Thursday, December 5, 2019

Schiff Gets Orwellian

Friends, you'll want to read this story.  It's about the controversy surrounding Adam Schiff's subpoenaing of phone records from his fellow Congressman Devin Nunes, from White House staffers, and even from a journalist.  He included information in the House Intelligence Committee's impeachment report about their private communications!  Somehow the American people need to know that Devin Nunes and Rudy Giuliani had the temerity to talk on the phone!  Incredible.  And a journalist can end up in an impeachment report too, for no better reason than that the chairman of the relevant committee doesn't like the cut of his jib.  This is scary stuff.  As Nunes points out, though, it's part and parcel of the Left's conspiratorial mentality.  The "proof" for their outlandish accusations goes as follows: we know Trump and Giuliani are guilty, because we want them to be, so clearly anyone whoever spoke to them must be in on it.  And we'll destroy them too.  What nonsense!

And here's Rand Paul's take:

This is an interesting update on the energy-unfriendly policies of New York State.  If the author is right, we may be staring much higher energy prices in the face before long.  Maybe that would finally get the attention of Cuomo and state legislators and force them to stop persecuting the energy industry?  Don't hold your breath.


  1. Dr. Waddy: Schiff's conduct is insufferable. The only way I can see to disempower him is to elect a Republican House. Meanwhile, he and Pelosi will do whatever they think they can get away with.They are playing hardball and we finally have a President who is willing to play it too. Resolute and unrelenting support for him is vital.

  2. Dr. Waddy: Cuomo cannot achieve higher office; he has already been in the Cabinet and even he probably knows that the real America loathes him and would deny him any national elective office.

    He has power approaching dictatorship in NY and is determined to use it to force the far left on his state. What accounts for the" stupidity of the NY voter"? NYC, period. Its a lala land dominated by values mostly inimical to the rest of the state. It appears highly unlikely in the foreseeable future that we will be able to counter its baleful influence. Cuomo's monstrous ego will drive him to evermore leftist excess and I don't think he cares about consequences aside from his assured consecration in the politically correct pantheon.

  3. I agree, Jack. Only a Republican House will stop the Dems headlong rush to Trump-hating madness... Only defeat at the polls will chasten them in any meaningful sense. Well, I suppose jail terms might also work.

    I'm 97% sure you're right about Cuomo and national office. If there's a brokered convention, though, his stock goes up slightly...

  4. Dr. Waddy: I hadn't thought about that. If he is nominated we will have to (all those of our convictions) be very vocal in assuring the real America about the threat this arrogant, dismissive and dictatorial personality would pose to American democracy.

    Of course, due to his chutzpah and especially, his ridiculously over wrought speaking style, which provides much evidence of his inflated ego and is delivered in a consummate NYC accent which would alienate every other voter between Binghamton and Bakersfield (when delivered in his style; yes, President Trump has a kind of NYC accent too but he very obviously connects with the real America, of whom many are exiled in NYC).

    If Cuomo were to ascend and be elected, we would be terribly wounded.God and our right save us from such degradation.I can just see Andrew speaking in Newton, Kansas, while visibly struggling to keep his gorge down.

  5. I suspect you're right, Jack -- Cuomo isn't temperamentally or stylistically suited to becoming President. Of course, that's what our liberal friends thought about Trump! America is full of surprises. The funny thing is that, by the standards of the current Democratic Party, Cuomo is something of a moderate! What a party, huh?