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Monday, September 10, 2018

Colin Kaepernick: the Greatest American Hero of All Time?

Friends, if you're as disgusted and perplexed by Nike's decision to embrace Colin Kaepernick, anti-American crybaby millionaire, as I am, then you might want to read my latest article, which happens to be on that very topic.  I perceive one clear lesson here: corporations see how active and passionate leftists are, and they want to capitalize on that energy.  So where is the energy among conservatives?  We better find it, or cultivate it, soon...or else!


  1. Dr. Waddy: Thanx for an informative, well supported and well argued article.

    What to do? Clearly the apparent end of Kaepernick's football career presents a disincentive only to other sports pros.
    Most business executives are college graduates and the onerous influence of the far left domination of the American academy has to have had a profound effect.

    Frankly, I think our "universities" beyond redemption; the best the real America can do is quarantine them, much as the oyster does with caustic objects it cannot eject. An increased emphasis on the good reputation of post high school vocational education and the unavoidable increasingly high cost of education (provided Bernie or Andrew or . . . don't have their "free for nothing" way)may help to return a four year college education to the rarified status it had prior to WWII. It may be a sad necessity.

    But that can't be done to corporations; for one thing it would require a degree of control over them which contradicts free enterprise and could provide the far left yet another convenient vehicle to hijack. You are right in your conviction that conservatives must summon the energy to successfully counter the infection of our boardrooms with far leftist sentiment sufficient to justify in executive minds financial decisions inimical to that overall national well being for which that left intends all ill. But how and what to do with our power in this regard once it is mobilized?

    On one minor point in your essay I'll "cavil on the ninth part of a hair". The extreme right are the Nazis and their apologists and they are a miniscule, pitiful and powerless faction. The extreme left consists of the Marxists, whose influence in this country manifests itself in many vital institutions, which have included at times our very Presidency , to a degree which presents a grave threat to our national life. Anything more extreme than Marxism is hard to imagine.

  2. Jack, we can grapple with the theoretical problem of what to do with our vast power over America's cultural and economic institutions when we actually have some! Right now it seems like a pipe dream. I think the best we can hope for now is to engage in a little preventive excoriation -- that is, universities and corporations should fear that, if they take a clearly leftist/PC/SJW/Marxist stand on the issues of the day, there will be hell to pay from conservative activists and ordinary patriotic consumers. That is, in the end, the only language that many educational and corporate leaders understand, because we already know that they have zero sympathy with our values and beliefs. I say all this with considerable regret, because it means that conservatives will have to engage in the same sort of silliness -- whining, bullying, protesting, and the like -- that liberals find second nature. I just see no alternative, except national self-annihilation, or death by a thousand cuts...