Saturday, December 7, 2019

Morning in America, Part Deux

Friends, in 1984 President Ronald Reagan famously won re-election in a landslide partly because of the country's economic strength in the wake of the "stagflation" of the 1970s.  The "morning in America" tv ad run by the Reagan-Bush campaign is worth a look:

Steve Cortes makes a strong case that, for essentially the same reasons, it may be "morning in America" again, and the economy may carry Donald Trump over the finish line in 2020 -- or at least it should:

In other news, there's more polling evidence that the Democrats have failed to win Americans over to their argument for impeachment.  Read these polling results carefully.  Note that, as usual, it's adults and registered voters who are polled, not likely voters.  Note that, as usual, the voters' acceptance of any of the Republicans' counter-arguments isn't tested.  Do Americans believe that the Bidens may have committed wrongdoing in Ukraine?  Do they believe that Ukrainian officials may have tried to interfere in the 2016 election?  Do they believe that the Democrats and the Obama administration were motivated by political calculations when they pursued allegations of Russian collusion in 2016 and beyond?  We don't know, because pollsters don't care.  These are non-issues to them.  The only thing they want to know is: can we "get" Donald Trump...  The answer, as usual, is no, you can't!


  1. Dr. Waddy: It makes perfect sense that this President would be good for the economy and empirical evidence bears it out. Wasn't it a dismissive Dem who said "its the economy stupid". A present day comeback could be"Yeah, ain't it true and you Dems, with your desperation "impeachment" faux pas are going to learn that all over again".

    Your analysis of that article on impeachment polling is believable and informative. When this Battle of the Bulge like futile thrust fluffs, it will come down hard and within a year the American left may well face the marginalization, at least in the highest reaches of government, which it richly deserves. To survive it will have to revert to the underground, where it belongs, its 30 year push for final totalitarian government authority smashed.

  2. Oh, how I would love to see all that come to pass, Jack! It might.

    I wonder, though, if John Durham's rampages might have more salience in 2020 than anything Adam Schiff cooks up... Actual Dems/Obama cronies going to jail would "trump" phony articles of impeachment, in my book.