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Friday, October 4, 2019

Bang, Bang! You're Dead...And Other Flights of Fancy

Friends, one of the key differences between the United States and virtually every other "developed" country in the world is that here we still value and respect the right to keep and bear arms.  Other allegedly civilized countries believe that the citizenry cannot be trusted with firearms.

One reason why gun rights have been rolled back elsewhere, and why they are under constant threat here, is because the powerful, elitist gun control lobby masterfully uses emotional manipulation to delude the public about the danger guns pose.  That danger is real, but the perception of it is woefully inaccurate in important ways...and the Left wants to keep it that way.

My latest article examines the irrationality of the liberal case for gun control.  Since left-wingers routinely claim to be both smarter and more rational than conservatives, it's worth reflecting on just how irrational they can be!  Read on, and see if you agree.

And here are two other gems for you, if you have the time.

The first is an article by Eric Trump, in which he highlights how hostile and dismissive the media has been towards all members of the Trump family -- compared with how keen they are to shield Hunter Biden from any scrutiny.  Can you say "HYPOCRISY"???

And the second article details Joe Biden's dwindling fundraising totals.  I can't say I'm surprised.  Biden lacks energy, and so does his campaign.  As his aura of inevitability fades, his campaign may spiral down into irrelevance.  Then again, if he's got any fire in the belly, he may soon start taking shots at Warren -- and there's plenty there to attack, isn't there?


  1. Very interesting comments on Townhall, Dr. Waddy. The bottom line is total control of the people, by all means necessary. I keep thinking back to what lead up to the American Revolution--and the final question during yesterdays class was "How far are You willing to go?" (the class got off topic and ended up on this 'debate'). Indeed, how far are you (in general) willing to go. It sure seems that states such as New York and the Red Flag Laws will surely be contested in court. Not that I hold much hope in the courts.

    Hypocrisy is the flavor of the Media and I don't really think Biden will be the candidate.

  2. Thanks, Linda! "How far are you willing to go" is ALWAYS a very germane question in life. People can put up with a lot, especially if they become accustomed to it gradually. Government slowly gets bigger, rights are slowly phased out, honesty and decency slowly leach away... That's how civilizations start to circle the drain. Are the American people willing to look the other way? Frankly, it seems at least half of them are!

    I'm in agreement that Biden doesn't have "it", and he likely won't be the candidate. I'm not positive, however, because Warren is yet to be challenged in any meaningful way. It's easy to surge ahead when no one is creating any resistance...

  3. Dr. Waddy: I had not, before your comments, considered the views of those who think that gun control can reduce gun violence. That is because I believe that the truly devoted gun grabbers do not have public safety in their thoughts at all. Their purpose is to discourage gun ownership, which they know to be a major cultural phenomenom and to discredit and disempower gun owners' organizations (eg. NRA and the thousands of Rod and Gun Clubs)in order to seriously, perhaps decisively, wound the entire conservative movement. Gun owners support candidates who are conservative on a wide range of issues beyond gun rights. Their complete suppression is the real objective of the Schumer/Cuomo types.

    How could people so blithe to countenance even the post birth murder of unwanted children be as devoted to such a quixotic (as you have supported with empirical evidence) effort to preserve human life. They have forfeited their credibility in that respect.

    But much of the gun control movement is as you have said;they are motivated by the belief that limiting gun ownership will reduce gun violence. They are mistaken but many of them are not disingenuous, as are the "go for the jugular" types who are the fundamental threat. Many of them are of good will and they lend a support to the gun control movement more effective than I had realized. Can we persuade enough of them to consider our views? Perhaps only by referring to the larger problem of incipient totalitarianism presented by those who use the gun control issue to advance their antidemocratic resolve.

    Linda: But now to the equally important issue you raised: those who wrote the Constitution had witnessed first hand the ability of civilians armed from civilian life to wreak havoc on trained professional troops. But the Revolution was not won that way; it was won by Americans who had learned to fight European style, as Washington knew was inevitable. Today: does the left BELIEVE that an armed civilian U.S. population could seriously contest a totalitarian takeover supported (as the left, perhaps recklessly, thinks it would be supported, by a blindly obedient U.S. military; after all, they saluted Slick Willy and America hating Obama, they think). If the left does think it a possibility, is this part of their motivation in disarming everyday Americans? Are they correct this concern? Its a key question in discerning the intense devotion of the anti gun rights types.

    So also, of course is their apparent belief that the Second Amendment is the most vulnerable in a Bill of Rights they know they must bury in order to realize their goals.

  4. Dr. Waddy: Oh yes, the consummate devotion of the MSM to the triumph of their intent to be one of the decisive forces in establishing leftist totalitarian sway must be fully embraced by conservatives and unquestioned from here on. We must assume them to be existential enemies of the American way of life. That, once settled, should concentrate our efforts , including those of persuading so much of the hard working real America of how very much at risk their moral, familial and professional lives are and are disdained and threatened by the American left.

  5. Jack, you're right of course (as you so often are) that many gun control proponents aren't truly interested in saving lives at all. In fact, quite a few of them would probably be very happy to feed every gun owner into the proverbial meat-grinder! The lifeblood of the movement, though, as a popular force, is an emotional appeal to people's fears. Guns=death, in simple terms, is their message. Obviously I believe it's a hollow message.

    Do leftists really believe that "killing" the NRA is the key to finishing off conservatism? I'm not sure. I would expect they have a variety of theories about what the right's Achilles' heel is. Quite a few seem to believe that mass immigration is the key, because that, plus the indoctrination of the youth, will render conservatism demographically insignificant. But no doubt driving a stake through the NRA would help their cause!

    As to whether the Left has thought ahead to the potential for armed resistance to the imposition of left-wing authoritarian/totalitarian tyranny...maybe. I think, Jack, that it's possible you may be giving most of them far too much credit. If there's a "master plan" on the Left, only a handful are aware of it. The rest are flying by the seat of their pants. I believe most liberals are activated primarily by their visceral disgust for people like us. Reason barely figures at all. Of course, whether they are CONSCIOUS of a desire to stifle our liberties, and potentially even wipe us out, is less important than whether they would, in the final analysis, countenance such things.

  6. Dr. Waddy: That is a very plausible reaction to my comments and I think all of your propositions therein to be creditable. I can well imagine though, among the leftist junta ( should there be such a thing) the perception of a four pronged attack as a winning strategy. Unlimited immigration from Central and South America, yes: indoctrination of youth, yes; disempowerment of the NRA and gunowners, yes; but also, this present and undecided tactic of opposing unfavorable election results. This may be the heyday of the last now; we'd better defeat it.

  7. Agreed, Jack! If all unsavory election results are either overturned or undermined, then it won't matter much what happens in future elections -- leftist supremacy will be sealed.