Saturday, October 31, 2020

Can the Invisible Candidate Win the Race?


Friends, one of the intriguing questions about 2020 is whether a candidate who has been less available to the voters, and less available to the press, than almost any candidate in modern history can nonetheless win the election.  Maybe.  Biden will say, of course, that he's staying in his basement because it's the responsible thing to do in the midst of a pandemic.  It may also be the smart thing to do, given his predilection for making gaffes and given the fact that the mainstream media is doing his work for him. Be that as it may, Trump is trying way harder to appeal to the voters, and, historically speaking, the voters like to see a candidate for President making an effort.  They don't like to be taken for granted.


You'll like this article.  It indicates that Biden backers are already nervous about the early returns, and specifically about low turnout among blacks and Hispanics. 

If you really want a pick-me-up, check out this site.  It's a Democratic voting analytics firm that's measuring turnout, and if you look specifically at the state-level data and the battleground states you'll see that, according to them, Republicans are ahead of where they were at this point in 2016, which is pretty remarkable given how few Democrats plan to vote on election day this year.  I see ample grounds for optimism!


  1. Dr. Waddy from Jack: It is very plausible to think this on the part of the Dems: " Ok we got him through the campaign without any major gaffes, so let's sequester him now. We have only to get him across the finish line first and then we can let Kamala,the most radical member of the Senate, take over"

  2. Dr.Waddy from Jack: You have supported your optimism with solid documentation. Today I got a kick out of a CBS ad saying "we give you unbiased news". Yeah right! So very, very many now see this as the baloney it is.

  3. Quite right, Jack! The good news is that fewer and fewer Americans believe in the veracity of the "news". The bad news is that more and more Americans believe in nothing at all.