Wednesday, December 18, 2019

All Roads Lead To...FISA Abuse and the Deep State Coup

Friends, this week's Newsmaker Show involves a laser-like focus on the question of the Democrats' and the Obama administration's brazen abuse of the FISA court to spy on and essentially frame Carter Page and, indirectly, President Trump for "Russian collusion".  Brian and I explore where things went off the rails and how to fix the system.  In particular, we ask what role the courts should play in refereeing our political process...which seems increasingly necessarily, as bipartisan consensus breaks down about the rules of the game.

In addition, historically speaking, Brian and I tackle the arrival of the Mayflower at Plymouth Bay, the abolition of slavery in 1865 and the question of how to interpret America's checkered past, the presidency of Woodrow Wilson, the "Christmas Bombing" of North Vietnam in 1972, and the horrors of the Battle of Verdun.  Don't miss a single second!

And, if you have the time and the inclination, read this excellent piece by Attorney General Bill Barr, who eloquently praises those who work in law enforcement and encourages all the rest of us to show them the respect they deserve:


  1. Another great Newsmaker, Dr. Waddy. As an American Historian (in training-grin)- I am happy to report that I did receive both perspectives on slavery and the Mayflower. Both are great debates and both which I support. I do not support the watering down of history, period. As you know, I rather enjoy the back and forth with people. Our history here in America is not all good and there are always two sides of the story. I highly recommend a few books; Independence Lost, The Minutemen and their World, Liberty's Exiles, all from the Loyalists point of view of the untold stories.

    Dr. O. and I had a very nice chat yesterday in regards to impeachment and the FISA warrants (had a mandatory one on one meeting for finals week). Although we are on different political spectrums, we both agree certain members of the democratic party seem to forget that the Constitution is WE THE PEOPLE and not this "I". I am very disheartened by the congresswoman from Michigan, Slotkin, who keeps saying "I" and not for the people and for the fact she claims to have spent the weekend studying the Constitution and all the Federalist Papers. With apologies, I am going to call baloney on that. There is no way in 48 hours she could have done so, I spent 15 weeks studying Federalist Papers 10 and 81 for my 20 page final paper (an A by the way) I even had to cut my paper down. No way she dissected all 85 of these essays. Not buying it. If she indeed read the Constitution, then she would know WE THE PEOPLE is the preamble. This "showboating"; praying, guarding the Constitution, protecting our history etc. it is just plain disgusting. Professor Jonathan Turley had it correct...being mad is no reason for impeachment. This will have grave consequences, I just hope folks are prepared for the fall out. I am not even sure, Dr. Waddy, the dems even care about that aspect. They have def. jumped off the proverbial cliff.

    I am so fearful for what we are becoming-or what the democrats are trying to do. They do understand now that sets precedence for other presidents to become impeached over anything/everything/nothing.

  2. Well said, Linda! I'm glad to hear you're getting multiple perspectives on US history at SUNY Geneseo. At least it's a dialogue and not a monologue.

    I agree with you that it can be truly revolting when politicians start to wrap themselves in the Constitution and drone on about respecting the Founders. The ingenuity with which they contort the original meaning of the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, the Federalist Papers, etc. is a testament to lawyerly cunning, sure, but it hardly shows any real respect for the men who built this country. Partisanship in itself would have been repugnant to many of them -- a partisan, preordained impeachment would have stunk to high heaven!

    On the other hand, our first impeachment in 1868 of Andrew Johnson wasn't so different, based on what little I know of it. The Republic survived that trauma, and we'll survive this one.

  3. Indeed, Johnson's impeachment wasn't that different. If you have time this holiday season, you can find the records in the Library of Congress online.

  4. Hmm. I COULD spend the holiday season wading through the Library of Congress, yes...but I think I'll go see the new Star Wars movie instead. :)

  5. Dr, Waddy and Linda:Dr. Waddy - in response to your broadcast - I'm struck by your notation that seats that were in Labour hands for 100 years, were turned. That's a very hopeful trend. Labour has won its historical battle; workers are treated and compensated fairly and Marxist arguments to the contrary are self seeking, atavistic and destructive. I think the British electorate saw it!

    Corbyn was the TRUE face of socialism: totalitarian, antiSemitic( because Jews are emblematic of the bourgeosie, due to their positive lifestyles - pro education, pro the elderly and their experience - pro family and pro the consequences thereof) and the British electorate saw this for what it is: a totalitarian wasteland.

  6. Dr. Waddy: The Christmas bombings were a terrible measure, as were the atomic bombings but the North simply would not relent in its always murderous, totalitarian campaign to force its Marxist hell on the South. Nixon brought them to terms and would have countered their inevitable violation, had he not been disempowered by some of the same traitors who so damaged the war effort.

  7. Jack, I'd like to think that we've driven a stake through the heart of Marxism at long last...but since it flourishes in the academy, Hollywood, and most of all Sesame Street I'd say the verdict is still out. Marxism reminds me a little of one of those silver screen monsters that, just when you think you've killed it, pops up again, more menacing than ever. Come on, America -- empty the whole (metaphorical) clip into the ghost of Karl Marx!!! FINISH HIM, already!

  8. Dr. Waddy: All of the cultural institutions you have cited may not have had decisive impact on the real America, though they may have made significant inroads(?). The thing to do is to mobilize and motivate the real America to the defense of its core values, especially now, when victory is in sight, if we remain but true! Its simple; support President Trump. It is no more complicated than that!