Wednesday, October 21, 2020



Friends, Romans, Fellow Trumpers -- yesterday I attended an historic Trump rally in Erie, Pennsylvania!  It was my second Trump rally in PA, and it was a humdinger, as you'd expect.  


It was different from my first Trump rally in several respects: it was colder (but not frigid), we were bused from the parking area to the venue, the crowd was marginally smaller, and so was the event space, there was no warmup act (so no Don, Jr. and no Melania -- the latter was expected), I got a free hat, because a Trump volunteer was hurling them in my direction, Trump danced a jig to the tune of "YMCA", there was not a single counter-demonstrator or heckler to be seen anywhere, Trump showed a brief video documenting Biden/Harris's prevarication on fracking, everyone in my group got to sit in the bleachers, and, in this case, a presidential election was just two weeks away, and I found myself in the most important swing state of all!  High drama, right?

This rally was also similar to the one I attended before in some important respects: the mood was jovial and the crowd was friendly, most everyone was decked out in Trump gear, Trump was fashionably late, security was tight (apparently even bullets, minus a gun, are considered gauche -- who knew?), Trump was charismatic and had the crowd eating out of his hand, the news media was booed, Air Force One pulled up behind the bleachers, and my confidence and faith in Trump and in the American people was renewed!  Some things, you see, never change in Trumpland.  :)

I hope more of you -- all of you -- get a chance to hop on the Trump Train and experience a rally.  Remember, the Trump road show is constitutionally limited to two terms...although, as we're constantly reminded, Trump is a dictator, so maybe he'll stick around until Kim Jong-Junior can take the helm?  We can only hope...


  1. DR. NICK,

    I'm glad you were able to attend President Trump's rally. You have already indicated that the DemoNISTAS (my term for that party), will contest just about everything. They will indeed, so I hope everyone is ready for a major poop storm in that regard.

    So let's say that Trump wins a second term, which those who support him hopes he will, then what? We already know that another four years will be filled with more accusations of conspiracy and collusion with Russia, and more attempts to impeach him. I think we can count on that.

    With that said, 2024 will be upon us before we know it, and then what? Does anyone think that the Left media, academic, and film cartels are going to rest for a second. The answer is "Hell No!" This unholy "trinity" and triple threat will still be around in 2024. Chances are that playing by the rules won't tone these people down, unless of decisive efforts are exerted to bring them under conservative control, which take a miracle.

    On that note, what needs to be done by The Right (Trump or no Trump win) is a concerted effort to "Play Dirty" instead of being nice and playing by rules the DemoNISTAS quit playing by a long time ago. The only way to win wars is to become just as nasty as the enemy. So by 2024 The Right (Republicans) need to wake up and rejoice in what I hope is a fact by then, that they are even nastier than the enemy.

    I still don't think that a lot of Americans really do understand that what we are faced with are a determined effort by the radical Left to take over completely and create a United Socialist States of America. Until the reality of that sinks into unwashed brains we will be facing a grim future. Don't forget that Biden is a front guy for some very power hungry people to get back in the driver's sit again. Do I have to name names?

  2. Dr.Waddyfrom Jack: Kudos, kudos;it must have been an exciting and redeeming experience. Was any MSM there? If so, it must have been very unpleasant for them being in the company of the unwashed and unelect; good! Well, on Monday we get a 6-3 lawful Scotus. And oh how Schumer was squealing about it today. What goes around comes around ,Charles.Let the real America hasten to followup on Nov. 3 on this golden opportunity to put the American left down FOR GOOD! It is a real possibility. We must follow through and deliver our beloved country from the far leftist, Marxist, cursed contagion which has threatened all we value for the last 50 years and which has assumed, since October 2016, that it was yet on the verge of totalitarian victory and complete dominance. MAGA ad infinitum. Advance our good President!

  3. Yes, Trump's cult followers are enthusiastic. Too bad they are the minority of the electorate. Biden-Harris 2020!

  4. Anonymous, it could be that the polls are wrong. But, if they are right, Dems will have the House, Senate and the Presidency. Dems will modify the filibuster back to the 1960s version. They will admit DC and PR as states -- something that should have been done long ago. They will NOT pack the Court because they will write laws that will be SCOTUS-proof.

    1. Rod

      And don't forget that by 2050 The American People will be living under a Socialist/Communist Police State. However, as a member of the elite, I'm sure you will enjoy it. Those who don't comply (such as myself) will be sent to reeducation camps, or will exist as non-persons. All this happened in Europe for 50 years, so why not here. Thanks again for your comments Comrade Commissar Carveth. Just in case you have not been completely brain-washed, try reading David Horowitz sometime. Start with his "Black Book of The American left". Horowitz (a former leftist) is uniquely qualified to write about this. Would like to know more about those "SCOTUS-proof" laws the DemoNISTAS will write. Standing by for your pearls of wisdom on this. Have a nice day. You must be ecstatic with this great victory looming up.

    2. I know it is fashionable for Trump supporters to claim that a Biden win means the U.S. becomes Venezuela, but that's not going to happen.

      If Dems get the trifecta -- House. Senate and White House (which the odds favor) -- then taxes will go up for those making over $400,000 per year. Corporate tax rates will go up, but if loopholes can be closed so that companies like Amazon actually pay taxes, then maybe the corporate tax rate goes up only a couple of points. Capital gains will get taxed as regular income (only fair -- the top 10% of income holds 87% of the stock in this country).

      We will likely go to a Medicare for those who want it plan that Pete Buttigieg proposed. That will allow those who like their private insurance to keep their private insurance, while expanding health coverage to more citizens.

      There will be elements of the Green New Deal. We will do no NEW fracking. We will transition out of coal (clean coal is an oxymoron). We will invest heavily in renewable energy, while also keeping fossil fuel. We will invest in infrastructure that is more sustainable. Part of that infrastructure will be expanded mass transit.

      These changes will hardly be Venezuelan in nature.

      Oh, people in Cabinet positions will actually have expertise in the areas that they are picked for (see HUD and Education Department).

      Two other notes. First, Horowitz is batshit crazy. There is nothing of value in his rants.

      Second, "originalists" claim that they will rule on laws as written. Thus, so long as Congress passes laws that are not unconstitutional on their face, they will be SCOTUS-proof..

  5. Rod from Jack: Cultists we are? Did a cult elect a President in 2016? I wish Joe had said that; it would have been more fun than a basket of deplorables and just as useful to us.

    1. In the last four years, many Trump followers have shown themselves to be a cult.

  6. Ray from Jack: Another possibility for 2024 could be an American left descended into self destructive insanity in 2021 after having its unassailable justice refuted just one time too many. The left is defined by it's essential thralldom to emotion eg.volcanic anger and consequent tantrums when it receives an unbearable blow to it's heartfelt assumption that JUSTICE naturally requires that it's views be afforded unquestioned compliance by any who claim to "feel". Insolently erected roadblocks to leftist progress toward the perfect society,such as the the loss of their heretofore factotum, Scotus, have provoked predictable snits from the Dems this week (boycott, oh my). But what is clear is that their essential, guiding emotion is hate: eg.most shamefully, their vicious personal assault on our President.

    1. There has been no "vicious personal assault" on Trump. He has deserve every bit of push back that he has received based on actions he has engaged in.

  7. Ray from Jack: Emotion enabled the rise of the New Left in the '60's when a far too large silly faction of the boomers embraced Stalinist sociopaths, the very exemplars of undiluted hate for humanity and it's imperfections and, incredibly, and still shocking, to believe their country, which had afforded them the very best of childhoods, deserved punishment and destruction. Such a deviation from reality could only have been generated by a conveniently antiempirical, dismissive departure from measured intellectual consideration: emotion, amounting to hate writ large! If the Dems are denied on Nov.3, they may well give in to long simmering intentions to take vindictive measure of any who deny them, using the "any means necessary" which has always guided them. I worked with criminals for 20 years and it gave me much guidance in understanding the left (which is of course most popular with criminals). Oh they will go by at least the outward form of the rules until they decide they cannot get their way. Then they go bananas and I fully expect the left to do so if our good President wins. Their frail egos will have reached emotional critical mass and when they give reign to their murderous antipathy they will have reserved for themselves a place in our polity where they can go ahead and elevate AOC: we'll be laughing at it as we commence returning our country to reasonable and measured progress after 50+ years of leftist radical madness.

  8. Very few members of the Left embraced Stalinists in the 1960s just as few are doing so now. There were three major oppressed groups (blacks, women, and college students being threatened with Vietnam) who fought for change.

  9. Ray, you're right that 2020 -- win, lose, or draw (the last one is a distinct possibility -- won't resolve the battle between left and right. Ultimately, some of our key institutions will have to be wrested back from the woke lunatics who currently control them. That will take a lot more than voting to accomplish. Walking out of a 60 Minutes interview is a start... Access is very important to the media.

    Jack, quite right: the "real America" has made a great comeback since the dark days of October 2016, when it looked like we were about to breathe our last. Lefties -- underestimate us at your peril!

    I see Rod is forecasting a clean sweep for the Dems in 2020. That can't be ruled out, much as I would like to rule it out. And there will be no court-packing because brilliant Dem legislators will write laws that are "SCOTUS-proof"??? Is that a joke? Nothing is SCOTUS-proof, and the Left will never be hegemonic until it controls the courts. You think Biden's "commission" will punt the ball? I sure don't.

    Rod -- your vision of Biden's America is rosy indeed. You realize, of course, that, with a $3 trillion deficit, no tax increase will generate the kind of revenue needed for the big increase in government spending that B&H have promised. I suppose you could confiscate all of Jeff Bezos' and Bill Gates' wealth... Yeah, right.

    As for whether Trump's enthusiastic crowds indicate that he has a "cult" following, I suppose the same would apply to Obama? Oh no -- I forgot: leftists are RATIONAL. So smart, in fact, that the laws that they pull out of their giant pulsating brains are INCONTROVERTIBLY constitutional and just. Oh, Rod. Dream on.

    No "vicious personal assault" on Trump? No, again, the Left doesn't have emotions. It weighs the facts dispassionately. I assume, based on this analysis, Rod, that you've never met a leftist? Never turned on your tv? Never logged into the internet? Possibly your posts to this blog, Rod, are conveyed by carrier pigeon? Your isolation from reality would otherwise be hard to explain. Show me one piece of evidence that leftists are immune from "hate".

    Jack is right: many on the Left are about at the end of their emotional tether. I see them talking all the time on FB about how much anxiety and grief Trump has evoked in them. A rebuke in 2020 to the children of light would be DEVASTATING. Reactions would vary, but "dispassionate" would be far off the mark!

    And, Rod, I hate to break it to you, but you forgot a number of oppressed groups in the 60s: homosexuals, transvestites (as they were called at the time), Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans, veterans, the disabled...I could go on. I guess you don't consider their suffering "major" enough? Tsk tsk. Your "woke" rating just went down from a perfect 100 to a derisory 99. Watch out! Fall below 90 and your house could be visited by a mob. Yikes!

  10. Dr.Rod from Jack: (I read your very creditable curriculum vitae). I am accustomed, when discussing David Horowitz with people of leftist inclination, to hearing them excoriate him and his writings. Usually I just chalk it up to resentment for his apostasy in recanting his leftist devotion. But your comments are usually measured and supported. Please substantiate the opinion you expressed on Horowitz. In my opinion he writes very well and supports his views with creditable argument and ample documentation. Ramparts was a very influential journal in the '60's. It was favorably cited to me by a very leftist Prof in 1966 in the political backwater I attended then.

    1. OK, so Horowitz has argued that reparations for Blacks are unnecessary because had already received reparations in the form of welfare and affirmative action, and that they should be grateful to America for freeing them. He spread a conspiracy theory that members of the Obama administration, including Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin, were secret Islamist agents. He claimed that pipe bombs sent to Democrats and media figures were false-flag operations.

      As for his writing, his The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America was sloppily written (for example, he covers 100 professors, not 101). For example, he argued that these professors were grading conservative students lower than liberal students but did not provide one single bit of evidence that this occurred. He argued that faculty were unprofessional in the classroom, but 80% of his critique had to do with the out-of-class activities of these professors.

      There are lots of other things to criticize Horowitz for. His transition from liberal to conservative does not bother me. His extreme, often-unsubstantiated views bother me.

  11. Dr. Rod from Jack: Stalin was as gangsterous as to acquire the actual power so many on the left crave to this day. And he exercised it with thoroughly sociopathic evil. " So we take all the produce Ukrainian farmers need to survive the winter, so what?" '60's radicals sought and and do still purpose, either themselves or their doctrinal spawn, to acquire his sway and can we doubt they would exercise in as presumptuous a way? Really? Today's lefthas demonstrated in all settings in which it has already triumphed, that it purposes the complete destruction of the moral, legal, political and religious foundation of a really quite successful America, despite it's "unendurable" imperfections. " So people lose their homes, their jobs, everything ... why should we care? We'll just retire to our American dachas as did proven, demonstrated, Comrade Stalin!"Does it make sense to trust them, after their having accomplished such a coup, to comply with any standards of creditable humane behavior? Did Lenin and Stalin do so? No! And in their casual dismissal of the humanity of all who disagree, they deserve to this day, the execrable term Stalinist. Living death is not much above physically dead death and the social death today's left must, for our lives, be assumed their goal against all who resist, must persuade us of their consummate , yes , Stalinist, intent!

    1. I am sorry, but comparing anyone in the Democratic Party to Stalin is just ridiculous.

  12. Dr. Rod from Jack: College students in the '60,s were in no way an oppressed group. The college population in 1941 consisted largely of Joe College types who none the less flocked to the flag after Dec.7 . My gargantuan 1965 freshman class arrived in multitudes undreamed of by the the Greatest Generation. This was oppression? We were lied to by yes, Stalinist profs and in our pitiful naivete, bought it, to believe that the fight against world communism, a threat far more murderous than Nazis,fascists and Japanese thugs ever conceived, was unjust and that it condemned our country. Imagine "Hey, hey Adolf" in 1942 instead of " Ho, ho, Ho Chi Minh "in 1966? Unimaginable yes? That is because the American left would have been buried in 1942 had it tried but in 1966 it had the support of far too many of the tragically ignorant (they had not,thanks to their parent's sacrifices, suffered the trials which imparted wisdom to their parents) boomers. The '60's college generation wasn't oppressed, it was stupid and presumptuous: it actually thought it had miraculously acquired Aquarian and Promethean insight! The appalling moral dissolution of our society in their lifetime puts the lie to their frantic, foundationless chutzpah!ButI agree with you in one way: I do not think that blacks should have been drafted until they enjoyed full civil rights, which they did not in the Vietnam era.

    1. We agree about the burden people of color endured in terms of the Vietnam War. A far greater proportion of them served in Vietnam than whites, just as our volunteer army tends to have more people of color.

      As for Stalinist professors, there was something called the Red Scare (lied largely by demagogues such as Martin Dies, J. Parnell Thomas and Joe McCarthy) that resulted in many leftist professors being purged from the academy. Thus, while the academy started to become more open to liberal views in the 1960s, it really wasn't until the 1970s that things started opening up. Besides, universities were very much enmeshed in the military industrial complex, receiving billions in government funding for projects that supported it.

      Finally, when you are faced with the increasing prospect of death in a country that we had no business being in, and for which the country kept doubling and tripling down rather than pull out, that is oppression.

  13. Rod from Jack: "No new fracking . . ." I believe a leftist dominated legislative and executive branch would hasten to do that. There is an obvious, plain and simple answer to concerns about clean energy: natural gas. You were an adult in '74; remember our shameful dependence on a medieval potentate for our fuel and the consequences when they denied it to us? Who can name the present Saudi Oil Minister but back then we all could. Natural gas is reasonably clean (not perfectly so, as the left demandsfrom everything aside from its own governance but quite serviceable thank you) and we have enough of it, thanx to fracking: no need to toady to antisemitic caravan raiders anymore. So, of course the left fears it: it bids fair to rob the left of the totalitarian social,political and economic power grab which is its primary motivation in its typically fevered crusade against the energy sources which have made our civilization the most humane ever. Think not? Try living without electricity as I did for eight years. Lack of it degrades your life beyond a measure endurable by most of us. AOC should try it.

    1. Natural gas is a better alternative to oil, but the process of fracking has tremendous downsides. First, it uses an enormous amount of water in the process( a problem if you have large volume water use in water-deficient regions), and requires wastewater storage afterwards. Among other issues:

      Groundwater contamination
      Methane pollution and its impact on climate change
      Air pollution impacts
      Exposure to toxic chemicals
      Blowouts due to gas explosion
      Waste disposal
      Fracking-induced earthquakes
      Workplace safety

      If Biden get elected, nothing is going to change overnight. He is talking about "transitioning" away from oil and gas, to energy sources that are renewable. Look, every major energy company is already transitioning. There are more people employed in the green energy sector than in oil and gas.

      Finally, there is no leftist, totalitarian plot here. We have only had three periods of quasi-revolutionary change in this country -- the American Revolution (transitioning from a colony to a republic), the Civil War (transitioning from slavery to emancipation), and the Depression (transitioning from a laissez-faire economy to more with socially-Democratic features, such as Social Security and labor union protections).
      Otherwise, our history has been one of incremental change, and there is nothing to suggest that it will change with the election of Joe Biden.

  14. I see our convo continues to thrive! Alas, I don't know anything about David Horowitz, so I can't contribute much to that line of discussion.

    Jack -- well said re: American college students in the 60s! In general, as a matter of fact, it stretches credulity to suggest that anyone in America is oppressed, or has been in the recent past. Some enjoy more opportunities than others. Some rights, to be sure, are better and more vigorously protected than others. Still, if, say, African-Americans are the yard stick, you might note, lefties, that even in the "dark ages", which I guess to you means the 50s and 60s, black people were eager to move TO America. They weren't fleeing in droves. That's because they understood then that which unfortunately few upper and middle class blacks understand now, thanks to leftist propaganda: America ain't so bad. In fact, it has labored mightily to overcome its faults and to expand the circle of privilege within which most of us live, and it has succeeded! The expansion of higher ed helps to prove this. So lighten up, America haters...

    Rod, you seem to regard military service as "oppression". Take that up with Sleepy Joe, who flashes images of his valiant son Beau in uniform every chance he gets.

    Rod, you suggest that people of color are oppressed because they serve at disproportionally high rates in our military. Rod, they volunteer to serve precisely because our military ISN'T oppressive -- it's a means of upward mobility! It's not a way in which America betrays its own, therefore, but a way in which we uplift one another.

    Rod, I must admit that your defense of Joe Biden as an incrementalist is well-stated and even slightly persuasive. You're probably right that Sleepy Joe envisions no radical change. His rhetoric is over-heated, and some of his proposals are radical, but he likely understands that politics is the "art of the possible", and the vast majority of what he purposes will come to naught. What we conservatives wonder, though, is: to what degree will Joe himself be in charge? For one thing, if you pack the court, as you seem to intend doing, it will be those neo-Marxist justices who will chart our country's future, not Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, or Nancy Pelosi. That's not a future that I look forward to!

  15. Dr. Waddy, please don't distort my words. I don't regard military service as oppression. My father was blinded serving in combat in the Navy. He was dead set against my ever doing military service because he felt he sacrificed enough for all four of his sons. I have always respected military service.

    My point was that from Vietnam until the present day, the burden of death and maiming in combat has disproportionately affected people of color.

    Joe Biden will be very much in charge. A major difference from the present administration is that he will put qualified individuals into people helping to run the government rather than the clowns Trump appointed. That's a future I look forward to.

  16. Fair enough, Rod, but you might equally well say that the burdens of death and maiming are disproportionately borne by poor whites, or men, or people who played football in high school, but you're not going to shed any tears for those groups, I'll wager. Let's face it: critical race theory, which is essentially what you're espousing, puts the conclusion before the evidence -- the conclusion being, "America is systemically racist because..."

    And I have no doubt that Biden's cronies will be eminently lead this country to perdition. And from that fact I draw no comfort whatsoever! I'll take a well-meaning amateur over a delusional, grandiose "expert" any day.

  17. Dr. Waddy, yes, poor whites do serve in the military more than middle class and upper class whites, but, even so, there is a disproportionately larger number of people of color serving in the military than their representation in the population as a whole.

    I have said nothing about critical race theory nor have I said that the country is systemically racist. Saying a country is systemically racist is suggesting that the majority of people in the country openly practice racism. That is different than saying that one issue that affects U.S. society is systemic racism in some of our institutions, such as the legal system. While some of that racism is blatant (such as what happened with George Floyd), some of it is more subtle (driving while black, shopping while black). Unless and until we as a society accept the notion that there are areas where systemic racism exists, then that systemic racism will be perpetuated.

    Finally, it is not a fact that Biden's picks for the various agencies will lead the country to perdition. That is merely an opinion.

  18. Rod, you're right -- the idea that Biden will lead us to perdition is, at this stage, an opinion. And so is the idea that he'll lead us to better days.

    So America isn't systemically racist, but parts of America are? That's reassuring, I suppose. But let me pose this question to you: what proof do you have that what happened to George Floyd was the product of racism, systemic or otherwise? George Floyd was black, yes. Some of the officers who restrained him were white, yes. That in itself doesn't prove that racism was to blame for his death. Crimes must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt in this country. Quite possibly they will be, in this case. Racism, however, can simply be assumed based on the race of the people involved -- that appears to be the Left's attitude. It's an attitude that troubles me a great deal.