Friday, October 25, 2019

Move Over, Woodward and Bernstein -- WaddyIsRight is the New Journalistic Powerhouse!

Friends, today the WaddyIsRight empire grows even larger.  Check out my latest article -- in the prestigious New York Daily News.  It relates to a case that New York State is pursuing against ExxonMobil, the latest in a long line of nuisance lawsuits filed by New York prosecutors against companies, organizations, and individuals that rub them the wrong way.  The Trump family knows all about this phenomenon.  The NRA is getting the message too.  If New York has its way, you may not be able to put gas in your car, or heating oil in your furnace, when all is said and done, so don't imagine that the fate of ExxonMobil is irrelevant to your lives.  Judicial activism and litigiousness are cornerstones of the liberal master strategy for total domination.  What they can't obtain with executive or legislative power, you can be darn sure they will try to obtain via the courts.  Keep your eye on the ball, America, because the Left is relentless and highly inventive!

In other news, the end game for Brexit is coalescing as we speak.  It looks as though Boris Johnson's government has accepted that Britain won't leave the EU on October 31st.  It also looks as though the EU has agreed to an extension, in principle, but hasn't agreed to its extent or terms.  Boris is once again seeking an election to firm up his mandate and achieve a working majority in Parliament -- and Labour is once again playing coy about whether it will permit an election to take place.  So, to make a long story short, everything is up in the air.  But to me the gist of the matter is this: an election is coming soon, which the Conservatives are likely to win.  A vote on Boris's new deal is coming soon, which Boris is again likely to win.  The anti-Brexit forces are playing for time, therefore, but in the coming months I believe victory will be secured -- for Britain, for Boris, and for democracy itself.


  1. Dr. Waddy: Politically New York State is a carbuncle on the face of the nation and it would not surprise me to learn that a deep and growing anger toward our state is gathering across America.

    What form might it take? First, a near impossibility of any liberal New Yorker being elected to national office. Second, conviction that NY is a pariah state, openly disdainful and inimical to the principles which support the real America and that it must be isolated, much as the oyster does a foreign body. There is precedent for this in the widespread sanctions enacted against South Africa and Rhodesia. Since NYC is a terribly important economic center, economic measures such as a state's refusal to do government business in NY, could be effective.

    Meanwhile, New York presents a most telling example for the rest of the country of what the completely unfettered left intends in any place it acquires such power. The imposition of actions, policies and principles profoundly disturbing to millions are guaranteed and indeed celebrated. People opposed to this in NY are as so many insects, to be ignored or swatted. Though this onerous situation was arrived at by democratic means it is in itself thoroughly undemocratic.

    As one of a myriad of NY citizens who finds the leftist biases so obvious on so many of our taxpayer supported State University campuses, our Governor's vicious legal attack on the NRA (one of the most effective of all advocacy groups because it supports rights cherished by thousands in our state and millions nationally and by the 2nd Amendment), our state government's indulgence of convicted criminals and illegal immigrants(a stance intensely disturbing to crime victims and taxpayers), our state's open disloyalty to our President and our disdainful and exultant Governor's promise that this is all just the beginning: I implore you, TAKE HEED AMERICA!. For example, support the Electoral College, which helps to prevent a national takeover by uber leftist California and New York.

  2. Well said Jack!

    As for Johnson and Brexit; I am afraid the people of GB will forgo voting. Why? They see the vote really doesn't matter. I have a friend who lives outside of London and voted against Brexit (interesting friendship to say the least, grin.) who has clearly stated to me that majority of people feel that the 1. Their vote really doesn't matter and 2. The voting is all for show. Prime example is Brexit. This thing called 'democracy' really isn't a democracy, as the Parliament clearly rules the roost. Indeed, it is the Conservatives versus the Parliament. Or as I like to think, "the subjects vs. the crown." Parliament really doesn't want a deal or even leave the EU. I think that is what the bottom line.

  3. Jack, your impassioned and articulate analysis of New York's foibles could easily become an article in itself! Food for thought. Seriously.

    You're right, of course, that economic measures could get the attention of Cuomo and state lawmakers, but the truth is that the boycotts and sanctions are all flowing in the opposite direction. Blue states are increasingly making travel to red states impossible for government employees. Liberal advocacy groups and Hollywood blowhards are increasingly pushing boycotts of red states as well. One of the most effective of such campaigns came in the wake of North Carolina's "bathroom bill" and Indiana and Georgia's abortive religious liberty bills. The Left is already organized and active on the economic front. Conservatives are lagging way behind. I'm not a big fan of the boycott approach, as you know, but there is an argument for fighting fire with fire. I suppose the alternative would be anti-boycotts, i.e. a movement to steer conservatives to travel in red states and purchase from non-insane companies (it's a short list). Whatever we do, we better get on with it!

    Linda, I can understand your friend's frustration with the British system. The people have been given the finger by Parliament for three long years now. I truly believe that their long wait to be heard is almost over, though. The polls are almost unanimous in predicting a solid victory for the Conservatives in the next election, and a Conservative Parliament would surely pass Boris's bill. Help is on the way!

  4. Dr. Waddy: Congrats on being published by the Daily News; I had thought them not amenable to conservative opinion anymore. Then again, your assertions in your article ought to appeal to anyone with common sense.

    It occurs to me that one consequence of this insane campaign against fossil fuels(you are right, it can be no other than ideologically and animus driven and uh, history over the last 100 years is replete with examples of the catastrophe wrought by airy leftist presumptions. Everyone knows readily available natural gas is the solution to "excessive" carbon emissions but that solution falls far short of the radical transformation such as Cuomo and "our" AG intend, with their consequent economic and social pipe dreams) will be that the fossil fuel companies will simply abandon NY. That would of course prompt a mass exodus from our state (in the fevered Cuomoesque mind) and there can be little doubt that after his open excoriation of gun owners and his suggestion that they leave "his" state, that this is devoutly to be wished for by Cuomo and his lemmings.Imagine the bargain upstate "dachas" which would be available. I'm reminded of the liberal young man who suggested to me depopulation of the Adirondacks in order to "save" them.

    Federal occupation of states clearly at odds with American law and values occurred between 1862 and 1877 and also to a lesser extent in the '60's. It should happen again. Maybe Tom Reed can pull off a Patakiesque miracle but what about the New Yawk dominated legislature? This has gone far enough; in 2021, please President Trump,take NY in hand, militarily if necessary.he considerable faction of real Americans in NY might well support you.

  5. Dr. Waddy : Thank you for your suggestion that I expand my concerns about the radical dictatorship our state has become, into a publishable article. Perhaps in good time.

    Linda: Its irrelevant really but your reasonable description of Conservative vs Parliament reminds one of the English Civil War, where that contretemps resulted in physical combat. I'm surprised that an antiBrexit person would be discouraged by Parliament's votes so far. They may well be a person of principle though, who recognizes that Parliament has thumbed its nose at the clearly expressed will of the people since 2016. In the 17th century that led to a Royal Restoration. Could it be that this situation could lead to the reestablishment of truly bicameral legislature (embodied perhaps in the restoration to the House of Lords of their wonted power?). If the British electorate is as disaffected as it may be by sabotage of Brexit, who knows how it may react? I think Dr. Waddy is probably right in that a Brexit inspired Conservative victory in an election is probable, but if not?!

  6. Hi Jack. So you think the NY Daily News veers left? Interesting. From what I read it's "centrist". Not sure what that word signifies anymore...although the paper did endorse Hillary, which can't be good.

    I'm frankly not sure what the intended end game of this crusade against fossil fuels is. No one in their right mind could imagine that we could dispense with them in the near term. Perhaps the goal is simply to drive up their costs, rendering "green energy" more economically viable -- and more profitable for those who invest in it? Could be. Remember, they didn't succeed in getting rid of cigarettes, but they sure did shake down the tobacco industry for a lot of money...

    Federal intervention to save us from our leftist overlords in NYS? I'd say Trump would have to get a whole lot bolder before he'd contemplate that. Then again, if NY were to openly defy federal authority, or a major Supreme Court decision...maybe. Could happen in Trump's second term.

    Jack, I hope you're right that Parliament's Brexit stonewalling will only mean that the electorate will take out its frustrations on Parliament itself...and will elect a better Parliament. Today they will vote on calling a December election. That would be a game changer. The Conservatives are ahead in the polls, but we can't rule out defeat, or an inconclusive result. That would be devastating.

  7. Dr. Waddy: Your suggestion that the British electorate will simply elect a better Parliament is plausible and probable. Parliamentary roadblocks not withstanding, I cannot imagine the electorate would tolerate rejection of an election itself.As it was in Margaret Thatcher's time, I do not doubt that the majority of Brits reject the far leftist pipe dream.

    Would Prince Cuomo hazard an open defiance of federal authority? Oh, I think him fully capable of such a presumption.

  8. Linda: Sorry for my presumptuous misuse of the word "contretemps".

  9. Jack, now that I've learned what "contretemps" means, I don't think you misused it at all. In fact, you used it with characteristically British in other words with unparalleled wit!

    Jack, I fully agree that most Britons aren't socialists or leftists, but the bad news is that you don't need a majority of the electorate to win a British election. The worst case in the upcoming election is probably a Liberal-Democrat/Labour coalition government. And that would be pretty darn bad. The polls point to a Conservative majority instead, luckily. Polls can shift, though.

    You may well be right that, in a Trump second term, blue states would grow more insistent on their "rights". Civil disobedience might happen on a grand scale. That would give Trump an opening. Would he take it?

  10. Dr. Waddy: Ah, well, maybe, maybe. But in all honesty I used the word as I did because I thought it meant "conflict" alone. That I might have utilized Brit understatement or traditional Britwit in any form other than that of the cynical "Angry Young Men" of the '60's is a redeeming thought.I love the wit of the British. They have made of the English language an exalted thing, from Chaucer on.

    NY State: It isn't just Cuomo, though he is the leader. The legislature and the AG are equally determined to impose leftist totalitarian rule. The state government has, in its entirety, indeed flaunted and outright disobeyed, Federal law. In doing so it has violated the Constitutional Equal Protection rights of the myriad NY citizens who firmly disagree and who deserve the protection promised by these laws. First, it has openly effected and encouraged resistance to Federal immigration law. It has strongly implied that NY state officials who obey Federal law may face State prosecution (to their great financial and personal disadvantage)(Eg. the Erie County clerk who has courageously sued NY over its mandate to him to afford driver's licenses to illegal immigrants). Its imposition of unwarrented burdens on lawful gun owners is under high court consideration now and, of course, that is one avenue to relief from oppressive state laws. But did it work when Alabama Gov. Wallace said "segregation now, segregation forever". No , direct Federal executive power put paid to it because the Constitution demanded as much. And it does today, when presumptuous leftists, stung to the quick by a President who defies them, presume to use state power to force their will on states like CA and NY which nevertheless count among their citizens (citizens, yes, with all attendant rights, including that of protection from an incidental numerical majority)myriad of those who find the majority's pronunciamentos intolerable, for solidly and historically based reasons.

    There is of course historical precedence for opposition to the consummate rule of the majority in the Constitutional establishment of the Electoral College, which ensured that presumptuous and self satisfied urban numerical majorities would not rule the yet experientially wise frontier.

  11. Jack, I couldn't agree more about British wit. I'm a connoisseur of their "black humor" myself.

    Hmm. The example of the federal government's muscular role in enforcing desegregation is an intriguing one. The courts showed a lot of mettle in that case, as did various Presidents in backing up court orders with federal troops. What we haven't seen as yet, as far as I know, is an attempt by a blue state to defy a court order. That's where the rubber would meet the road. You're right that they're defying immigration laws, but so are thousands of businesses, usually without consequence. It would be up to prosecutors to throw the book at some of our politicians who gleefully undermine federal immigration law. I've been pining for it for almost three years now. What are they waiting for? To some degree, we have to fault Barr, who clearly hasn't made this a priority.

  12. Dr. Waddy: There may well be an accounting on this and a triumphant President Trump in 2021 would be in a good position to call it in.

  13. Yes! We may see the Justice Department (Durham) go after some swamp creatures in 2020. Expect the swamp to scream bloody murder. From that point on, though, Barr's gloves may come off. He would have nothing left to lose.