably more of the same only worse, and you can be sure that the DemoNISTAS will attempt to impeach him again.

    Add to this, increased demonstrations, rioting and looting by Antifa and The BLM, only much worse this time. And the anti-Trump forces in the media, academe, and the film industry will be more aggressive than than ever. And worst of all, will Trump have any more control of them than he had before? The answer is NO!

    So what is worse, a Biden regime or four more years of Trump. Of course in my opinion, a Biden regime would probably mean the end of a Constitutional Republic as we know it. So either way, Americans are going to be put through four more years of anxiety. And don't rule out another virus, real or imagined.

    None of this paints a rosy picture. The bottom line is that unless you have complete control of the media, academe, and the film industry, plus other social areas, there is not much a Trump or any other Republican administration can do to stem the tide. The game really is rigged, with Leftists holding the winning cards, because they in fact control the media and so on.

  2. You have a point, Ray. Ultimately we conservatives will always be on defense, unless we take back some of those critical institutions. Trump hasn't made much progress along those lines (to put it mildly), but at least if he prevails in 2020 we'll have the federal government as a potential resource as we pursue the transformation of the media, Hollywood, higher ed, etc. If we fail in 2020, by contrast, the forces of darkness will only become more entrenched.

    1. Dr. Nick

      The day is now far spent. Trump's legal team is running all over the place while the bad guys are very busy covering up things. Trump and Pence should have started working on this back in 2016. They knew there would be an election in 2020, and they must have known that there would probably be massive manipulation and fraud. Certainly by at least 2018 they could have started working on counter measures, and yet here we are teetering on the edge of cliff.

      One thing for sure, if Biden is declared he will reverse almost everything Trump has done or attempted to do. Of course most of his flunkies (that includes everyone who voted for him) will think whatever he does is wonderful. If he asked them to piss in cups and drink it as urine therapy they would probably comply.

      You can bet that he will rig the elections in 2024 so that no Republican will ever see The White House.

      This entire dilemma we are in now reminds me of a German General who called a counterpart in The Netherlands secretly in 1940 and told him that Germany was going to invade his country, and the guy didn't believe him. A poor analogy perhaps, but us historians know what happened to the Netherlands for the next four years

  3. Dr.Waddy et al from Jack: All of these articles were credible but that last one was very impressive. I have no knowledge of the science of statistics but such apparently exhaustive, objective documentation commands my attention! Let the far left counter it with equally creditable evidence, if it can!

  4. Ray, in a sense we DID have countermeasures: we had laws designed to frame how elections are supposed to be run, and we had Republican observers who were supposed to be present to make sure that those laws were upheld. Both the laws and the observers were circumvented -- in plain sight. That's becoming clear. We're being asked not to notice...and it's up to us to sound the clarion call regardless.

    Right, Jack! So far I haven't seen any articles in which liberals deconstruct the mountain of evidence available to document fraud. They seem more concerned with dismissing our evidence and/or lampooning the President's lawyers. Deflect, deflect, deflect!