Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Civil War 2.0?


Friends, it goes without saying that all us Trumpers are bloodthirsty super-racists and traitors and what not.  That's why it's no surprise that one of the Left's favorite themes right now is the Civil War, and how Republicans, conservatives, and Trump supporters are basically neo-Confederates who hate democracy, want to re-institute slavery, and have our AR-15s pointed permanently at America's beating heart.  Well, that's a half truth!  You can't blame the dastardly Dems for spinning fairy tales about how malevolent we are, though -- it's either that or talk about Biden's favorite flavor of ice cream, and no one wants that.

In this week's Newsmaker Show with me and Brian O'Neil, we talk about the Dems' use of Civil War tropes to malign conservatives, and we also cover plenty of breaking news, like the outcry over federal-Facebook collusion to suppress free speech, the meandering journey of the Dems' "infrastructure" bills through the Congressional meat grinder, Dem/progressive despondency over their inability to crush the GOP once and for all and institute socialism, the prospects for regime change in Cuba, and my latest article about the hard times that the establishment has fallen on, due to its declining legitimacy.

It's a bang-up show, as always!  Tune in now and get banged!


In other news, congrats to Jeff Bezos for blasting himself into space!  Finally, a rich white guy catches a break...  It's a shame, however, that Bezos felt the need to virtue-signal more or less simultaneously by handing giant checks to a black guy and a Hispanic guy, respectively, to spend on the charities of their choice.  I mean, shouldn't a trip into space be about space, instead of "equity"?  Truthfully, Bezos probably takes a transactional view.  Handing over cash to left-wing activists amounts to "protection money" designed to shield Bezos from Bolshevik persecution/vengeance.  In that sense, it's money well spent. 

Here's a good analysis of the dreaded "Delta variant".  It is a threat -- to those who haven't been vaccinated -- but it's doesn't represent a dramatic shift in the pandemic landscape.


Lastly, racial harmony ain't exactly blossoming under Biden.  Quite the contrary.  The fact is, though, that Democrats can give themselves a pat on the back, because their constant cries of "Racism!" and "White supremacy!" are designed mainly to foster a siege mentality and constant anxiety among blacks.  It's working.


  1. Dr. Zinberg's specialty is general surgery, not virology. Beyond that, even if the Delta variant was not more lethal (and the jury is still out on that), it is much more infectious. That means if you encounter the virus, you are more likely to get it. That makes the Delta variant dangerous, and the "panic" around it is justified.

    If I need glasses, I will consult Sen. Rand Paul.

    If I need surgery, I will consult Dr. Zinberg.

    If I want to protect myself from COVID, I will consult Dr. Fauci.

  2. Fair enough, Rod. Since "panic" is the default state of mind for leftists these days, however, your anxiety re: the Delta variant would seem redundant. The list of things you're panicked about would have to be pretty long: systemic racism, climate change, fascism/Trump, Jim Crow voting reforms, Confederate statues, Rudy Giuliani's hair dye, etc etc. I doubt that your pulse rate ever drops below 120 beats per minute...

  3. Dr.Waddy from Jack: I wonder if Covid will eventually manifest an inf!uence on history comparable in some way to that of the Black Death. Was the hardship and anxiety it has caused a catalyst for for upheaval in long Marxist oppressed Cuba? It appears that we cannot expect Pope Francis to play the major role Saint John Paul II did in bringing the monumental moral strength of his church to bear on vacuous and presumptuous communist evil .

  4. Dr Waddy from Jack: A Trump/DeSantis alliance could be formidable. Rinos need not apply in 2024. First Bull Run: at the 2011 150th anniversary reenactment the heat was over 100 in the shade! It was harrowing. The actual battle was a near run thing. Had Union General Patterson ben able to keep Joseph Johnston bottled up in the Valley, Beauregard and then Johnston might have been defeated separately. And that might have brought Lee to command ayear earlier, with no magnificent Union Army of the Potomac to oppose him. That army was McClellan's later creation. In that case, old and infirm General Scott might have been forced into the field against. . . his close and valued Mexican War subordinate, Lee, because McDowell, the union commander at Bull Run, would have been very badly used by Lee had he hastened down the road to Richmond.I love to indulge in presumptuous Civil War speculation.

  5. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Just as free enterprise had once again demonstrated its characteristic productive power, Bezos goes and ruins the day with a cringing, patronizing display of pusillanimity by surrendering many millions from his politically incorrect hoard of filthy lucre to those who would gladly guide him to the foot of the scaffold. I mean, I know that in the 16th century, those about to lose their heads paid the executioners and forgave them but ehh, gimme a break! Then again he does own the Washington Post. Too bad that the hallowed name of our premier Founding Father accrues disgracefully to that rag.

  6. Dr. Waddy et al from Jack: "If I need " well considered commentary on climate change, I will enthusiastically REJECT the counsel of politically dismissive leftists having as their (by any means necessary) object of totalitarian control paramount. Why, if they perceived that Martians justifiably angered by our exploratory incursions and convinced of our presumptuous colonial ambitions meant to thwart us with home planetary considerations, they would assert it as unassailable doctrine ( of course they would, they are totalitarians!)

  7. Jack, the historical effects of the Black Death were immensely complicated, as I understand it. The main effect of COVID seems to me to be a strengthening of the hand of bureaucrats -- so, COVID is just confirming the general trend of history for the last thousand years.

    What an interesting theory, Jack, that an early defeat for the South in the Civil War might actually have improved their chances of long-term success. Timing is everything, as you imply...

    Bezos gets no sympathy from me -- and I adore space exploration. If he had kept to themes of space and discovery on the day in question, so be it, but Bezos had to bow to the gods of wokeness instead. He's a thoroughly contemptible figure.

  8. Nick, the main effect is that over 600,000 died of COVID, and more are dying now because a large group of idiots are refusing to get vaccinated.

  9. Technically, everyone who died or will die of COVID is a victim of communism, Rod, or more accurately of the misrule of the CCP. Either that, or the bats are to blame. It's all a matter of perspective!