Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Our Finest Hour?


Friends, on this day back in 1983, the U.S. military took on its greatest foe of all time: the "People's Revolutionary Army" of Grenada, a tiny island in the Caribbean which had succumbed to Marxism.  And, wouldn't you know it, the final score was: America 1, Grenada 0!  Woo hoo!  All kidding aside, showing the commies that we were willing to spill American blood to stop their advance in the Western Hemisphere was all part and parcel of winning the Cold War...and that was a war worth fighting!

This week's Newsmaker Show also features coverage of the anti-climatic ACB hearings, the polls, the upcoming and final presidential debate, and the Hunter Biden email scandal. Brian and I also address, in our "This Day in History" segment, rising opposition to the Vietnam War in 1967 and the fate of Yugoslavia in WWII.

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In other news, check out the latest IBD/TIPP poll, which shows The Donald nipping at Sleepy Joe's heels: 

Here's a great statement on why a vote for Trump is a civic duty and a moral imperative:


  1. Dr.Waddy fromJack : OK, the result? ACB on Scotus. That is the bottom line. In my opinion we cannot but celebrate this and determine to follow up on our historic advantage here. First off, we are so much better with her instead of America hating RBG on the Court. Court packing? We have yet to see! For one thing a LAWFUL Scotus will no doubt be called upon to judge a Dem Court packing ploy; good luck Dems with a law abiding court, not the doctrinally driven junta you wish!

  2. Dr.Waddy from Jack : Of course a scandal accruing to Biden Fil or Biden sprig will be suppressed by the MSM. I expect feisty President Trump to attack this but I hope his main effort is directed like this: "To all who consider our nation, despite historically admitted faults, to be worthy of preservation ,I address myself: the opportunity to replace a Scotus Justice fundamentally doubtful of her country's worth , has come and this administration has taken decisive action to restore a lawful and unradical Scotus, one devoted to the rule of law, not of radical fiat.This has given us a perhaps once in a lifetime chance to destroy the America hating leftist plague which has taxed our country to the very limit, with its shocking radical attacks on our economy, our legal system, our religion, our governmental system, proven the most stable in a world full of instability , our values and our very way of life. This movement has captured the Democrat party and its Vice Presidential Candidate, Senator Harris, who would of course rule Poor Old Joe when the rubber hits the road .

  3. Dr.Waddy from Jack: To continue: " Remember: scraggly degenerates spitting on our vets returning from Vietnam; parades celebrating, yes CELEBRATING, a perversely perceived "right" to kill unborn children and so very much else of consummate and contemptuous attack on all we value. These people cannot be reasoned with; they are captured by hate and must be politically overpowered. Your vote against the "Democrat" party, the party of hatred for America, will accomplish this and return our beloved country to sanity and civilized political discourse. "