Saturday, October 24, 2020

Pollsters: The People We Love to Hate


Friends, we talk a lot about polls here at WaddyIsRight, presumably because we care about who wins our elections, and polls are among the best ways to forecast how those elections will shake out.  Polls, as we all know, though, are fallible.  Every poll has to be "modeled", and that modeling can tell you more about the pollster and his biases than it does about the people being polled.

My latest article offers some alternatives to polling, as we look ahead to the big day: November 3rd.  I point out that early voting data and prediction markets can offer added insights.  See what you make of it.


  1. I have arrived at the point where I really don't give a damn if Biden wins. Why? Because I am fed up with the anti-Trump campaigns to destroy his presidency. The last four years have been nothing but non-stop efforts to "get Trump". First there was the huge waste of taxpayer's money to investigate his so-called collusion with Russia, followed by the impeachment circus. I'm sick of it all! I have never seen such hatred of a president, not ever.

    I am not casting my vote for Biden, but I really hope he wins. A Biden victory will at least mean that the anti-Trump hysteria will be gone. The Democrats (in name only) can also take the Senate for all I care, seriously. Let them do what they want, so in 2024 The American people can really decide if they have had enough of Joe Biden. And by a Biden Presidency, I mean a full four years of Biden with Harris in the background as his VP.

    If Trump does win, it is clear that we will have to go through another four years of the same bullshit. Let Biden go to The White House. Personally I think that in 2024 The United States of American will be FUBAR anyway, but at least Biden will not be able to blame it on Trump. I'm ready for a BidenISTA regime, and my doctor has said he will be able to prescribe anti-depressants for me.

    Looking forward to a Biden win early next month. The nicest thing I can say about him is that he is a fool. I could call him all sorts of profane names, but in my opinion, calling someone a damn fool is more insulting than anything.

    I wonder how a Biden motorcade will respond to someone flipping him the bird?

    So my question to anyone is, if Trump wins do you want to go through another four years of the same bullshit? I say, let Biden win big time, and he will have to "put his money where his mouth is" and see how much he can put The American people through and test their resolve.

    So as much as I hate to say this, my hope is that Biden does win, and that the DemoNISTAS keep The House and take The Senate and that by 2024 this country will be FUBAR. It will be a lesson of what can happen under Leftist control. FUBAR stands for F***ed Up Beyond All Recognition.

    1. But dude that's a horrrible stance to take, that means you're basically surrendering to the Dems / the left and validating their slimy tactics. I have also felt discouraged with the constant fighting and it would be great if it would stop, but I'm not about to hand it to the other side just to make it stop. We HAVE to fight that temptation.

  2. Dr.Waddyfrom Jack: It does make sense that the polling entities which confidently (and no doubt often purposefully) predicted a Hillary win would repeat their mistakes. To them, 2016 was a bizarre incident only, perhaps explained by the candidate's unconquerable haughtiness(?). What evah! It manifested no creditable pattern or dynamic because how could even the real America have stooped to embrace this, this con man! "It can't happen again! We have remained constant as we give the electorate the only humane, enlightened, politically correct choice. Why, they cannot err again,they cannot and our "findings" will affirm that, yes, to the belated benefit of all, especially the misguided."

  3. Jack, I see the same complacency on the Left now as I did in 2016...and possibly more of it, because the public polls have them further ahead. I posted today's Rasmussen poll, which actually puts TRUMP ahead. Wow! If Trump were to win the popular vote, that likely means we would take back the House too. Talk about a best case scenario!

    Ray, I can understand your despondency, I really can. And you're right: the assault on Trump has been positively exhausting. The non-stop denigration of our President has, of course, been designed to wear us down. On some level, it has. Where I differ with you, though, is in the idea that, if Biden wins, we will obtain any real relief. We won't. The hate that is currently aimed at Trump is actually, as he points out, aimed at you and me. Trump is just a symbol. Once the Left has slayed one dragon, it will just find another, and another, and another. I'm afraid there's no returning to "normalcy" from this point on. The Left intends the destruction of traditional America and the GOP. They won't rest until they've achieved it...or until we've beaten them soundly instead. It's what you might call an existential battle for "America's soul", to paraphrase Sleepy Joe, our greatest living American philosopher... (Maybe I should have said half-living?)

  4. Dr.Waddy et al: As there is usually a limited period after a new President takes office (unless of course in doing so you commit the sacrilege of denying to the righteous elite their expected hour of triumph, the "glass ceiling"shattering moment of vindictive conquest) and so it may be if Biden's ticket prevails. But it cannot belong before the crazies realize that the revolution would take time. The anarchy of this year has been obvious in being highly coordinated and that part of the Dem party cuckooed by the now slavering anarchists maybe able to restrain the troops for a time, while they ease Kamala into dictatorship but they may not be able to control the deluge(witness theRed Guard in China in the mid sixties).

  5. Dr.Waddy fromJack: At some point probably not very far into a "Biden" regime,the emotionally driven far left will slip the bonds of democracy and order and go for it!

  6. I fear you may be right, Jack. Actually that was the theme of the main speaker at the recent Right Thinkers meeting: the Left always eats its own. I guess that'll be a nice consolation prize for those of us on the right who've already been eaten ourselves and spat out by then...