Tuesday, December 17, 2019

The Numbers Don't Lie

Friends, President Trump has good reason to be smiling.  Support for impeachment continues to tick down, even in polls that are modeled to give the mainstream media more or less what they want.  In fact, according to the RealClearPolitics average of impeachment polls, opposition now tops support.  The Dems seem determined to press on, despite flagging enthusiasm in the electorate, and we can only say: thank you, dummies!  You've just handed Republicans running for election to the House of Representatives in 2020 a golden opportunity.  Let's see if we can capitalize on it, shall we?

Since your appetite for polls has been whetted, look at these intriguing results from the recent U.K. election.  Young people, sadly, were thoroughly deluded by Corbynism.  That's a bummer, but older voters, who of course vote in much greater numbers, were solidly Tory.  Could a similar pattern emerge in the US in 2020?  Older voters could be turned off by many of the extreme proposals of the current crop of Democrats.  They may not always love Trump, but they're not socialists or PC kooks either.  That gives Trump and Republicans a potential...Trump card?

Lastly, for those of you who can't get enough analysis of that thumping Conservative win in the U.K., take a gander here:


  1. I think when these young people actually start working for a living, earning money and paying taxes, their perceptions will change, at least one can hope.

  2. Dr. Waddy and Linda: Slick Willy, the most amoral and dismissive man ever elected to that office, a perjuror, draft dodger, probable forcible rapist, probable peddler of our military secrets to ( well, anyone willing to ante up),airily dismissed his prosecution. And many of his supporters in this are active to this day and determined to seize upon a President whose only fault was to deny them victory in 2016 in an election, an ELECTION!

    Oh yes, let them carry on , the better to achieve their deserved marginalization in December 2020.

  3. Linda and Dr. Waddy: Ah dunno - common sense is largely moribund in our country but this, I think still holds: older people have more experience and so, know more. They also have far more invested in their lives, like family, home, savings and deference. Younger people have less experience and have had less time to organize their lives. So gee, I guess older people have alot more to lose by supporting radicals, especially radicals who have been thoroughly discredited by the history of the last 100 years. Of course the Brits have just a little more experience with the consequences of toying with totalitarians. Too, many of our elderly are silly boomers who yearn for thir good old days of America trashing. The Dems are so presumptuous though, that they my even lose some of them.

  4. Linda, I think you're right about young voters. It would be interesting to see how many McGovern voters in 1972 ended up supporting Reagan and Trump... Plenty, I'm sure. People change, and parties do as well. As Jack says, with age comes a species of wisdom. With age also comes a natural tendency to cling to old verities and oppose radical change. In the end, the future of the youth vote is interesting, but in 2020 the allegiances of elderly voters will be far more decisive -- and the Dems' radical platform seems designed to scare the wits out of them!

    Jack, it's very true that Bill Clinton was unimpressed (and unashamed) by his impeachment. How much less, then, will Trump be deterred by this nonsense? The voters too may soon forget about it.

  5. Dr. Waddy and Linda: I was one of the McGovern voters who returned to common sense by the tortuous course of Carter, Anderson and then Reagan.

    The American Greatness article is superb.What redeeming hope it supports for an exceedingly productive relationship among those nations blessed with the British cultural and political tradition. The core of that would be a Johnson/ Trump friendship and that it continues beyond January 20, 2021. The election of a disdainful leftist American President, reflexively opposed to cooperation with the English speaking world due to its politically incorrect lack of approved "diversity", would be a roadblock but with one as strong and resolved as Johnson in office in Great Britain, not necessarily a catastrophe.Better of course that it be disempowered by electoral defeat.

  6. Jack, you're living proof that even McGovernites aren't beyond salvation! That's a message of hope in these dark times, wouldn't you say?

    Hmm. A Democratic President wouldn't be great news for the anglosphere, but I suspect the special relationship would still prosper.