Monday, October 19, 2020

Trafalgar Expects Every Republican To Do His Duty


Friends, this article is a must-read, because it could directly impact the result of the 2020 race -- or rather it could predict it.  It's about the Trafalgar polling firm that is regularly publishing polls showing Trump with the edge in several battleground states.  Why is Trafalgar the outlier?  Read on, and see if you think there's method to their madness...


In other news, the Dems have decided how to respond to those pesky Hunter Biden emails: blame the Russians!  Old habits are hard to break, I guess.  The bad news for them is that they're whistling Dixie: there's no evidence that the Russians are involved.  No matter.  A couple more weeks of obfuscation should get them over the finish line, or so they hope! 

This article examines the question of whether our democracy has already stepped over the line into "banana republic" territory.  Eek!


More good news: we're just one step away from creating a quota system for grades in our public schools.  In the meantime, giving students a pass for being late or poorly behaved sounds like a great way to fight racism, no?


  1. Dr.Waddy from Jack: I was a Navy signalman in the primitive mid 20th century and we were trained in the flaghoist signaling Nelson used to send his stirring message as Trafalgar loomed. Those Brit signals yeomen must have had alot stronger arms than us! We used light. Anyway: I'm very much encouraged by the Trafalgar article. It schools me on how very complicated and subtle polling is. I assume with very little expectation of objective discredit, that,like the MSM, modern polling organizations have as a fundamental function, the support of all leftist political hurly burly. I would bet that few if any of them could stand up to the objective principles described in the article. I look forward to them joining the MSM and the Dems on the ash heap presently.

  2. Dr.Waddy from Jack: I very much value the American Greatness article's observation that mere leftist bias no longer obtains. That blatantly obvious intent to forcefully suppress all expression, via any media, which deviates from far leftist dictate, is now open and unapologetic, is very well supported. We must stand against it!

  3. Very happy to hear President Trump refer to Biden as a criminal (at Phoenix airport), and call a reporter criminal for failing to report it.

  4. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Two more banana republic (quiche republic?) signs have become apparent. Have you noticed how the term "equity" is being used instead of "equality"? The pursuit of societal equity opens new and unlimited avenues for leftist dictate.Equality can often be measured in objective measurable terms (eg. test scores, earnings, numbers engaged in a profession) but how do we measure having "gotten even" for past injustices? Its very subjective. Equity law, which supplements statutory and case law when it is deemed inadequate, is ripe for misuse in this regard. We all know how unjust "affirmative action" can be. Well get ready, because the concept is about to be expanded as a remedy for "white privilege". It will mean actual confiscation, deprivation and an end to eligibility, for expected or already possessed advantages, property, income, advancement and even civil rights, for any judged to have benefitted from this, ehhh, conveniently widespread condition. I think alot of us have expected that if the Dems win we will see a a ferociously vindictive revival of the largely discredited "remedy" of affirmative action. But this would be a new twist, as it were. I learned about it from an account of a leftist commentator lamenting the fact that it has not already been enforced!

  5. Dr.Waddy from Jack: I'm ranging afield a bit on the subject of banana republics: It is customary for every such benighted land to enjoy the good graces of an indispensable , omniscient dictator, yes? NY does just so. Our GOVERNOR : his western New York subjects having appealed to him to reconsider his denial to them of access to their stadium, if only in very much reduced numbers ,to see their beloved Bills, he decrees the following: We will consider your suit but only upon our personal inspection of the facility at our pleasure. OK, football isn't critical (though in WNY, well, maybe close) but our dear lider's response is revealing: why of course only he is capable of an on-site inspection of Bills Stadium leading to an authoritative decision as to its suitability for protecting his subjects from the virus, the crusade against which has excited his very essential patronizing mien. The possibility of any factotum performing the function is unthinkable. As of today, he has not seen it meet to embark on his exalted progress to his hinterlands and the season goes on apace.Football, so what? But what does this say about imperious Cuomo should he or his ilk achieve the consummate sway they think their due? They keep giving us unmistakeable signs of how it WILL be!

  6. Jack, you're quite right: if the pollsters and the pundits have to eat crow in 2020 yet again, their credibility will really be in the dumpster! Oh, happy day, right? It's possible, but not guaranteed. Frankly, this is a very odd election, in more ways than one. I'm not sure any pollster is capable of mastering its complexities. Trafalgar's working assumption, however, that most pollsters are missing "shy" Trumpers, is entirely plausible. I might add that, in a state like Michigan where Dems and Republicans seem to be voting early in equivalent numbers, it's really hard to imagine a flood of (virus-addled) Dems arriving at the polls on election day to save Biden's bacon. There's hope, my friends!

    Is Sleepy Joe a "criminal"? Maybe. There are some very intriguing questions raised by the latest Hunter Biden stories, and Joe has, so far, avoided answering about anything specific. Indignant counter-attacks are his strategy. Can that work for the next two weeks? We'll see.

    Yes, "equity" could be a real game-changer! Some Dems are already advancing racial balance as a justification for packing the Supreme Court (and presumably all other courts). In the past, the Supreme Court has held that LIMITED affirmative action is permissible. In the future, it may hold that quotas and redistribution of power and wealth is MANDATORY. If that sounds like a bright future for an America without a racial or ethnic majority, well, vote Biden-Harris!

    Wow! Is Cuomo really insisting on a personal inspection of Bills stadium before it opens to fans? I suppose he IS the world's greatest living epidemiologist, so it's only fair... I'm sure you've heard that he's also encouraging people to be "very skeptical" of any vaccine that issues forth from the current federal government. When there is a vaccine, the political dance will get mighty interesting and probably darn awkward. Will the Dems really prolong death and economic agony out of spite? Maybe.