Tuesday, December 17, 2019

A Trump-Pelosi Smackdown!


Friends, you simply must read President Trump's no-holds-barred letter to Nancy Pelosi on the eve of the impeachment vote. Trump eloquently expresses the feelings of so many of his supporters in this muscular missive.  It's classic Trump, and should have every Democrat in Congress shaking in his or her boots:

Well done, and well said, Mr. President!


  1. Dr. Waddy et al: Anyone of the many who has had this experience; you express your opinion on the issue to a leftist and back comes the ad hominem attack and the resultant contemptuous dismissal of your view on the subject at hand. As have most of us, you probably expect it.

    I am completely in support of the President in his missive to Madame Pelosi but am of course convinced that it is pro forma o nly. The impeachment process will proceed as far as the House majority can carry it BUT no further.

    What a deserved rebuff Pelosi and her toadies face in 2020 from the real America for which they have such withering contempt.

  2. Great to hear from you, Kenny!

    Kenny, Linda, Jack -- I was surprised by the claim from so many on the Left that Trump's letter was "unhinged". I suppose I should have expected it. To the insane, sanity must be rather hard to wrap your head around... I was impressed, as you'll know by now, by Gabbard's position (voting "present"). Is it demonstrative of real dedication to the national interest, as she says? It could be. It's hard to imagine how American will benefit from a partisan impeachment and the precedent it sets...

  3. Dr. Waddy: I know, I've also used the word insane to characterize the Dems' continuing onslaught on the President and through him, of course, a real America as insolent as to have doubt that the millenium is nigh at the hands of the enlightened. Though their tactics may well prove very ill advised, their goal is utterly rational: they perceive, rightfully, that President Trump is the very death of them. They rely on time tested modes of intimidation and he's way too tough for them.In a way it is redeeming to witness their discomfiture, their consummate dread that now they face one who knows them for the incipient totalitarians they are, who is buoyed by an obvious love for his country which they cannot abide and is sure to marginalize them in his next term.

    Gabbard should come in from the cold. Ironically warm Hawaii is completely compromised; perhaps she should find another base. Should she switch it would be a great thing though I would still have concerns about what made her a Dem in the first place.But its been said that there is no one as devoted as a convert. We can hope and hope maybe also for Joe Mancin to come in.(Hope I spelled his name right). I expect him to vote against conviction.

  4. Jack, that's a good point: the Left's contempt for Trump and the GOP is, in fact, rational, insofar as they know a worthy opponent when they see one, and we are, after all, what stands between them and total power. Their view of the world in which we all live, though, is hopelessly irrational and delusional. Their ad hominem invective against all conservatives is unhinged; their pessimism about the economy, the environment, the state of the world, etc. is off base to the point of paranoia; and their rampant prejudices against a long list of groups, defined by their race, gender, religion, etc., coupled with their complete inability to recognize bigotry for what it is when they are the ones practicing it -- all this combined does make me question the mental fitness of many a liberal. Not that there's much any of us can do about it, since it's one-man-one-vote or bust, right?

    True, Gabbard ISN'T a conservative. She would in some ways be a poor fit for the GOP. Of course, a few years ago one would have said the same thing about Trump. I think, if she has a future in U.S. politics, it might be as an independent...but that's generally no way to win elections in the US of A.

  5. Dr. Waddy: Yeah, that makes sense, what you say about the overall irrationality of the American left. Maybe after the Dems fall completely into the political cellar they may turn to Tulsi, much as the British Labour Party once embraced Tony Blair.

  6. Jack, if the Dems do go down to defeat in 2020, I would think a more likely scenario than Tulsi-dom is their semi-permanent bifurcation into a moderate/left-of-center party and a loony leftist party. That would be a delight!

  7. Dr. Waddy: The idea of the consummate left retreating to some American Sierra Maestra, lead by a fatigue clad AOC, is a redeeming one. I'm sure if she tried for latter day Castro hood she would be handled, well, handily. Of course, there is always increasingly anarchic NY State if one wishes to live far left even now. As Cuomo makes the state the promised land for criminals( accounts of the difficulties experienced by county clerks, due to the Green Light and for law enforcement, due to the new discovery laws, which make drug arrests ridiculously hard to sustain and the new bail laws) the societal breakdown which paves the way for totalitarianism (like confiscatory gun laws "justified" by assuredly increasing violent crime rates - eg. NYC)is hastened.
    I know there are people of common sense and good will on the fringes of the left but are there enough to make a viable party?

  8. A good question, Jack. We have some idea what a far-left party would look like: the Greens. As far as I know, they're a bunch of cranks who attract anemic levels of support from the voters. I strongly suspect that any left-wing party that seceded from the Dems would go down in flames, electorally, but it might take them a while to figure out the error of their ways... Another possibility is that the moderates would be temporarily overwhelmed by a leftist mob and the Democratic Party itself would descend into Corbynism. That's also a pleasing prospect.