Wednesday, July 7, 2021

The Truth About "CRT" in Our Schools


Friends, a lot of controversy swirls over the presence (or non-presence) of critical race theory-themed instruction in our public schools.  Conservatives say our children are being indoctrinated in neo-Marxist discrimination.  Lefties say "Relax!  CRT isn't even a thing in public education.  Do you want us to pretend race doesn't even exist?  Take a chill pill!"  Recently, the National Education Association weighed in on this controversy.  How?  Well, that's a little hard to say, because almost immediately NEA officials removed the text of their CRT-supporting resolution from their website.  It seems even the NEA can't decide quite what to do about CRT!  One of the sticking points: what is CRT?  Below you'll find one article that proposes a simple definition: any instruction that frames itself around a student's race, i.e. teaches, say, blacks and whites to see themselves differently depending on race, or uses different lesson plans on students of different races, is, well, racist, and should count as the functional equivalent of "CRT".  Others say any instruction that is "race-focused" is "CRT".  What's your view?


In other news, Governor Andrew Cuomo (NY) is getting "tough on crime", but there's a twist: it's the guns that vex Cuomo, not the criminals pulling all those triggers.  Expect a lot more of this rhetoric.  Lefties won't want to roll back their "criminal justice reforms" and tackle crime at its root: the sociopathy of the criminal class.  Instead, they'll want to weaponize our current crime wave to achieve bigger government and more regulation of our daily lives, including the steady diminution of gun rights.  I mean, (non-white) people don't do bad things, right?  It's the guns' fault! 

The field of candidates challenging Governor Gavin Newsom in California's big recall election keeps growing.  That's nice, but the real question is whether 50.1% of voters can be persuaded to vote "Yes!" on the recall itself.  As you see here, Newsom's strategy is simple: paint the recall as a fascist/white supremacist/right-wing/Q-Anon/anti-vaxxer/insurrectionist/Trumpist conspiracy.  In Lala-land, that might just work.


Tucker Carlson is getting more explicit about the NSA's campaign against him.  He says they're leaking the contents of his private communications to left-leaning journalists.  If that's true, this could blow up into a very big scandal indeed!  That's a big "if", though, and the question will be: can Tucker prove it? 

We got EXTREMELY BIG -- one might even say "HUUUUUUUUUUUGE" -- news today: Donald Trump is suing Big Tech for infringing on his First Amendment rights.  He's making it a class action suit as well, meaning that other aggrieved conservatives can join in on the fun.  You all know the low regard I have for Big Tech, but can such a suit succeed?  I wouldn't bet on it.  We'll need to keep attacking on all fronts and hope something pans out.  If nothing else, such suits serve to "keep them honest", right?


Relatedly, a strong majority of Americans are coming around to the view that Big Tech's censorship and deplatforming poses a threat to our democracy and to free speech, and most Americans would like Big Tech to lay off.  Believe it or not, Big Tech might actually care what their curstomers think. 

Yet another poll says that Americans are now happier in their personal lives than ever!  Wow.  We seem pretty mopey to me.  It's not shocking that the end of the pandemic is giving us a shot in the arm (pun intended), however.  One also assumes that all the Trump-haters are feeling better about life these days -- that's if they're not still hiding in their basements from all those slavering "white supremacists" roaming the streets...  (I hear neo-Confederates commit 95% of all violent crimes in America -- or rather, I interpolated that statistic from watching CNN.  They wouldn't steer me wrong, right?)


Finally, to the point I just made, poor COVID, everyone's favorite virus, has really fallen on hard times.  Cases and deaths are WAY down.  That menacing "Delta variant" is prolferating, but the problem is that virtually no one is coming down with COVID in the first place.  My condolences to those of you who bet the farm on the mask industry.  Ouch!


  1. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Yeah, Cuomo is going to get tough on those he regards as true criminals alright: that is: gun manufacturers, our NRA and, accordingly, lawful gun owners. He is reported to have signed "legislation" encouraging the suing of legal gun manufacturers for any crimes done with their products. This despite the Federal Lawful Commerce in Firearms Act. Ah but what is Federal law which he finds distasteful to him? It is to be sneered at and denied: " why what other industry enjoys such ridiculous protection fromliability for crime performed with its products? " Uhh, does Ford or GM get sued when thugs use their products for drive bys? Of course Prince Cuomo has been openly and objectively and affirmatively exerting executive power to prevent enforcement of Federal Immigration law for years. What happened to those Southern Governors in the 50s and 60s: National Guard, regular Airborne deployment and the ability to send the Navy right up the Mississippi and those other rivers proven militarily usable in the Civil War. If Andrew enforces this new "legislation" of his the Feds should take him in hand. Why hasn't this been done before with his Princely Highness?Of course Kumbayaa Joe won't do it.

  2. Dr.Waddy from Jack: I'll try again after another of this system's arbitrary (?) erasures of my comments: Now NY's Attorney General( with Andrew's consent despite her insolent and obviously ambitious public documentation of his malfeasance and her usurpation of this, his flagship issue) has labeled our NRA a "terrorist" organization ( despite her blithe dismissal of such as Antifa as the same). In doing so she levels the prosecutorial power of the "Empire State" after all, against that real America and our NRA beyond NY's beleagured borders. To what end? But note, she tasks NRA not in criminal court, which requires unanimous agreement for conviction but rather in civil court, which requires only a majority vote for confirmation of liability, for alleged internal administrative irregularities she has openly asserted may cause the disbandment of our NRA. Gads, no wonder our leftist misused state is nationally loathed! Believe me, we are not all that way but we can't outvote the monster on the Hudson. Real America: you must concentrate your power to isolate NY from the national polity. You can start by expelling NY's incomparably arrogant Schumer from Senate leadership (even such as it is). Put him in his place, in a despised faction only!

  3. Dr.Waddy from Jack: What does this all add up to? Cuomo disingenuously ( he knows we aren't but our defiance upsets him beyond endurance) obviously regards all lawful gun owners as criminals and is eager to confirm this in primary law (statute and case law )hich will enable his once again assumed executive authority dictatorial sway). And the 2nd Amendment and that especially recent case law contruing it:"why sue me! . The Feds are afraid of me so I'll still get most of what I want! "

  4. Jack, as you suggest, there is method to Cuomo's madness. He knows the federal government has his back, AND he knows that the only way for him to return to progressives' good graces is to serve "the cause" in some dramatic and notable fashion. Raking gun owners and/or gun manufacturers over the coals would be a great way to do it. Right now it might seem like a stretch to hobble the gun industry, but look at how the tobacco industry has been brought low... If I were a gun owner OR a gun manufacturer, I would work feverishly to elect Republicans in 2022 -- to forestall a Dem/progressive takeover of the courts, above all.

  5. Dr.Waddy from Jack: I agree; acquisition and concentration of electorally generated POWER, is the best way to defend rights. The tobacco industry never had the Federal statutory protection afforded by the Lawful Commerce in Firearms Act to gun manufacturers.That act was prompted by obvious leftist determination to reduce the influence of gun producers and owners in the Conservative movement which had had generated so very much of comprehensive anathema to the left. It could be argued that tobacco has a very much more comprehensive direct effect on human well being and that this prevented similar legislative protection. Nevertheless, subsequent and predictable leftist overreach in
    the attack on, yes, some nonviolent, passive,voluntary settings, tobacco use manifested in imposition on nonetheless informed non tobacco users, fairly predicts presumptuously expanded attacks on the gun industry. Many beneficial uses: pest control, self defense, enjoyment of our glorious and painfully defended unique gun rights to enjoy firearms ownership, display and use of firearms, historical reenactment, hunting for food and yes, FREE enjoyment of the sport productive ofbeneficial control of animal populations in inescapable contact with humans; all of these factors are blithely dismissed by radicals who disingenuously equate lawful gun ownership with inner city mayhem, in complete defiance of the right of ALL to the responsibly exercised means
    of self defense. They do this to promote the discreditation of gun owners and manufacturers as pillars of the Conservative movement which supports Conservative office holders and candidates on a very wide range of social issues.

  6. Good point, Jack: that gun owners lean right may explain, far better than crime and violence ever could, the Left's antipathy to guns!