Saturday, December 21, 2019

Impeachment Surprise

Friends, I was so impressed by one of my own blog posts this week that I decided to turn it into an article.  It's about the three most surprising developments to emerge from the impeachment charade.  You'll find that I made some minor enhancements to my already stunning analysis, so it's worth a look.  Thanks to the good people at WND for publishing it!


  1. Great article. I think Gabbard could be an ally for the President. Here we are a few days later and President Trump is praising Gabbard. I also would give a piece of unsolicited advice to the President; hear her out and also might give Yang a listen too in reference to Nuclear Energy. Yang is no slouch, just saying. I think "Mr. Math" and the President could get along if both wanted too (and not that I am propping up Yang).

    I do believe Pelosi will hold the articles of impeachment so they can keep impeachment hanging over the Presidents head (and hoping the public would forget about it over Christmas). If Jesse Watters' program on Fox (Saturday evenings) is any indication, most of the public has had enough. I guess we shall see.

    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, Dr. Waddy.

  2. Dr. Waddy: Thanx for publishing at WND; I really like their statement of purpose.Of course we are a Judaeo Christian nation. That the left strives to deny this or to suppress it is a prime indicator of their shamefully presumptuous and discredited ideological base.

    Here's an emphatic wish to you and for all who read your writings to glory publicly and gratefully in this redeeming and magnificent Christian celebration.

  3. Linda and Jack, Merry Christmas to you too! I shall endeavor to put at least a little Christ into my Christ-mas -- that's how antediluvian I am!

    Jack, I'm glad to hear you approve of WND. I don't know a great deal about them, but they seem to like me! I applaud their good taste...

    Linda, I concur that both Gabbard and Yang have much to offer the country. In the short term, what they have to offer Trump, though, is independent bids for the presidency, which would be, of necessity, anti-Trump. So be it. After Trump is reelected, then he, Gabbard, and Yang can grab a beer and find some ways to collaborate. I'd like that.

  4. Dr. Waddy, love the word antediluvian. grin.

  5. Ha! I used my dictionary on that one, I'll admit.