Thursday, October 1, 2020

The Expectations Game


Friends, assume with me for just one moment two things: the presidential election will be close, and it will be contested.  Seem likely?  I'd say so.  In that case, there's a key ingredient that could determine the winner: expectations.  Why?  If President Trump is ahead on election night, many Americans will assume he's won...even if, in the days and weeks that follow, Joe Biden pulls ahead in the vote count (fairly or unfairly).  That's important!  What's more, if the American people expect Trump to win, and then he appears to have won, it will be very difficult to persuade them otherwise.  The Dems are counting on winning this election by dribs and drabs, but, by the time they can muster a "lead", it may be too late.

To that end, check out this poll.  Yes, it's nice that President Trump's approval rating is up.  It may be even more significant that a clear majority of Americans expect him to win the election.


Could it be time to move to the Magnolia State?  You be the judge... 

Finally, California is taking a big step towards slavery reparations.  Incredible!  If you ask me, Republicans should be making a big deal about reparations in this election cycle.  They ought to be running ads about them.  It is just plain bonkers to suggest reparations for something that happened in the 19th century!  Let's point this out, shall we?


  1. Dr. Waddy from Jack: What now,with the revelation that the President has tested positive? Looking forward to your thoughts on this. Already the Dems are trying to take advantage; I suppose that is no worse than celebrating the killing of unborn children. Apparently they are calling for the hearings to be postponed. How convenient they think that would be for them; it does go to show of what stuff they are made. Talk about deplorable!

  2. JACK

    Thanks for "cleaning up your English". I can actually understand what you are saying now. Well done. Thanks.


  3. Jack, kudos on dumbing things down to Ray's level. That's an act of mercy, no doubt. (I jest! I jest!)

    I posted on the diagnosis today, but I didn't expand on the political implications much. I view them as mostly positive. The Dems will be temporarily handicapped in pressing their relentless assaults on Trump, since he will be seen sympathetically for a while. He has a chance to demonstrate his resolve, which is very valuable. He has a chance to "share the pain" of those who've been infected. His campaigning will have to be reimagined for the next week or two, but that's as much an opportunity as a liability. Assuming the President's case is mild, therefore, I foresee us building even more momentum.

  4. Ray from Jack: You are welcome but I cannot say how long I can restrain my frequent flights of rhetorical fancy!

    1. JACK

      Have at it! Don't restrain yourself any longer!

  5. You know...I don't believe any polls --even the ones in favor of Trump. Looks like the President has recovered from this illness.

  6. And how! I watched much of his rally last night. He was full of vim and vigor. I would hope, in the days ahead, many Americans will be reflecting on how survivable the coronavirus must be, if "Orange Man Bad" can brush it aside so easily...