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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

O Canada -- What Were You Thinking?

Friends, this week's Newsmaker Show with me and Brian O'Neil focuses on some major developing stories: the fallout from last week's Democratic debate, the tensions at the Syria-Turkey border, Hillary Clinton's deranged attacks on Tulsi Gabbard, the political calculus of impeachment, and the disappointing demi-victory of Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party in Canada's federal election.

In addition, Brian and I make time to talk about the historical ramifications of the Great Depression, the anniversary of the Beirut bombing that killed 241 Americans in 1983, and the Soviet incursion into Hungary in 1956.

Brian and I were on a roll!  Don't miss a second of it.


  1. The week is flying by...hadn't realized it was already time for the Newsmaker Show, grin.

    I don't have a crystal ball either, I still say Hillary will be entering the race (ducking-grin). I am starting to wonder about this Hillary/Tulsi thing. I wonder, is this planned? Your comment,"Going off the deep end and watching CNN all day."- thanks, needed that. lol

    I agree, get out of Syria and I do believe there are generals working behind the scene(s)/the Presidents' back to have troops remain. That is another topic for another day.

    Justin Trudeau-ah, yes... the young women on campus think he is such a "dreamy" man. Indeed, he is quite easy on the eyes. When questioned by me what his polices are, I am afraid I can not get a straight answer. Whatever... we are in trouble as a society if that is all these young women see (that is a rhetorical thought, lol).

    Impeachment-I was just reading the latest news; Republicans storming Schiff's secret meeting. On that note, 'storm the castle' men (and I believe two women participated and are still there)-I am all for these Republicans storming the castle. Rest assured, they-the dems are in no hurry and will burn many bridges i.e. voters and since this will happen, they just don't care-they are in it- this thing is pretty deep with no way out.

    Beirut-Happened during my sophomore year in high school. This prompted my husband to join the Marines and this was also the height of Patriotism. Indeed, a failure of huge proportions from President Reagan. Let me just say, I agree, I do not like people shutting down or banning anything. I do not agree with Hamas or that ilk, but I do not want their voice silenced. This 'pc' crowd has to back down from this nonsense...also, this nonsense of "everything offends me". People in general need to get a grip on reality. I am worried about the status of free thought and freedom- in general terms. It is a scary world we live in and I am afraid socialism and dare I say communism will be the flavor here in the United States-if these democratic candidates and people who already hold office get their way...scary thoughts on that.

  2. Dr. waddy: I listened: You are right: the business of America is still business. But I would disagree that Warren doesn't understand capitalism. This is an old story with leftists who achieve power, as is her obvious purpose.Her opposition to the economic system which has fostered unparalleled human well being is not that it doesn't work but that it is incorrect and immoral because some have more than others (human nature ,but to the doctrinaire leftist merely proof of affirmative injustice,be it whatever it may). Ignored in this conviction in 2019 is the horrid one hundred year long effort to force this principle on a yet human humanity. It speaks for itself, for now and always and it condemns those who blithely cling to its painfully rejected "promises".

  3. Dr. Waddy: A very good point on the effect that violent resistance has had on democracies. I'm reminded of the criminals I worked with. They were ok as long as they were getting what they wanted. But if not? Then the veil of (relative) comity dropped. And it will the day after the 2020 election if the President wins. The left will probably declare war.

  4. Dr. Waddy: The Hungarian uprising in 1956: I was in 4th grade and I didn't understand the setting or its origins. But I knew our wonderful old 4th grade teacher was asking for contributions for the Hungarian people and that she actually showed us how the "Molotov Cocktail", used so well against advanced Soviet tanks , was made!

    From 1917 to 1989 the Soviets explained their incalculable sociopathic excesses as forgiveable because they enabled the eventual triumph of the "worker's paradise". They, and whomever today would draw inspiration from their unparalleled inhumanity, are permanently discredited. Nikita truly believed in Soviet style communism; a peasant himself, he actually thought it would lead to justice and prosperity and that is probably why he sent the tanks into Hungary - that and atavistic fear for his country's security. History has completely disproven him and all his ilk.

  5. Dr. Waddy: My father was permanently traumatized by the experience of intense poverty during the Depression. Accounts of those days are replete with reports of Americans actually starving. People facing that are at the very end of their energy and resources and there can be little doubt, I think, of their genuine need for government help. But, it did initiate a conviction that government could solve all problems which has proven to be unsupportable, especially by the Great Society.

    No WWII without the Great Depression? Very plausible. Hitler might not have been able to parlay resentment over the Versailles Treaty into the mass mobilization he achieved without the shock of the second postwar financial catastrophe the Depression visited upon a recently recovered Germany.

  6. Dr. Waddy and Linda: Growing up in Buffalo: we used to go to Canada for an afternoon. My perception of modern day Canada is that it is a nation divided as we are: between those who rely on unproven perceptions of the future and those who cherish proven policies and principles.

    I think that Ontario and Quebec (after its fashion) are certain for liberal policies and because of their population predominance, dominate the Canadian polity. But I do not think they reflect the wishes of the Canadian midwest and west. The totality of the Conservative popular vote reflects this but must not be interpreted as is our Electoral Vote. Its a different dynamic.We may well continue to see Cuomoesque disdain for any opposing opinions demonstrated by Master Trudeau. Any accomodation on his part would be forced.

  7. Dr. Waddy and Linda: H. Clinton: her visage and her demeanor are increasingly grotesque and this bizarre attack on Tulsi Gabbard manifests it. She depended for her rise on a disdainful criminal and though her election loss may not be directly attributable to him and his execrable reputation he is now mostly all she has, except for money and Chardonnay.In her vindictive determination to settle her score with men and force unwanted change, she would have done incalculable damage to America. Yeah, "stuff" happens but the chances are she has entered upon Harold Stassenhood. She needs to face it and she should spare the country her discredited participation in our political life before she becomes a pitiful remnant of an almost triumphant figure.

  8. Hillary running for President...oh man! Has the world really gone that bonkers? Maybe. I still strongly suspect she won't. She has so little dignity left. Can you imagine the humiliation if she failed???

    I don't like these stories about us thinking twice about our departure from Syria. The warmongers just never say die! Guard the oil wells? Really??? How many armies do we need for that? Seems like the Kurds, Syrians, Turks, Iranians, and Russians ought to be capable of it, if they put their heads together!

    So the budding young feminists on campus get weak in the knees over Trudeau? I can't say I'm surprised. Do they find the Trump boys handsome? Silly question.

    Linda, you may be right that the Dems have left themselves "no way out" on impeachment. I would guess some swing district Dems won't go along, but they would never call a vote unless they were sure they could win it. So...the fact that they haven't called one yet suggests a certain reserve.

    Linda, I'm glad we see eye to eye on free speech. Our constitutional rights won't matter much if these corporations that run social media (and so many other things) start, or rather continue, censoring speech. Stifling dissent seems to be all the rage these days. It's not a good sign for the health of our democracy.

    Jack, it certainly seems that Warren rejects American capitalism. Whether there's another form that would meet with her approval, I'm not sure. Perhaps she's one of these lefties who looks at Sweden as the promised land? Surely, there are worse fates than being a Swede...but I'd rather be an American!!!

    Jack, let us hope -- although the aftermath may be ugly -- that we get to witness a Trump win in 2020 and the concomitant liberal agony. I honestly don't know what they would do. Responses would vary, but for some that would truly be the last straw for our governmental system and possibly for America itself.

    Jack, did they really teach you how to make Molotov cocktails in grade school? That explains a lot. You're still throwing bombs to this day! Ha ha.

    True, Jack -- we can make a case that the Depression necessitated government action to help the needy, but why did it have to be the federal government rather than state or local governments? No good, practical reason that I can think of.

    Jack, you're so right about regional variations in Canada. A lot of it is demographic too. Canada has been flooded by Third World immigration just as we have. That transformation determined Trudeau's victory.