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Thursday, July 21, 2022

The Dems Are Turning On Each Other -- With A Purpose


Friends, there's nothing we conservatives enjoy more than a good leftist circular firing squad.  Why not let the Bolshies do our work for us?  Alas, the Left's penchant for self-immolation isn't all for our amusement.  Sometimes they burn off the chaff and what remains is surprisingly serviceable.  My latest article suggests that prominent Dems are increasingly turning on Joe Biden, but that we right-wingers shouldn't necessarily celebrate, because their project of self-reinvention might actually work.

Read all about it at Townhall:




In other news, President Biden has cancer -- presumably brain cancer, since he doesn't actually have cancer, but thinks he does. 

He does have COVID, at least if you believe those COVID tests, which are frequently wrong.  I hope he doesn't develop any COVID-related brain fog.  That would be truly tragic.


  1. Dr.Waddy from Jack: I agree: Reich's plan is plausible .This is going to be some ride . Dick Morris, who has been right some of the time at least, predicts that by 2024, the entire Biden crew, Pino Biden, Kamala and insubstantial Mayor Pete, will have been purged, presenting the onerous possibility of Newsome and (yeeech) Hillary. (to which I would add, a possible AOC power grab).Gads are we not yet free of the curse of that despised Clinton couple?! How terrible that those cynical ,amoral opportunists retain even a vestige of political power! In office, they disgraced our White House beyond measure with their presumptuous, too often present baby boomer ingratitude. and their personal misconduct.Thankfully, Scotus is now free of their pollution!

  2. Jack, I don't worry much about Hillary. She strikes me as a (very) spent force. Newsom I think we have to take seriously. I agree that there's a very good chance that the Dems will give Biden his walking papers. Manchin, however, will be tolerated as long as he gives the Dems some procedural advantage, plus the chance to install more leftist judges. That is to say, if the Dems LOSE the Senate in 2022, their willingness to put up with Manchin might be exhausted. He would no longer be useful.


      If I had a choice between Joe Biden (or even Hillary Clinton) and Gavin Newsom, I would opt for Biden and Clinton, and even Harris, or Nancy Pelosi. Newsom is smart (and dangerous), and a total egotistical asshole to boot. Better he wreak his destruction on California instead of the entire nation. God help us if he (Newsom) ever becomes president. The mere possibility of it, is scary!


    What Biden has is terminal. He has Optical Rectumitis which is a fatal disease where the optical nerve becomes connected to the rectal nerve by accident, and a person develops a shitty outlook on life, and never recovers from that outlook. It is a rare disease, and can also cause dementia. So far, the only effective drug against "OR" is higjly diluted cobra venom injected directly into the buttocks.

  4. Dr.Waddy et al from Jack: I always thought Cuomo Presidentially unelectable because of his obvious disdain for any place between Binghamton, NY and Bakersfield, Ca. Both places symbolize the limits of east coast and left coast (excuse me, west coast)dismissive contempt for the great American interior- "flyover country" -, without themselves being so ashamed ; they are border outposts! Too, Cuomo's freely indulged ego made him anathema to the real America. Is Newsom similarly disabled?We may well see; he is probably going for it! If the GOP/non Rino/Conservative tsunami manifests in Nov., look for Newsom to adopt a Slick Willyesque
    disingenuous temporary turn to the right, provided he is capable of holding his gorge for two years.Ray, I agree: the prospect of that radical California dreamer in the White House is appalling. There are alot of people of good will marginalized in CA, even some well intentioned dems, butt he is NOT one of them!!

  5. Ray, I agree with you: Newsom is much to be feared. He's intelligent, ultra-left, handsome, articulate, maybe even a little glamorous. He could do enormous damage if unleashed on a national scale. In a sense, though, I think any Democrat would be a disaster if they won in 2024. We can keep a lid on the Dems' awfulness by holding them to just one term. Two terms means they might capture the balance of the judiciary, and that means GAME OVER!

    Ray, somehow I doubt that whoever is in charge of Sleepy Joe's buttocks (Jill? I know: I'm so naive...) isn't listening to your advice.

    Jack, I'll admit I don't know a ton about Newsom in terms of how he's governed, but much can be intuited from the fact that he's a San Francisco Democrat. You would think that kind of far-left background would render someone unelectable, but I wouldn't play Russian roulette with a guy like Newsom if I could avoid it. I still support Joe Biden for the Dem nomination in '24! One more time, Joe! You can do it.

  6. Dr. Waddy from Jack:Manchin in our caucus still be would be nominally one vote, as he has been for us in so many critical votes recently.But he is a principled ( he may well have counterintuitively stayed dem because that is how W.Va saw him when he was last elected)gutsy guy who might not always vote our way. Still he would be an asset, though perhaps not as obviously decisive as he has been. He would grace the GOP and in doing so continue to do his state proud and he might well resent his treatment from so many dems and their totalitarian supporters!

  7. Manchin is a Sphinx, as we've just seen. I don't think Manchin himself is all that important to either party -- but a bare majority in the Senate is VERY useful, and for now Manchin is it!