Friday, July 23, 2021

Nikolai Waddy: Russia's Favorite Son


Friends, when I'm not taking calls from apparatchiks on my rotary phone, I'm giving interviews to Sputnik News, dispensing my unique brand of analytic excellence to an international audience.  Check out this article in which my commentary plays a prominent part.  It suggests that the harsh penalities meted out to Jan. 6th rioters, and the lenient treatment of anti-police rioters, suggests a two-tiered system of justice in this country, not to mention a whole lot of political favoritism towards rabblerousers on the Left.  It makes a darn good case!  See if you don't agree...


Here's a superb article written by a confidante of mine that suggests a saner, more rational, and more patriotic approach to how classroom teachers could approach the topic of race, compared to the intentional mischief-making of those who push CRT.  And that's followed by another article by a gentleman of my acquaintance who persuasively argues that rational discourse is steadily breaking down in this country, and the rise of political violence is inevitable as civil society crumbles.


In other news, the Cleveland Indians have bowed to pressure from "anti-racists" and renamed themselves the "Cleveland Guardians".  Guardians of what, precisely?  Political correctness? 

A federal appeals court has found the CDC's eviction moratorium unlawful.  It's about time!  How many landlords have been bankrupted by the (socialist) social engineering of our overlords at the CDC?  How many hotels?  Restaurants?  Bars?  Cruise operators?  There's no question that the limited legal authority of public health authorities was massively overstretched during the pandemic.  It may be again, so we need the courts to weigh in double-quick!


Finally, it's not a good sign for the Dems when the President of the United States gets people to turn off their TVs.  Ratings aren't everything, but there's little question that Dem/progressive enthusiasm is flagging compared to 2020.  The only thing that could get lefties fuming again is a strong dose of Donald J. Trump!  Honestly, Trump hatred is the best thing these nutters have going for them.  What will the "Trump Effect" be in 2022?  No one knows.  Least of all Trump. 


  1. Dr.Waddy from Jack: The frantic and foolish determination of the left to make hay out of Jan. 6 is as blatant as to make their bias obvious. They are already in very much trouble with the electorate over their touching compassion for criminals and their murderous contempt for law enforcement and
    the fully predictable resulting crime tsunami. This Pelosi motivated crusade to keep the riot in the news will serve only to deepen hostility to a Dem party now openly and unapologetically in the thrall of the far left.

  2. Dr. Waddy from Jack: "A picture is worth a thousand words" but I will venture a few in response to that repellant pic. of Comrade Leonid. What a creditable simile for all accomplished Marxist Dear Leaders! A paunchy luxury loving slob casually working the wonders of centralized control of a system he knows to be a complete sham but which floats his boat just fine, bolshoia speciba (thanks very much).Meanwhile Russians stood in line for hours in hope of acquiring a light bulb. That is just what we could expect from proliferating American Marxists, should they triumph. That is, equal distribution of economic dysfunction for the "broad masses" with firmly protected voluptuary delight for the elect.

  3. Dr. Waddy from Jack: But I do recognize your sardonic use of the image!

  4. Jack, I find it frankly amusing and a little pathetic that the Dems think they can ride Jan. 6th to victory in 2022 and beyond. That will be old news -- no, ANCIENT news -- by November 2022. The alternative is that they're just throwing red meat to their base, and giving CNN and MSNBC something to air on slow afternoons. Maybe.

    Leonid was a charmer, wasn't he? I think of him as the original "Jabba the Hut", with the Slavs of Eastern Europe playing the role of the slavegirl-on-a-string. But he did like fast Western cars, and that shows that he had his moments of common sense!

    P.S. I prefer a corrupt Bolshie to a pious one every day of the week!

  5. Dr. Waddy from Jack: But, I think crime itself will still be
    the premier issue in '24 even if the Dems get whomped over it in '22. It takes decisive executive action to.stop crime and even if some states get willing governors and some now benighted cities get neoGuilianis before ' 24, their effect outside of their localities will be to set constructive examples and perhaps, ascend themselves. It may well still be useful to say "These Dems demonstrated their biases against the lawful and their sympathy for criminals. They meted out unrelenting scrutiny and stern and certain punishment to Jan.6 rioters for their ideological offense, not for their acts that day. And they blithely excused the insurrectionistsof 2020!"

  6. I hope you're right, Jack, that crime will be a defining issue in 2022 and 2024. I kinda doubt it, though. Most people don't feel terribly exposed to violent crime, which is heavily concentrated in poor neighborhoods. I live in a crime-ridden city, and even I don't fear crime much, on a personal level. Don't get me wrong -- crime is an important issue, but the media does a pretty good job of redirecting the public's attention elsewhere. What will the marquee issue of 2022 and 2024 be? I don't know. It could still be the virus. It could be a recession, yet to start. It could be Biden's dementia. It could be a foreign entanglement. It's just too early to say.

  7. Dr. Waddy from Jack: All the comments you made just above are highly plausible; what unpredictables or unimaginables could be in store too? Still; criminals play lots of games and one of them is to wear you down or wear you out. They know they have legionsof apologists (eg. like Kerry - "they are not responsible for their crimes"). If confronted by Guiliani redux the first thing they will do is play Mommy/Daddy with their admirers. It will take some doing to neutralize the touching compassion they will raise in their toadies and meantime they will be getting while the getting is good. It is a maxim with prison staff that once you give criminals something, its exceedingly hard to take from them. They eagerly embrace that which they consider THEIR rights while demonstrating utter contempt for the rights of others. They won't easily assent to a restoration of common sense in bail, police conduct and release laws. Bottom line, it may well take time if even the will to champion victims (which all of us are potentially; today the choice is left, in disgrace immeasurable, to the lawless) is decisively mustered and concentrated.