Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Risen From Ruins


Friends, this week's Newsmaker Show with me and Brian O'Neil covers much ground, as per usual.  We begin by breaking down the first presidential debate, and where we stand at this point in the race.  Can the pro-Biden polls be trusted?  Anyone who remembers 2016 might say, "Uh, no!"  In addition, Brian and I talk about the sheer brutality of the fighting in the Pacific theater in WWII; the second Kennedy-Nixon debate, focused on foreign policy, and the complete absence of foreign policy as an issue in the first Trump-Biden debate; the soundness (or lack thereof) of our decision to invade Afghanistan in 2001, and how electing Biden increases the danger of "regime change wars"; the foundation of East Germany in 1949 and the purposes it served in the Eastern Bloc; the fall of the Berlin Wall; the persistence of Marxism in the ideology of the Left; Palestinian terrorism in the 1980s; and abortive attempts to deport John Lennon in the 1970s.  You might say we cast a wide net?  Yeah, I think so!



And please read this outstanding analysis of the stakes in the 2020 election.  It's extraordinary that the questions that arise here aren't being asked of either major candidate.


Lastly, check out this article, suggested by that indefatigable voice for truth, the one and only Ray.  Professor Grudem makes a great deal of sense, does he not? 


  1. DR. NICK

    Thanks so much for posting Prof. Grudem's list of President Trump's accomplishments.

  2. I could do no less, Ray! The man knows his stuff, and his article is a great reminder that Trump has been busy these past three years. His accomplishments speak for themselves.

  3. Dr. Waddy from Jack: The reference to Gramsci's observation that radicals should usurp the culture of nations they intend to take over is very germane in discussing the 1960 debates. 1960 was four years before the start of the radical leftist onslaught on all that is constructive, tasteful, proven and positive in our society. The tragically naive boomers were just beginning to feel their oats. The vicious and open antipathy which energizes political discourse today is a direct consequence of the far left's unrelenting campaign to "fundamentally transform" a population which does not need or want to be fundamentally changed and which is almost fully cognizant of the far left's determination to force the issue by any means necessary. Yeah, Kennedy harbored some distaste for Nixon and Nixon, self made man, resented having to go up against a bunch of swells like the Kennedys. But there was present in their contact none of the withering obvious contempt and volcanic resentment so characteristic of our time. The presumptuousness of the present day Marxist attempt to enslave the real America has generated intense and we must hope, decisive reaction.

  4. Dr. Waddy from Jack: The Lipson article in Real Clear Politics is an excellent summary of the appalling stakes at issue in this election. It would have been thus had a Saint denied Hillary and the left it's fully expected due in 2016. The onslaught was guaranteed and the tactics were tailored to the perceived weaknesses of President Trump and the real America he represents.His personality is divisive only in that he does not suffer excoriation or apologize for views he knows to be those of a probable majority of Americans. The impetus for division comes from the left; he is as insolent as to deny their unquestionable justice. One need merely behold the permanent sneer written on the face of Charles Schumer to see their haughty, dismissive mien personified. Just as they dictate NY State now, so they would you, the real America!

  5. Dr.Waddy and Ray from Jack: I was already convinced that President Trump is all that any conservative could ask for. The Grudem article is a compelling empirical confirmation of that view and I hope it reaches a wide audience. We are in the fight of our lives: victory . . .and the far left may implode! Because of President Trump's courageous leadership we stand a real chance of triumph!

  6. True, Jack -- in 1960, it was too early for Nixons and Kennedys, or Democrats and Republicans, to hold one another beneath contempt. Certainly not for purely ideological reasons. That's something we "enlightened" 21st century thinkers have become good at...although, in defense of that contempt, the ideological/moral/spiritual divide has become a chasm.

    True, Jack -- divisiveness is not a Republican sin. It's a bipartisan necessity. That is, both parties need it to herd their battle-worn voters to the polls. The last thing the Dems would want is for their constituents to become happy and well-adjusted!

    Glad you enjoyed the Grudem piece. Even I, a Trump devotee, had forgotten much of what he accomplished. The snow job perpetrated by the media has been very thorough.