Sunday, July 18, 2021

Doom and Gloom


Friends, it pains me to relay this news, but a certain air of pessimism is starting to dominate in leftist circles.  Not only are we right-wingers succeeding in "killing democracy" by introducing election integrity measures at the state level, but the glorious promise of Bidenism, and the tantilizing possibilities raised by Democratic control of the House and Senate, are coming to naught as gridlock descends on Washington, D.C. yet again.  The Left can sense its moment of opportunity slipping away...and it depresses and scares the hell out of them!  Check out this article from the Guardian and commiserate, if you choose, or laugh uproariously, if that's more your style.


In other news, the shift of wealthy and well-educated Americans towards the Democrats is creating a new class divide in America -- and the Left is struggling mightily not to notice it. 

Finally, remember how just days ago the Biden Administration gave Facebook and other social media companies their marching orders, telling them to intensify their efforts to crush "disinformation"?  Well, now Facebook is pushing back, refusing to take the blame for the spread of anti-vaxxer propaganda.  Facebook says it's doing a great job of telling us what to think, and "President" Biden should chill out.  Is this mere theater, or will genuine conflict arise between the (Bolshie) Dems and Big Tech?  Remember, these companies have already gifted the White House to Joe Biden and the House and Senate to the Democrats.  That's the truth.  Now the Dems choose to bite the hand that feeds them?  Consider also that Facebook, Twitter, et al. need to ponder what their fate will be should the GOP recapture Congress in 2022 and the presidency in 2024.  They can't afford to expose themselves too nakedly as the handmaidens of neo-Marxism...or can they?  Assuming the GOP is a spent force, they can be as woke as they please.  They still might not appreciate being the Dems' whipping boy, however.


  1. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Most encouraging comments! And I know from experience that you are judicious enough to make of your evaluations and predictions, creditable surmise! I would suggest only that such as Facebook are hedging their bets just now. I do not doubt that today they are orginizationally infected with young university corrupted leftists. Still, they cannot escape the bottom line unless of course they see present redemption from an anticapitalist totalitarian government, as, first, survivors and then as obsequious bureaucrats. But that end is not at all clear just now is it, as the left clings to a most tenuous and slight apparent advantage.

  2. Dr. Waddy from Jack: I had to LOL! So pore 'ol Joe says " the 21st century is a struggle between democracy and autocracy" OK, I agree, at least as far as the U.S. goes, I mean , most of the rest of the world has received in the last hundred years a stinging and convincing lesson about modern autocracy but in the U.S. it still has its presumptuous dreamy adherents yes? Pore 'ol Joe is truly ignorant or pretends to be so because his Kumbayaa mentality cannot imagine the sociopathic and evil intent fully evident in his party's left, which he casually enables and spares any Presidential doubt.

  3. Jack, I'll take Big Tech "hedging its bets" all day long! That's the best we could ever hope for from these woke tyrants. Even if they restrain their censorship tactically, I still believe we need to destroy their monopolies over public discourse, in the long run. Either that, or we should force Facebook, Twitter, and Google to accept new Trumpian ownership. It would be fun to turn the tables, no?

    That Sleepy Joe can equate voter ID and a ban on ballot harvesting with "autocracy" shows how out of touch he is...or how dishonest. Either way, he's unfit to lead.