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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Lord, When Will You Lift This Plague of Cuomos?

Friends, some things never change, and one of them appears to be New York State's subservience to the Cuomo clan.  Sure, we briefly enjoyed the benevolent rule of George Pataki (remember those halcyon days?), but by and large we've been in thrall to one Cuomo or another since 1983.  Incredible!  Now, Governor Andrew Cuomo seems poised to win the Democratic nomination for Governor yet again, and no doubt he will go on to victory in November.  Is it conceivable that someday a Republican could beat him?  Yes, but almost certainly NOT in 2018, which will likely be a challenging year for Republicans.  So...take a deep breath, my fellow conservatives, and brace yourselves for more of the same!

All this and more, including FBI leaks designed to undermine President Trump, the race to become New York's next Attorney General, the excesses of the #MeToo movement, the near certainty of Brett Kavanaugh's imminent conformation to the Supreme Court, and the myth of "voter suppression", are discussed between me and Brian O'Neil in my latest Newsmaker interview.  Don't miss it!


  1. Dr. Waddy: Ditto, ditto,ditto on the Cuomos. Their narcissistic and sanctimonious arrogance is insufferable. Real America outside of NY and CA: this is how it would be for you if the Electoral College didn't exist. You'd be ruled by imperious bigots for whom you would be subjects, not citizens.

    Very intrigued by what you said about a prospective AG Teachout going after Prince Andrew for his (hint, hint) corruption. But as Rooster Cogburn said "'course the rest of it ain't so good."

    That "Sean Patrick Maloney" won't play so well in Irish South Buffalo, I think, though his use of his full name is an obvious effort to divert attention from his far leftist intent. He has a crust calling our President a bigot and other presumptuous insults. He's a budding Cuomo in his self righteous histrionics and his picture in the same Oval Office with philandering (adjacent to that very office) Slick Willy doesn't help him.

    Our local paper today printed a column by unapologetically conservative Byron York, reminding us, with details, about China's collusion with Slick Willy in the 1996 election and the MSM's lack of concern about it. He contrasts this with their impassioned pursuit of the chimera of Comrade Trump, the putative factotum of yet KBG Putin, 2016, for which no evidence has been revealed, despite their earnest( and "impartial" yes!)efforts.

    The "Me Too" movement: If they ensnare bastards truly culpable for sexual bullying then I'm glad. But resolute man haters have found a home with them and it is inevitable that they will use its power to force any man against whom they choose to take action (that they despise all possessors of a penis has been clearly demonstrated)into their Inquisition, for guaranteed auto da fe and subsequent immolation. Those of good will who work with "Me Too" should consider the example of the Red Guards and beware, should they empower an analog of Deng Hsiao Ping to plague their movement.

    I was about to question your opinion that its likely several Dems will vote for Kavanaugh by suggesting that should Murkowski and Collins be pried loose, those Dems would remain loyal to their implacable party. But as such an unwise defection on the part of those two is highly unlikely, I agree with you as to the near certainty of Kavanaugh's deserved elevation. Yeah, elections DO have consequences.

    My, my, what to make of the Dem mailing apparently mainly criticizing Cynthia Nixon's ( and she will be on the November ballot regardless of today's primary) supposed lack of support for Israel. Its a completely supportable fact that many far leftists are antiSemitic. Marx, Stalin and their New Left avatars were and are infected with that execrable disorder. Unfortunately it is also a fact that many Jewish people support that far left and express profound doubts about Israel's legitimacy. Have they, I wonder, read about the aged Stalin's fell intentions for Russian Jews? The American far left's heritage of his inhuman views can be very effectively argued.

    The mailer is disavowed by Dems, including, now proved by the NY Post, falsely by a regretful Andrew Cuomo who knew about it before it was sent. Their reflexive recoil is "politically correct" humbug. They would all rejoice to see Israel overrun.

  2. Hi Jack. Looks like Letitia James is going to be our next Attorney General, if our blue state stays true to form. I know nothing about her, except that she's a Democrat, which makes her terrible, by definition.

    Your allusion to past instances of election meddling is spot on. It's the question everyone OUGHT to be asking. Why do we only care about this issue after Donald Trump wins an election???

    Certainly the MeToo crowd is outing some evildoers, but to my mind the lack of interest that accusers often show in pressing criminal charges is odd. Trial by denunciation is fine for a police state, but not for the United States of America.

    I very much doubt that Murkowski and Collins will defect, but even so I find it hard to imagine that ALL vulnerable Democratic Senators will stay on side for Chuck Schumer. No, I truly believe Kavanaugh is home free.

    You're right that many hardcore leftists dislike and undermine the state of Israel, but that's not the same thing as being anti-Semitic. I personally don't think anti-Semitism is a charge that rightfully applies to very many people on the Left, or on the right. Remember, to leftists it's all about a hierarchy of oppression. Some may see Muslims as more oppressed than Jews, and thus as more "worthy" of support and adulation, but that doesn't make them Jew-haters. In fact, I would say that leftists are much more likely to be anti-Christian than anti-Semitic.

  3. Dr. Waddy: With respect for your views, which may well be better supported than mine, I'll stand by my perception that antisemitism informs much of the left. I've always been mystified by the intensity of this age old curse and after having read about it (and Israel)(and continuing to do so) I cannot yet but think that the chief motivation for those who wish Israel's destruction is reflexive antisemitism. As I see it, nothing else can explain the endurance and ferocity of it, as it continues in outlandish hatred for Israel. Many leftists would not pull the trap door on Israel but they support policies which threaten Israel's existence (eg the establishment of a Palestinian state, within grasp of the heart of Israel,dedicated to the extinction of Israel). I see a direct line of murderous hostility to Judaism from Marx to Stalin(I know Stalin supported Israel for a brief time but he was working up to his own holocaust of Russian Jews)to the old American left to the new American left; the ultimate act of antiSemitism would of course be Israel's death, whether brought about by direct purpose or wrongheaded support by leftists (and yes, perhaps European rightists) for barbarian states. Perhaps my love and admiration for Judaism and my opinion that support for Israel's continued existence is a credible measure of a country or group's fundamental humanity colors my argument. I do agree with you in that the left is at the very least, as anti Christian as it is antisemitic. I derive much of my outlook on leftist antisemitism from the journal Commentary.

  4. Jack, you may be right. All I can say is that I've encountered many leftists in my day, and none of them seemed anti-Semitic to me. Anti-Israel, perhaps, but not anti-Semitic. You would have to keep in mind that the Left is populated with many, many Jews (albeit not always devout), so it would be hard to prosper in leftist circles if one wore one's anti-Semitism on one's sleeve... Having said all that, we both know that the leftist's oft-repeated claim that he/she/it has transcended hatred is so much baloney. Liberals can be extremely hateful people, and in my experience they wallow in prejudices of one kind or another and feel utterly entitled to them. Maybe we can split the difference and agree that leftists are anti-human? Seems fair...

  5. Dr. Waddy: That works well for me. Thanx as always for considering my view. (PS; Commentary has held forth at length fairly recently on the subject of Jewish Leftists).