Saturday, July 30, 2022

Latvians: Now Less Gassy


Friends, if there's one thing that has characterized the Russia-Ukraine war so far, it's escalation.  That's true of the fighting on the ground, and of the rhetoric and sanctions flying between east and west.  Now, Russia is cutting off Latvia from all gas supplies, and it's throttling gas deliveries to all of Europe to boot.  When will someone see sense and step back from the brink?


In other news, the experts are trying hard to find good news for Democrats in recent polling -- much of it manipulated to produce only good news to begin with -- but objective factors make it highly unlikely that we'll see even a "small blue wave" in November.  The best the Dems can hope for, in my humble opinion, is a minimal thrashing and to hold on to the Senate. 


  1. Dr.Waddy from Jack: A report on the Drudge site maintains that Russia is making plans in case a triumphant and vindictive Ukrainian Army seeks out Putin(!?) Of course we could make up a Latvian gas shortage if our climate maddened Pino Biden, completely in the thrall of
    his disenguous far left coterie, did not throttle the nonpareil US energy industry!

    Meanwhile, ehh, startling speculation abounds as to possible manifestations of China's genuine outrage at Madame Pelosi's no doubt election motivated royal progress to Taiwan. Longstanding Chinese determination not ever again to be a pawn of ANY country ,especially Japan or one of the West ,is strongly suggested in its response to Madame Pelosi's purposefully timed "progress"for domestic political advantage at presumptuously trifiling risk of offense to China on an issue of terrible importance to China.By what authority does Madame Pelosi defy Executive branch objection to her casual adventure? Is not immediately significant foreign policy the province of the Executive Branch? Does Pino Biden shrink from his duty out of fear
    of Madame Pelosi, who has not accreditation as an expert on China and who apparently disdains those who do!?

  2. Dr. Waddy from Jack: I'm becoming increasingly concerned: the apparent difficulties of some GOP Senatorial candidates - eg Walker, Oz, Vance, puts in me concern that not only might we not dominate the Senate but that we might lose it by a margin which eliminates the Manchin/Sinema factor. What do you think?

  3. Dr. Waddy from Jack: It isvery much to ask of any country but especially one which has suffered incalculable wrong at the hands of powers still existing, that they countenance what they understandably see as unendurable threat and affront- endurance of the unendurable! For Russia, it is the very plausible possibility of Ukrainian membership in Nato. For China it is presumptuous opposition to their control of a Taiwan forced from them by the Japanese in 1895 , when China was so uncharacteristically weak. Not only does it put China in mind of the incremental violations of sovereignty forced on it in its time of incalculable national agony 1820 - 1949,from natural disastersbut also
    from the pityless predation of the West and Japan. And this catastrophe opened the door to the subsequent subhuman Maoist aberration! Plus,China realistically sees Taiwan as the keystone of a possibly hostile island chain ranging from Japan through Indonesia and Australia to continental and naval power India. And they again understandly see reoccupation of Taiwan as a necessary defense.

    istoricallyOne need not sympathize with the historically credited concerns of Russia and China to recognize their funamental importance and the plausible possibilities of their resolute, even brutal, defense of theif national interests!


  4. Dr.Waddy from Jack We must form our policy towards Russia and China in the light of OBJECTIVE, well informed perception of their views before we morallly judge them and excite their resentful defensive reactions, which can have catastrophic consequences, of which we may be presumptuously ignorant!


  5. Dr.Waddy from Jack: I think countries as wounded by relatively recent history as Russia and China manifest intentions commanded by those histories! No matter how we view these histories ( lacking the terrible experience of their consequences) we MUST try to fully understand their impact! As to responsibility for the outrages, it is difficult for us to escape some very much responsibility ( eg. the British forced Opium Wars, and the consequent catastrophic social degredation on South China attendent upon the catastrophic addiction forced by the Brits by free circulation of that capitivating intoxicant on peoples previously inured to hard lives!

  6. Jack, if the Ukrainian military "sought out Putin" I would imagine it would be irradiated and/or atomized within 15 minutes. I'd say Putin is about as safe as a man can get.

    Jack, I just posted about Taiwan, but I tend to agree that Pelosi's trip defies rational explanation, or even partisan explanation, since, as you say, she appears to be defying the Biden administration. I should think the Pelosi family's Chinese investments could also be at risk, and those are surely much higher stakes than America's national security...

    Your concerns about the Senate are valid, but there's also an overwhelming tendency for local/state results to fall in line with national trends, in the broadest possible sense. Even a modest red wave will carry many marginal GOP candidates with it. The races you mentioned will remain tight, and it may even appear that the Dems are ahead in most of them, but we'll still win our fair share. The Senate is a question mark, though, at the end of the day. We need to concentrate our resources there.

    And I agree that our contempt for and ignorance of other countries' historical grievances renders us potentially unfit as a world hegemon. It always has. Now is the time to wise up, especially since we can ill afford to make grave errors in foreign policy, given the relative strength of our enemies, and the relative weakness of the West!

  7. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Very good point about an overwhelming tendency for state/local results to fall in line, in the event, with national trends!

  8. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Yes , we have made many mistakes and miscalculations. And our traitorous far left has given rise to an onerous doubt as to our intentions and our results. Imagine: a world dominated by Nazi Germany or by Soviet Russia or by Venezuela . We prevented that at some little human cost, yes? That so many of the wretched risk much to repair to our borders is not only due to our wealth but to a correct perception that our political culture advances justice and humanity, in direct, objective contradiction of places like Cuba or N.Korea.