Monday, July 25, 2022

Pretty Please, Joe -- Don't Run!


Friends, the avalanche of helpful advice flowing from the Left to Joe Biden keeps growing, most of it calculated to avert a Biden reelection bid.  Dems aren't outright attacking Biden (yet).  They're trying to nudge him gingerly in the direction of retirement...for his own good, so they say.  This article takes the cake.  It purports to argue that no one should ever want a second term as president, because second terms are sooooo lame.  Uh huh.


In other news, check out this Los Angeles Times editorial, suggesting that Donald Trump should be charged with "crimes against the United States".  The article goes on to suggest that Trump is guilty of fraud and "conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding".  Both charges would amount to utter nonsense -- Trump's only crime was in exercising his free speech rights as a sore loser -- but one can't entirely dismiss the possibility that the DOJ would prosecute, or that a stacked jury might convict.  Then again, the Dems seem to want Trump to run in 2024, because they think he would be easy to defeat.  That would be hard to do from a jail cell, no? 

Russia is toggling gas supplies to Europe lower, yet again, and it's hard to imagine that this isn't meant to send a political/economic message.  Will Europe buckle under?  We shall see.  Enthusiasm for the endless fighting in Ukraine is certainly ebbing.


Finally, in another instance of establishment wish fulfillment, just as they imagine that, any day now, DJT will be breaking rocks in a federal prison, they've also persuaded themselves that by 2024 the GOP will have seen the error of its ways and will make Liz Cheney its standard-bearer!  Not likely, folks.  On the other hand, a Cheney run for the presidency in 2024 as the "Never Trump" candidate or as an independent is feasible, and personally I would love to see it.  The more divided the field is, the better Trump's chances of victory.  He probably ain't getting to 50% of the popular vote.  If he can win with 45%, so much the better. 



    Sorry, but I don't want Trump to run either. Even if Trump ran and won, it would be another four (4) years of more bullshit on how to impeach him, even with a Republican Controlled Congress. Nothing but constant efforts by The Left to "sink Trump"and "dump Trump. Not a damn thing would get done, or if it did The Left would sabotage it. All this BECAUSE of Trump. There are other real Republicans qualified to run, with or without Trump's blessing or permission. Please Joe, don't run! Please Trump don't run! I'm serious. I would rather see Pence run and win. Not really, but it would be preferable to four (4) more years of having to listen and watch nonstop bullshit wars because Trump is back. Trump needs to step down and fade out. Joe needs to step down and fade out.

  2. Dr.Waddy et al from Jack: The GOP could run Donald Duck and the dems would excoriate him! To totalitarians, any opposition must be wiped out! I think a President Trump far more experienced and far more tempered by the onerous experience of vicious leftist assault in his first term, would be a formidable candidate!

    1. RAY TO JACK
      Trump was already a "formidable candidate"! Indeed he was, but he needs to step down and endorse people like DeSantis and Pompeo.

  3. Ray from Jack: I'd prefer Trump but what you are saying makes alot of sense!

    Trump's big mistake was making that speech which got people stirred up and gave the DemoNISTAS the chance to get those stirred up people headed in the right direction to create the J6 Incident, which was probably an "inside job." But that's all it took to have another excuse to keep Trump from running. All Trump really had to do was make that departure speech at the air base when he left, and all he had to say then, was "I'll Be Back", and that would have taken care of it. Trump is like a bull in a china shop with this enormous ego combined with an authoritarian type personality that stirs things up. No, Trump needs to step down, and hand the sword over to someone like DeSantis or Pompeo. There are other real Republicans too out there. The fate of our nation does not lie with Trump just because a lot of people get sucked in by his personality, and he can get people all excited at rallies.

  5. Ray, your fears are understandable and completely rational. Trump was mired in controversy during his first term. What makes anyone think his second term would be any different? I agree. Is it possible he's learned from some of his mistakes? I guess it's conceivable, but the way he handled the contested election -- ungracious AND self-deluded -- doesn't fill me with hope. Having said all that, even if Trump were stalemated in his second term, he'd still be a thousand times better than any Democrat. "First, do no harm," right?

    Jack, it's true that the Left will excoriate whoever is the GOP candidate in 2024, but Ray has a point that Trump often makes their job easier. DeSantis strikes me as a nice compromise between a genuine conservative, and someone who uses power boldly to push our agenda forward, but who also is politic and diplomatic enough not to stuff his own foot in his mouth. The risk, of course, is that what DeSantis really cares about is winning, and he won't have Trump's determination to change the country and the system. On the other hand, Trump, for all his bark, had very little bite. He didn't beat the system. The system beat him.

    But I disagree that Trump's rally on January 6th was a major mistake. It was part of the "stab in the back" mythology that he was trying to cook up. A halfway competent Capitol Police service would have held that crowd at bay with ease. Trump had no reasonable expectation that "his" supporters would go rogue. They never had before.