Sunday, July 4, 2021

Gimme My Liberty Back!


Friends, Happy Independence Day!  It's a great day to give thanks for the many freedoms and opportunities we enjoy as Americans...but it's also a fine occasion to lament the many freedoms and opportunities we've lost, due to the creeping growth of the "nanny state".  Our Founders knew better than anyone how fragile democratic republics are, but they expected -- or rather, they enjoined -- us to struggle valiantly to preserve what they created.  We've done a passable job of it, but we can and should do better.

As my second image suggests, today's also a day to ask the pointed question: if so many on the Left hate America for what it is, and demand its fundamental transformation into what arguably many other countries have already become, then why don't they spare themselves a lot of bother and just move there?  Answer: because they're full of crap, and the border hoppers demonstrate daily that this is still a country that people are surging towards rather than away from.  That tells you better than any sophisticated analysis ever could that America is still NUMBER ONE!!!  That's a pretty good argument, in my book, for why we should KEEP AMERICA GREAT and resist calls to upend her.

What's your view?

In other news, right-wingers in Europe are banding together to resist the expansion of the powers of the EU.  Good for them!  A better tack, though, might be to push for...Hung-xit, Pol-xit, Ital-xit, etc.


Finally, there's good news for those of you who only have sex with people you kinda like: you're queer!  As per Gov. Cuomo's daughter, who, since she's younger than us we can only assume is woke and wise, there's a new "sexual identity" in town: demisexual.  If you're demisexual, you're only attracted to people "when [you] have an emotional bond".  I believe that used to be considered...normal sexuality, but hey -- the queer-er, the better, right???  As you can see, with a little creativity, all of us can shoehorn our way into those Dem/progressive "protected classes" and enjoy the many fruits of government sponsorship, cultural dominance and non-stop "celebration", and, best of all, the "trauma" of "oppression", which yields eternal moral superiority.  Step up to the plate, friends!  Let your freak flag fly! 


  1. Dr.Waddy from Jack: But when have a faced a worse internal threat to our freedom than we face today from the American left and its firm totaltarian intent? The 1850s perhaps? External threats like the nazis and their commie parallels; those we smacked down in signal fashion. Butunless we resolve, WWII style, to defeat incipient presumptuous neo Marxism - Leninism - Stalinism in our own land we risk the shameful surrender of ALL we hold dear! The outcome is not at all clear just now. We might just botch it and then. . . "chaos is come again".

  2. Dr. Waddy from Jack: The pedantic sprig of the Cuomo dynasty is not a boomer but what hilarious quasi boomer reasoning she employs in her pronunciamento on that subject. "We boomers, due our Aquarian insight, are free to deconstruct all the verities which polluted all of civilization before our miraculous advent. Should we choose to reconstruct we may do as our unchallengeable wisdom bids us and let no one question us! Our defiance of all standards,our determination to subject ALL to our intellectual test, should it improbably lead us back to those verities, well so what. It was worth our "review", no matter the destruction it produced simply because of our prodigious multitude. Our rejection of all norms of sexual conduct(which were by definition condemned because they preceded our birth dates) have resulted in catastrophic dissolution of the nuclear family, rampant divorce and STDs and the blithe redefinition of the 5000 year endorsed definition of marriage. But, DE NADA! So if we find our promethean wisdom leading us back to old truths, well, that is only because WE pronounce them finally worth our while. Watch us as we apply this conceit to this our experience of aging, which, as were our salad days in the '60s, never experienced before by a generation with our transcendent perception. Of course we may not have 50 years to return to (yeeech!) "common sense" as it were this time. but like, man, that's not relevant".

  3. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Love that poster! Oh how very castigated by the 60s left was the declaration "if you don't love it leave it". OK, I'd have replied then, had I the determination then, "ok, but if you just like it, I mean just a little, don't tear it down, like supporting the N. Vietnamese war effort with putative and ironic "peace" disparagement of our forces' fight against world communism". Today of course, many lands whose systems stand in stark contrast to ours (and who in doing so fairly predict the results of leftist triumph in America) stand exemplary of that sought by our leftist transformers. But faced with the stark realities of both emigration to foreign lands and immersion in their political and governmental "institutions", why they demur! Sancta Simplicitas! God forgive my presumptuous terming of it so.

  4. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Today's left always overreaches and often deliberately so.It pokes and prods and if it encounters resistance it backs off but only within striking distance. Its very much like the criminals it extols! When it achieves executive power, why then it moves with dispatch but not quite yet with abandon. More and more Europeans are waking up to the realization that the EU bureacracy is in that second phase now. The further it is allowed, the closer it will be to the totalitarian power it seeks: The People's Republic of Europe! And when it gets it? "Abandon all prolixious blushes which banish what they SUE for!" ( thanx again to Shakespeare for saying it so very well). At that point, all pretense would be abandoned and the totalitarian essence of the left openly asserted. Thankfully, just as the perceptive Brits did, some continental Europeans are sounding the alarm. I mean, they DO know something of consummate 20th century proven sociopathic tyranny.

  5. Dr.Waddy from Jack: My view? I think so many of those who seek to enter the U.S. , often at great hazard from predators along the way, do so desperately but realistically expecting not only miraculous economic opportunity but also refuge from El Jefe (be he esconsed in government or in criminal organization) and relief from cynical systems which stifle all hope. Your perspective on this, Dr.Waddy, is most welcome because you have more knowledge of this than I do. The truth is what matters and is the hoped for objective of free exchange of thought.

  6. I certainly agree, Jack, that the worst and most formidable threats always come from within.

    Jack, it's heartening that so many Europeans perceive the danger in the EU's endless power grabs...but it's disheartening that so few have followed Britain's glorious example in pursuit of freedom and the restoration of full sovereignty. Why? I suppose COVID upset many an apple cart, probably including Euro-nationalism. Here's hoping the right recovers its footing.

    Quite right, Jack: people risk crossing our border "illegally" because they know we don't take our own laws on such matters seriously, BUT conversely we are, most of the time, a nation of laws and a society that creates and maintains order and justice. The sad truth, though, is that our system of laws is slipping, and the other side of the coin is that democracy, capitalism, and law-abidingness are actually on the upswing in many "Third World" countries. We may well meet in the middle someday, and perhaps there's some cosmic justice in that?