Friday, December 20, 2019

L.A. Story: Sparks Fly Between Warren and Buttigieg at the Democratic Debate

Friends, I know many of you can't stomach the Democratic debates, but you can rely on me to do opposition research for you.  I watched with great interest as the Democrats, by and large, bored the nation and each other, but there were, believe it or not, a few moments of genuine entertainment.  In particular, while the national front-runners, Biden and Sanders, escaped unscathed, Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar made a decision to let Mayor Pete Buttigieg have it.  Neither Warren nor Klobuchar has been particularly aggressive in the past, so this is a sign that both are feeling vulnerable, and it's Buttigieg who they seem to regard as the greatest threat to their respective candidacies.  All are competing, one assumes, for the same educated white voters in Iowa and New Hampshire who have an outsize influence on American politics.  Buttigieg and Klobuchar are ideologically moderate, while Warren is progressive, which adds to the intrigue.  In any case, I've found it interesting recently that the mainstream media is increasingly focusing on the disdain that many progressives feel for Buttigieg.  My guess is that the progressives don't like his policies and values, while the Bidenites don't like the fact that he's stealing some moderate votes from their guy.  All in all, I thought Buttigieg parried the attacks last night very effectively.  He's a smart guy, and, if the polls are to be believed, he's still in front in Iowa.  Thus, we can't count him out.  It amazes me, though, that the national front-runner, Joe Biden, would be essentially ignored by his competitors in a major debate.  Are they inclined to dismiss him?  That would be a mistake, in my opinion.  The oddsmakers, by the way, now have Biden ahead again, but nowhere close to a cinch.  This race is a long way from over, and a brokered convention is still a decent possibility.

In other news, Jeff Van Drew is officially a Republican!  Welcome to the GOP, Jeff!  What took you so long?  Tell all your friends about us, huh?

And, in news that will bring joy to many a conservative heart, the U.K. Parliament has voted in favor of Boris Johnson's withdrawal agreement.  That means...sayonara, E.U.!  Hello, sovereignty.  Hooray!


  1. Dr.Waddy: Sayonara EU, Advance Britannia and the English speaking world!

    Any "moderate" in the Dem party is either deceptive or deluded. The Dem party is completely captured by the radical left. Just imagine the assured spectacle of the Dem convention in 2020; racially manipulated, politically cleansed, reflexively anti American,, thoroughly devoted to " fundamental transformation" of a completely corrupt America. Oh, what does it matter", you might say. You'll know when the leftist thought police come to your door.

  2. Ok, I will rely on your opposition research, lol. I cannot stand to watch these debates. The socialist viewpoint is about on my last nerves.

    Sayonara, E.U.! Hurray!

  3. I've got you covered, Linda!

    Jack, what's interesting is that much of the hard-left can't resist venting its spleen even against its own: people like Biden and Buttigieg. ANY compromise with sanity they regard as anathema. Thus, I think there's a good chance that the Dem convention will be less "cleansed" of dissent than you might expect!

  4. Dr. Waddy and Linda: Thanx for both of your comments. Dr. Waddy: I rely on your coverage because I cannot stomach Democrat obnoxiousness.

    As for the many levels and strains of Dem internecine antipathy: a plague on ALL their houses. My only hope is that their hurly burly produces a profoundly weak candidate and I think it most probable that it will.

  5. Jack, as per CNN, the Dems' favorability ratings are all down since October...and they've only begun to fight (each other)! I predict much, much more ugliness to come.