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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The Axis of Evil: Steyer, Soros, Bloomberg?

Friends, you've probably heard of George Soros, the billionaire who backs countless left-wing candidates and causes, but Tom Steyer and Mike Bloomberg are giving old George a run for his money in the race to become Public Enemy Number One of American democracy. They are plowing hundreds of millions of dollars into Democratic campaigns, voter registration drives, pro-impeachment propaganda, and efforts to undermine the 2nd Amendment.  My latest article focuses on yet another tentacle in their monstrous plot against Trumpism and liberty: they are lavishing resources on a sometimes-covert effort to undermine the energy industry with nuisance lawsuits.  To them, you see, elections are but one tool in their well-equipped toolbox -- litigation is often more attractive, because they can count on a sympathetic hearing before elitist, liberal judges.  Thus far, these lawsuits haven't gone far, but we need to be vigilant, and we need to fight back against Steyer, Soros, and Bloomberg on every front: public relations, campaign funding, voter mobilization, and civil and criminal litigation.  They leave no stone unturned.  Let's match them stride for stride.

Thanks to The Daily Caller for publishing my latest article!


  1. Dr. Waddy: That's really rotten of businessmen like them to attack other completely legitimate businesses in court. What is their beef with our development of a clean abundant source of energy in NG which also bids fair to end our shameful thrall to Mideast potentates many of whom are atavistic? It probably is because NG provides an obviously workable and therefore unacceptable solution to those who would use "global warming" as justification for draconian measures meant to destroy our economy. By the way, don't Bloomberg and Steyer know they would end up in tumbrels if that happened?

    I wonder if Soros has ever read The Bridge at Andau, which gives harrowing detail about the Marxist rape of Hungary in 1956 or about Bela Kun's abortive Hungarian Soviet Republic in 1919. Kun escaped to Russia after it was expectorated by weary Hungarians and became a murderous errand boy for Lenin.How can any Hungarian support American Marxist dreamers who have no experience of such oppression?

  2. It's a good question, Jack! It would be interesting to know what Soros thinks of Hungary's communist period... I think we already know what Soros thinks of Orban.

    These billionaires play such an out-sized role in American politics. It's rather unseemly that one can "buy" a voice in the democratic process, but ultimately I agree with the Supreme Court that people (even if their last name is Steyer, Soros, or Bloomberg) should be able to spend their money to promote their ideas.

  3. Dr. Waddy: I think that wealth in America is more often than not a product of values and actions beneficial to society and that, accordingly, the choice of some wealthy to spend their money to promote their ideas is a healthy one. Of course there are exceptions but freedom is ill served by attacking their rights; we must outpromote them.

  4. Well put, Jack. Sadly, leftist billionaires seem invariably to be more active and outspoken than the many "unsung" conservatives billionaires out there. We need to light a fire under wealthy conservatives! The Koch brothers and Sheldon Adelson ought to have many accomplices...