Friday, October 2, 2020

A Speedy Recovery


Friends, all of us here at the WaddyIsRight family -- so, mainly me -- wish President Trump and the First Lady a speedy recovery from the coronavirus.  All the breathless "reporting" about the President's looming incapacitation aside, we all know that The Donald is highly likely to fight off this virus in record time.  In the meanwhile, his enemies might actually find a few nice things to say about him, or to him!  That will make a refreshing change.

Politically, I don't see how this can be anything but a positive for the Trump campaign.  I hope the President will address the nation soon and demonstrate what we all know him for best: strength and resolve!

God Bless you, Mr. President.


  1. How do we know that President Trump has THEE virus? All that us peasants really know is that we are told that he has it, and it must be true because it was officially announced by imperial headquarters.

    Maybe he doesn't have anything at all, and that his real purpose is to avoid another debate with that fool Biden. Maybe President Trump needs a rest, so what better excuse than to tell the masses that he has THEE virus.

  2. Trump will recover. This is a blessing in disguise for him. With the exception of China, he has the sympathy of most of the world. Contracting the virus is going to be beneficial for him.
    If his advisors are smart, they can turn this to his decided advantage. In my opinion, he doesn't need to debate Biden again. Hopefully, when he gets back to The White House, he will address The American People from the Oval Office and appeal directly to them. Biden attempted to do this at the debates, but he was unconvincing.

  3. Ray, if the doctors at Walter Reed say Trump has COVID, then I expect he does. Plus, feigning weakness doesn't seem like his style...

    I agree that this development could and should work to Trump's benefit. One thing that has always puzzled me about Trump is why he doesn't use the tool of prime time, Oval Office addresses more. He could speak directly to the American people. He almost never does. Odd. I hope he'll emerge from Walter Reed soon and use his recovery as a way to connect with the voters. "We're all in this together"...literally!

    1. I totally agree that Trump should have used Oval Office addresses to the maximum degree. I think he prefers rallies with lots of people. And I'm also sure that he should listen to advice from his staff more often.

  4. Dr.WaddyandRay from Jack: Now if the paragon of righteousness, the promised long looked for"soul of America" were true to his oh so passionately maintained, so contrasted from his execrable foe,CONVICTIONS . . . he would refrain from a return to the hustings while the President is, uhhh,disabled,yes? Surely any disrespect paid to that politically correct group condemns him to everlasting discredit!

  5. Ray, I'm not sure about that "listening to advice" part. His staffers might not always have his best interests at heart, and they may be swamp creatures...

    Jack, I wouldn't hold your breath if you're expecting the attacks on Trump to cease while he's convalescing. Even his convalescence in itself seems to offend the Left! I applaud them for not, in most cases, overtly hoping for his death. They're showing more self-control than I would have expected!