Sunday, June 2, 2024

More Democracy Than You Can Shake a Stick At


Friends, even in the USA, democracy seems to have a bit of life left in it.  Despite establishment efforts to silence and/or jail opposition leaders, there's a fighting chance that the American people might have a smidgen of input into the selection of their next president.  In that regard, the first polls to be released since the felony conviction of Republican Party presidential candidate Donald J. Trump -- in a court, and by a jury, strongly disposed to tar-and-feather him -- indicate that his popularity and electoral viability remain intact.  Most interesting!  Meanwhile, a general election in South Africa has left the ruling African National Congress bruised and battered.  With only 40% of seats in the National Assembly, the ANC will have to form a coalition to govern -- and the main opposition party, the Democratic Alliance, would be the obvious choice.  The problem?  Among other things, the party is led by -- gasp! -- a white man.  I can't imagine someone so debased in a position of leadership, but all things are possible...  In Mexico, it looks extremely likely that a woman will soon be the president-elect, while in India Prime Minister Modi, a Hindu nationalist, is apparently cruising to reelection.  All in all, it's encouraging to see "the people" making their voices heard.  There's naturally never any guarantee that the people will get it right, but at least they can vacillate between one extreme and another, giving the body politic a good airing from time to time.  What could be healthier than that?


  1. Dr. Waddy from Jack: I've been waiting to hear your assessment of the polls:
    ; I'm very much encouraged by your observation. If this trend continues , the left's terrible dread may reach decisive levels. The drama of this historic year intensifies apace.

  2. Absolutely! The Left is close to an existential crisis. They're about ready to wring America's neck.


    With the exception of Trump, the Left has been "wringing America's neck" very effectively since the 1990s beginning with The ClintonISTAS, and to include Bush Sr. and Jr. both of whom were/are some of the finest RINOs we have ever produced. Kind of like a thirty year "national colonoscopy" without benefit of anesthesia.


    Is a Democracy kind of like a People's Republic? Just asking.


    Just wanted the both of you to know that after reading Biden was going to attend a fundraiser hosted by Julia Roberts and George Clooney, I was so overcome with emotion that I may not be able to comment on your site anymore in the near future. Also, binge watching movies starring these great Americans and actors will leave me little time for anything else.

  6. Ray from Jack: Surely you jest; good humor is handy in these trying times when so much is at stake.

    1. RAY TO JACK

      My humor is all I have left. Ha!

  7. Dr. Waddy from Jack: As a country boy I can affirm that chickens are hardy birds with durable necks. Churchill, in addressing the Canadian Parliament in , I think, late 1941, remarked ". . . some chicken . . . some neck!" in recalling a 1940 prediction that " . . . England will have its neck wrung like a chicken's in six weeks. . . ". We are not "for it" yet and need not be at all. The real wringing will be of the hands of the loser in November. Let's let it not be America.

  8. Ray, I would say we can only judge "People's Republics" based on the regimes that have been willing to carry the name -- and, by that standard, real democracy and People's Republics are completely incompatible. Then again, real democracy and American neo-Marxist plutocracy may be equally incompatible, in the long run. (And I realize that Marxism and plutocracy seem irreconcilable, by definition, but if that's what you think then clearly you've never met George Soros, or Bill Gates, or Michael Bloomberg, or...I could go on.)

    Ray, I hope you're not suggesting that Jack and I are any less alluring than Julia Roberts and George Clooney. I think you'll find that what really makes young hearts skip a beat is conservative wordsmithing, and that's why Jack and I regularly top the list of Sexiest Men Alive...

    Speaking of wringing necks, I think the dastardly Dems will have to make a decision very soon about just how ruthless they're willing to be to defeat DJT and everything he represents. Rather like in Ukraine, they keep raising the stakes and losing. Something has to give.