Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Donald Trump: Breaker of ISIS

Friends, this week's Newsmaker Show is a tour de force.  Brian and I talk about the fate of Brexit and the seeming inevitability of a December election in the U.K., political divisions in Canada, the politics of deficit spending, the evisceration of ISIS and the death of its leader al-Baghdadi, the state of play in the Democratic race for President, the latest moves in the impeachment fiasco, as well as historical themes like the Great Depression and the legacy of Orson Welles's "War of the Worlds" radio broadcast.  In short, it's no stone left unturned this week on the Newsmaker Show!  Check it out.


  1. Dr. Waddy: Of course speculation about midwest and western Canada's alienation from the eastern provinces and the possibility of a formal separation of the two has been expressed for a long time now. I know very little about Canadian politics (though such a major is available in the U.S.). Perhaps Ontario and Quebec would welcome the departure of the western rustics and their guns.

    I think Canada a fine country but they never had to face the Bear head on because they have always had the U.S. to ensure their security (they are, nonetheless, very good fighters). Had the present U.S. become instead an extended South America or late 19th century China, Canada would have been under constant threat of becoming the eventual Canadian SSR. Great Britain might not have been able to come to their aid in what would have been mostly a terribly geographically extended land conflict.
    But they haven't had to provide for such possibilities because the transcendent U.S. has their back.Freed of that concern, the dominant east has been blithe to indulge in leftist fantasies such as unreasonable gun control and disdain for the U.S. What do they have to lose, they reason, "the Yanks will always stand by us, despite our disdain for their gauche defensiveness".

  2. Dr. Waddy: So some in the UK want foreigners to vote?! Yeah, let us let British history be decided by an Islamic voting bloc or a continental one. Sure! Let us just throw away 1000 years of British political evolution.This is the fruit of the EU and no
    wonder so many Brits oppose it!

    I agree with your view that the partisan Dem impeachment effort is but a trial balloon, designed to provide a constant measure of public sentiment and a constant muddying of the political waters. After all, there could be a SCOTUS vacancy soon

  3. Jack, you're right that the U.S. has been a spectacularly good neighbor to Canada, freeing them from many cares. It's a pattern with our allies that they take our beneficence for granted. In the end, the fault is our own, for allowing ourselves to be maligned and continuing to write our "friends" a blank check.

    Luckily, the proposal to allow foreigners, plus 16- and 17-year olds, to vote was shot down by Parliament. I suppose the Lib-Dems are consistent: they want U.K. nationality, and nationhood, to count for nothing. I still like Boris's chances, although it pains me to see him and Nigel at odds.

    Yes, impeachment could be described as a trial balloon, as payback, as a necessary evil. Different Democrats are approaching it from different vantage points. For some, it's long overdue -- for others, it's dangerous ground to be trod on only tentatively and briefly. My guess is the polling won't encourage many swing district Dems to vote for it, in the end, but Nancy might scrape together enough support to pass an article or two. I don't consider that "in the bag", however, and nor do I take it for granted that the Senate would dignify such a vote with a trial.

  4. Dr. Waddy: The present House majority treads on very soft ground. I do not know of any grounds under which the Senate could deny a trial after a House vote for impeachment but they may exist.No doubt the Dem majority in the House will force such a decision . It's all left vs right and America's future is in the balance..

  5. Another great Newsmaker show. I really can't add any thing important to this comment section, Jack beat me to it, again, grin. So, I shall just keep it light.

    I wish NYC and NY state would break apart. I have had enough of Fredo's brother (wink). I really do not know much about politics in Canada. I often wonder why people keep voting for these politicians, including Trudeau. I do agree with Jack and you as well. America is a great benefactor and it is our fault, 100% correct.

    I am a little disturbed that Nigel and Boris are at odds. I do hope that Brexit will happen. I'm just not so sure at this point.

    I had a great laugh over Pelosi and Shifty Schiff getting left out of the death of its leader al-Baghdadi. My advice to the President, keep to the truth, he nailed it when he said why wouldn't he tell them.

    I really didn't find the so called impeachment vote important or even a major development. Any person with a brain would know this is not an official inquiry. Unfort. we have plenty of people who like being led by the lies. It is what it is. A nothing burger. Oh, I have no doubt that he will be impeached.

    The democratic candidate? Warren. Certainty not Biden or Sanders. This should be getting interesting. I had hoped it would be Tulsi--have you noticed she is figuring out Trump's talking points? (i.e. speak directly to the people). Something is being cooked up between her and Clinton, what I don't know, but something is up.

    I agree, get out of Syria, period. Unfort. there are plenty of former Obama and Bush people left overs who are still warmongers.

    I love War of the Worlds. I think every young person ought to be subjected to that--not the movie but the original radio cast.

  6. Jack, I would say that, just as the House can dismiss the current President as illegitimate, the Senate could theoretically dismiss articles of impeachment issued by the House as illegitimate. They could always invite a ruling by the Supreme Court...

    Linda, many thanks!

    Yes, it would be nice if we could shed the burden of NYC. I'd like to see a complete realignment of state boundaries. I'd say we need about 100 red states and 10 blue ones. Sounds about right, huh?

    I share your feelings about Boris and Nigel. I hate to see them on opposite sides. Luckily the "opposition" is even more divided. Labour and the Lib-Dems are miles apart.

    I hear you on impeachment. I tune it out for the most part as well. I know lefties follow these developments obsessively, but to me it's a big waste of time. Maybe he'll be impeached, maybe he won't, but he certainly isn't leaving office, and in the end it's the strength (or weakness) of the Dem candidate for President that will determine the result in 2020. Impeachment is just one big tantrum.

    So you think it will be Warren? Based on Biden's obvious weaknesses, I tend to agree with you, but if the Dem establishment ever mobilizes in a big way to sabotage Warren's campaign it could get interesting.

    Agreed: chances of a complete pullout from Syria are low. Maybe once the civil war is over? I fear the hawks could engineer an incident involving US forces and Syrians or Russians. That would really put us in a deep hole!

    So you've listened to the original broadcast of War of the Worlds, Linda? You're a true Renaissance woman. :)

  7. Dr. Waddy: A very effective analogy: "impeachment" being a tantrum. Yet, we must confront it. It does have a regrettable effect.