Friday, October 30, 2020

How We Got Here


Friends, whatever happens on election day, the truth is that this election never should have been close in the first place.  That Joe Biden, perennial loser, scatterbrain, and grifter extraordinaire, is competitive in this race and may even be our next President is down to one thing: media bias.  The mainstream media has consistently given credence to the most absurd and baseless accusations against Donald Trump, while, especially recently, turning a blind eye to any narrative that is remotely problematic for Team Dem.  In short, the media has stopped doing its job -- its old job -- and it has started doing a new job, the job of propagandizing for the Left and the Democratic Party.  This is outrageous and unacceptable, and our democracy will never be healthy and whole again unless the media is completely reinvented and, frankly, purged of its most toxic elements.  This has to be at the very top of the agenda for Trump's second term.

Read all about the media's dereliction of duty here:


And here's an interesting study of the distressing rise in support for socialism and Marxism among young people, and the media double standard that sustains it: 

Finally, coronavirus case numbers continue to rise, and part of the reason may be our growing obsession with masking -- to the detriment of other countermeasures that may be more effective:


  1. Dr.Waddy from Jack: I see two problems for us: first; the reality of a leftist dominated MSM consummately devoted only to the advancement of leftist views. We know it, but how does convince the real America of this? How do we convince them that MSNBC and CNN import daily poisoning into their homes intent on convincing them that their country is in need of"fundamental transformation".

  2. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Second: if our President is reelected.. . I expect a full out attack from him on political correctness, within and without governtment. He MEANT those initial attacks on "fake news". With the freedom of a second term, he will prosecute this! Can anyone think this fabulously wealthy man gave up four years of his later life fornuthin'? Do ya really think him that much of a chump?


  3. What generation of "young people" are you talking about?

    Since before, during and after World War 2, generations of young Americans have been brain-washed by The Left elite (subtly at first) in the classroom, through film, and by the media. Leftist ideology has also infiltrated Christian churches, and more recently sports. Leftist progressive ideology is like terminal cancer, and it may well be way too late to salvage anything. This is our real pandemic, a political, and cultural disease that teaches the supremacy of people over God. People are great, things are getting better, and a non-stop litany of related bullshit.

  4. Dr. Waddy. I am really disappointed. Your candidate is likely going to lose to a "perennial loser, scatterbrain, and grifter extraordinaire" and your response is the tired "media bias." That analysis is trite and lazy.

    Donald Trump is likely to lose because he is a mendacious, incompetent, petty, adulterous child who can't handle the office of the presidency. He had an opportunity to lead during the pandemic and failed miserably. That is not the media's fault. It's Donald Trump's fault.

    Anonymous, I have to admit your characterization of the mainstream media made me laugh. The right wing media support of Trump's authoritarianism is far more dangerous to our society than any "leftist views" (like having a clean environment and advancing health care as a right rather than a privilege).

    1. Rod,

      As an obvious Leftist, your comments are predictable, and BORING. All you say is you hate Trump, as do millions of others. What's new about that? Clearly nothing. But you know, there are people who can't stand Trump, but they can't stand Biden either. I have some good friends out your way (both college educated with very good jobs) who have decided to vote for the Libertarian candidate.

      I also have some friends (and relatives) out on "The Left Coast" in Oregon and California (where I was raised) who are voting for Trump, not because they like him, but because he is the only one who has done anything at all to stop the flood of illegal immigration and attempt to stop radical groups such as BLM and Antifa from tearing up cities.

      I have a close family member in Portland, (a traditional Leftist), who is fed up with years and years and years of Leftist control of that once beautiful city, the downtown of which looks like a gutted war zone. The same city also has swarms of illegals roaming around. This person is voting for Trump, reluctantly. In fact this person might not vote at all.

      As far as the "right wing" media is concerned, Fox is nothing compared to the over paid leftist propagandists at CNN and MSNBC.

      As far as the pandemic is concerned, the governors have been in charge of this. I live in a state with a Democrat woman governor, but she is not nearly as nutty about this pandemic as is the Governor of California is. But then California has a lot more people than where I live.

      As far as your Leftist view are concerned, the people who push your brand of ideology are mostly well heeled elites who could give a damn less about people in general. Most of them are interested in power and all of the perks that come with it.

      So my advice to you is to get some new material that does not cleave to the Leftist bullshit you keep peddling.

      Have a nice day.

  5. Dr. Waddy et al: Rod - The conservative regulars at this site have commented at such length and in such detail on the leftist activism of the MSM and knowing you be a frequent reader, I see little reason to say much more about our reasons for our firm conviction. But incidentally, I think any outlet which gives Al Sharpton any air time, let alone a steady job,is beneath contempt. Dr. Waddy and Ray: It does give me pause when I read a Professor of Communications justify the MSM's devotion to leftist views. Rod, have I misread you?

  6. Dr. Waddy et al fromJack: Rod: Do you think leftist views unassailable? If they are not, isn't an open attitude toward all plausible views a professional obligation of journalists? I can't imagine you would deny this prejudice does exist in the MSM (?). And to dismiss conservative views out of hand is to gainsay the views of an extraordinarily important part of our polity.You don't really think we are for a polluted environment and health care only for a few, yes?

  7. Dr.Waddy and Ray: I do very certainly share your fear that the corrosive left may well already have sealed the deal in discrediting and subsequently forcefully destroying all that the real America cherishes. But I think it not a done deal yet and I see in the , God help us,continued leadership of this super gutsy President, the great good fortune which could redeem our beloved America from those who would deny it's precious and hard won heritage.

  8. Jack, I think the average American already understands that the NY Times and CNN are full of it...but they may also believe that the NY Post and Fox News are no better. And in that respect they are grossly in error.

    Ray, you're right that the "cancer" of leftism/Marxism has already eaten away at much of our culture and moral fiber. Is the disease terminal? Well, ask me again in a few weeks...

    Rod, we'll agree to disagree about the toxic media, but what is this you're saying about "Trump's authoritarianism"? Uh, is Trump censoring social media? No, they're doing it themselves. Has Trump jailed any of his adversaries, or caused them to be indicted for any crime? Far from it. has he prevented any sleazeball journalist from publishing his calumnies? Nope. Has he threatened to pack the court and thus erase the separation of powers? Nope, he's simply filled a vacancy when it appeared, as is his duty. I would love to know what his "authoritarianism" consists of...

    Ray, that's very encouraging that you know a Portlander who is ready to jump on the Trump Train. I would hope that anyone who lives in or near a big city would see firsthand what Democratic rule means: it means chaos and dysfunction!

    Jack, I'm with you: America has some life left in her! Plus, although it may be a hard slog, moral fiber once lost CAN be...regrown. Civilizations ebb and flow, after all. History never moves in a straight line.