Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Back to the Future in Red China


Friends, no doubt you've been celebrating the Chinese Communist Party's 100th birthday, as I have.  Pictured above is Chinese President Xi dressed up in a (charming) Mao suit as he sings the praises of the CCP and all it's done for the Chinese people.  Yup, Marxism's been smooth sailing, all right!  I mean, try to find a Chinaman who says otherwise...  Actually, as the article below points out, most of the Chinese who dared to question the supremacy of Maoism were killed a long time ago.  The impact of communism on the people and culture of China has, in many ways, been devastating.  As the article below that points out, though, China has been remarkably successful in recent decades despite its communist leadership, and more to the point because that leadership has been willing to forget most of the tenets of Marxism itself.  Finally, on our honorary "China page", you'll find an article in which Japan expresses its willingness to fight as part of an international coalition defending Taiwan from Chinese aggression.  Hmm.  Watch out, Japan -- your wish might come true!  The problem, as I see it, is that Japan might be one of the only countries prepared to stand up to the Chinese behemoth.  I mean, these days it's a lot easier to take the NBA route and grovel at China's feet, no?


In other news, the NSA isn't saying anything more about Tucker Carlson.  Whether or not they make a habit of reading his emails remains a mystery.  As this analysis suggests, their "denial" was more of an obfuscation.  The problem is that the intelligence community was weaponized against conservatives even under how much worse will things get now that the Dems are back at the helm???  Tucker is right to be concerned. 

The Biden crime wave continues to build, but check out how this NPR story frames the problem: it's as if all these guns are shooting themselves!  You'd never know there was anyone pulling the trigger.


Congrats to UNC, which has dodged the bullet of having Nikole Hannah-Jones, 1619 creator and Bolshevik race-baiter extraordinaire, on its faculty.  Howard University won the "prize" instead.


The U.S. news media stopped paying much attention to the war in Afghanistan years ago, but the fact is that our withdrawal from that conflict carries with it considerable risks.  It's just a matter of time before international terrorism rears its ugly head again... 

A number of anti-trust, anti-Big Tech bills are making their way through the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives.  In other words, Big Tech has worked its collective tail off as an arm of the Democratic Party, and the Democrats are preparing to reward their number one supporters by breaking up their companies.  I'm fine with it.  Anything that reduces the power of Big Tech over our public discourse, and fosters more pluralism and diversity in social media, is a net plus for America and for conservatives, in my book.


Turns out that there might be some basic anatomical differences between men and women...  Who knew?  The U.S. Army is reaching the conclusion that, if you apply the same physical standards to men and women, women don't do so well!  Yikes.  We can't have that.  Let's apply gender-specific standards (lowered to the vanishing point for females) to make sure that women don't feel left out when the shooting starts on our modern battlefields.  I can't think of anything that could go wrong with that plan...


Apparently, college-aged Americans aren't just woke, lazy, and insufferable -- they're America-haters too!  Only about a third of them are "extremely" or "very" proud to be Americans, which is a shockingly low figure, historically.  I say these whippersnappers need to get out more.  A long holiday in Caracas or Pyongyang would do them a lot of good.


Finally, the bogeyman of inflation isn't just a concern in the U.S.  Its rising in most of the Western world.  We Americans are leading the charge, though.  It's always "go big or go home" in the good ole USA, after all.  Brace yourselves, and think twice about buying treasury bonds. 


  1. Dr.Waddy from Jack:Wow, that is an intriguing comment. Japan and Taiwan and who? Vs China. Do the Japanese assume we would join this fight? Maybe the Philippines also or alone then? There are
    three factors at work here for those who think them credible. First: a resurgent and historically sensitive China is DETERMINED to right historical wrongs ( in its view) and recover to China all that has ever been China's and by definition unjustly taken from them. China's restored pride in China as a very great nation must be considered in discerning its intentions. Second, the prospect of Japanese assertion of military power MUST raise profound Chinese concern, since they endured the worst of Japanese murderousness. Third: Chinese assertion of military power in its quest to regain what it lost in the years of its weakness may yet generate much fear of Chinese aggression beyond that goal, in such places as the "Middle East",Indonesia, Southeast Asia, the South Asian subcontinent - perhaps even Australia?

  2. Dr.Waddy from Jack: OK " National PUBLIC Radio" , financed by all taxpayers including lawful gun owners, pontificates that is guns which alone in lawful hands generate the anarchic, leftist encouraged and enabled lawlessness we are experiencing now. And that, surprise, surprise, in those areas proximate to the holes in which criminals crept when such as Guiliani smwcked them down and in areas in which they are plainly extolled, welcomed, protected and apologized for in Cuomo's NYC and his captive state and of course the left coast. And of course there is the Kumbayaa apologist temporarily esconsed in our White House!

  3. Dr Waddy from Jack : Who gives a good God Damn what college students think? They are only a step beyond high school and they are very possibly in the thrall of campus leftists. They have not the searing experience which would disabuse them of their openness to Marxism in very comprehensive fashion! Down would come all those "Che" posters. That they may yet have an onerous effect on our politY; yes, perhaps.

  4. Quite right, Jack -- the key is what kind of coalition could Taiwan and Japan assemble to oppose Chinese aggression...if indeed much of the world were even inclined to label it as "aggression". I mean, the price of flatscreen TVs could go UP!!! Yikes.

    Jack, the Left conveniently forgets that, from the 1990s to today, gun rights have generally expanded in this country, and crime and violence have generally abated. Funny, that!

    I quite agree that the inexperience of college-aged youths suggests their opinions are of minimal value, BUT they get one vote per head all the same...and generationally the Millennials and Gen Z types are going to dominate, increasingly, our culture and our electorate. Frightening!

  5. Dr.Waddyfrom Jack: They may well be the dominant lasting legacy of the radical boomer faction.The cynical left may ride them to ultimate victory just as it used far too many of the boomers to initiate the now over fifty year march to depravity which advances apace. If it takes over, it will reduce them to thralldom, as per its proven historical wont.