Saturday, December 28, 2019

Don't Worry, Be Happy!

Friends, as we approach the new year, we should reflect, as always, on what could be better in our lives, and on what is already good, and thus worthy of our thanks and praise.  The truth is that we stand on the shoulders of past generations, almost all of which had to struggle much harder than we do to survive and prosper.  The article below makes a very persuasive case that, for the vast majority of humanity, the decade we are now ending has been the best ever, in a material sense, and the 2020s portend even more progress.  I defy anyone to read it and not feel a sense of renewed optimism about the future of humanity.

On the less savory side, I recommend this article about the FDA's move to raise the minimum age to purchase tobacco products from 18 to 21.  As you know, I'm not a fan of taking away people's rights, especially when it's done for no better reason than their age.  Expect an article in the near future about this travesty, to which I regret to say many Republicans have contributed.


  1. I saw that article about the FDA's move to raise the minimum age. I have to say I am in agreeance with you. Let me get this straight, a person can join the military go to war and even vote at 18 but can not purchase tobacco products or alcohol. Idiocy.

    Wishing you a very Happy New Year.

  2. Dr. Waddy and Linda: I see a connection between the two articles. More on that below:

    I'm sure you agree that those of us who love and embrace history cannot expect most people to have our (nonetheless limited) understanding of how it has been for humanity. I'm thinking you would agree with me on this: we live in a world which have caused the most learned and prescient of the year 1800 to weep with joy that human well being could be so very much advanced. All they would have to do is walk into a Wegmans. Most of us in the first world have comfortable (not just adequate) shelter, good food and ENOUGH of it, freedom from mind numbing and killing physical labor, extensive enforceable protection from the arbitrary will of tyrants(at least for the time being), leisure time in abundance and a cornucopia of amusements, ranging from the redeeming to the dismissable, little fear of religious persecution (but,watch out!)and all in all, when the past, rather than the unproveable future which the left claims to foresee,is given due consideration, much, much cause for optimism.

    The increasingly improved use of resources described in the Spectator article is a major source of good tidings. "Without our radicalism, this minimal progress, which is only a suggestion of the progress to come, could never have come" roars today's radical leftist. Yes, they had a role but their reckless intentions were stymied by real world realities, without which they would have destroyed both the economic and political freedom which is the consummate cause of ever increasing prosperity.

  3. Dr. Waddy and Linda: Here is where I see the connection between the two articles: the anti smoking campaign has been a model for the nickel and dime approach much of the left has used to advance its agenda. Fuh crine out loud, you can't even smoke in an outdoor park in our mostly common sense county now! But it took time. Enough already: smoking has been dealt the social opprobrium long since given to chewing. That alone and its expulsion from places where INVOLUNTARY non smokers may be confronted by it, is enough to put a satisfactory restriction on this unfortunate practice; not the absolute, total (totalitarian maybe?) resolution sought by the selectively resolute American left but ENOUGH. This denial to 18-21 otherwise adults to decide for themselves whether or not they will engage in vices which do not harm others is characteristic and definitive "progressive" overreach.

    We can readily discern, I think, in the American leftist assault on our Constitutionally confirmed gun rights a continuation of their anti smoking tactic. "Why all we seek is' common sense' 'attention' to the role of guns in recent atrocities and if you are against that, why you are a 'gun nut' " "That done, why we will be satisfied, why how could you think otherwise?" Since the obvious intent of the resolute antigunners (since when are they concerned with crime of any sort; they exalt criminals, eg Cuomo's obvious and touching compassion for thugs) is to destroy by discreditation and disempowerment the vital role of gun owners and their organizations, notably NRA, in the conservative movement by the movement's very decisive support of candidates and office holders conservative on a wide range of issues beyond but including gun rights, they herald its overall intent.

    Right now, though this and the unlimited and convenient killing of unborn and even recently born humans are the American left;s flagship issues, we must not doubt that their cherished intent is totalitarian power to force any view at which they arrive, in any way. Their present incremental attack on the privacy and freedom of smokers is but a warning the real America must HEED!

  4. Thanks, Linda! The tobacco article is written and is coming soon.

    I agree re: the "progressive overreach" on the tobacco regulation, Jack...and I note with consternation Republicans' active participation in it! The ease with which rights are abolished for 18-21 year olds, and the lack of concern shown even by the victims of these "reforms," is deeply worrying.

    And we can only chuckle (or cringe) at the Left's use of the phrase "common sense". The moment the liberals get a monopoly on "common sense," our country is done for!

  5. Dr. Waddy and Linda: Looking forward to the tobacco article. Why, wasn't it the left which forcefully and disdainfully advanced the right of 18 year olds to vote? To VOTE, no less. Do they consider that a right which when extended to 18 year olds - that definitive right- negates the 18-21 crowd's right to another liberty, that of private indulgence in freely chosen practices?

  6. Dr. Waddy: Please forgive my bad construction of two of the sentences above.

  7. An excellent point, Jack. Clearly the Left takes an instrumental view towards "rights" in general. Young people's right to vote matters to them, because they vote the "right" way (otherwise known as the wrong way), but all their other rights are mere flotsam...

  8. Dr. Waddy: Agreed and yet again it confirms the left's essence: totalitarian dictation and control. What more do those of common sense have to see?