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Wednesday, August 10, 2022



Friends, my latest appearance on the Newsmaker Show allowed me and Brian O'Neil to tackle some truly momentous issues, including the FBI raid on Donald Trump's Florida home, Mar-a-Lago, and it's implications for the American politics and American justice.  Basically, the Left is trumpeting a new form of "justice" in which everyone, and every group, it favors is above the law or automatically innocent, whereas the guilt of Trump and prominent Trumpers is a given and it becomes the duty of law enforcement and prosecutors to "get" the right before the voters have a chance to weigh its merits.  Bottom line: DJT is very unlikely to receive "equal justice" from the FBI, DOJ, or even the federal courts, and so he is indeed in legal jeopardy.  It would not be shocking to see him frog-marched off to federal prison.  (Good news for Team DeSantis?)


Brian and I also talk about the perils of NATO expansion, the "long game" for Liz Cheney, the futility of stirring the Taiwanese pot and incurring China's wrath, and the high stakes of the 2022 election, given that the Dems are very close (numerically) to bending the House and the Senate to their will -- and their will includes measures that would effectively end our multiparty democracy.  In a word, therefore, get out and VOTE!




In other news, just in case you thought the DOJ's dragnet is only ensnaring Donald J. Trump, guess again.  FBI agents also seized the cell phone of a Trump ally in Congress.  What were they looking for?  Evidence of another "insurrection" (any day now), I would guess...  It sure looks like the Washington establishment has decided that their standard playbook of incessant calumny isn't working against Trump and Trumpism, so the time has come to "shake the tree" and experiment with the tools of law enforcement/malicious prosecution.  How far are they prepared to go?  We'll soon find out. 


  1. Dr.WaddyfromJack: The raid on President Trump's home is undeniably partisan in having been executed by the executive branch, which is now thoroughly "american" leftist! Sure it is characteristic of a banana republic but that is easily escribed to the "american" left. Does that left manifest an " overwhelming urge to get DJT"! They would react JUST S0 to any one insolent enough to deny their irefutable justice in ALL MATTERS!

  2. Dr Waddy from Jack:: I agree, the fundamental purpose of the dems is to prevent DJT from being reempowered by the despised real America! Jailing him!! A novel approach but not to be dismissed as being a leftist goal! DJT is the target of their most annihilating measures becausehe DARED to upset the "american" leftist timetable for their totalitarian triumph in 2016 and even presumptuously thinks to do it again!!

  3. Jack, that's the $64,000 question: can the Left succeed in engineering Trump's incarceration? Do they, in fact, want to, because then he would be (presumably) off the table as a 2024 candidate? Would the Dems actually prefer to face someone like DeSantis...with a martyred Trump percolating in the background to energize the right? That doesn't sound like a recipe for leftist victory to me...

  4. Sometimes I wonder if we don't give the Left enough credit. "Would the Dems actually prefer to face someone like DeSantis...?"

    Is it possible this is just an attempt to show power. sending a message to any anti-establishment types that there will be consequences? IE: If you intend to run for office and oppose the swamp, you will pay handsomely. Could that also be the message with the addition of 87,000 IRS agents as well?

    It's hard for me to fathom that the left doesn't have someone within their leadership ranks who run scenarios and foresee the backlash the FBI/DOJ's actions would create.

    So, maybe the general population is not the intended audience?

    1. Again, in giving strategic credit to the left... the electorate's memory is sometimes short. Maybe shorter than that of those who may be contemplating running for political office.
      And, that the fancies of the electorate, especially those described as moderates, swings from election to election. Maybe they are conceding 2022 with hopes that the Right overreacts following a victory and then repositioning themselves in 2024 and beyond?

  5. Richie et al from Jack: You have expressed very plausible possibilities. That President Trump proved that GOP candidates may succeed by taking the gloves off and giving the dems" what 'fer" has to terrify the dems. They have relied on automatic intimidation for so long that they are now desperate to put the"skeer" back on anyone insolent enough to oppose them. As for the population of the real america, the harrowing of that group can be accomplished once the dictatorship is established.

  6. Dr Waddy fromJack: You are right, the "american" left is determined to refuse broad areas of American law but is also presumptuously set on
    yet holding many on the right automatically guilty of a broad range of crimes . Their contempt is limitless and our clear perception and resentment of it advances with ever increasing intensity!!

  7. Thanks for the comments, Richie! I too wonder what the Left's game plan is in escalating the legal harassment of Trump. You suggest that they are sending a message rather than girding themselves for actual prosecution of our 45th president. Maybe, but wouldn't that message be a bit redundant? I mean, Trump and every Trumper in America has to know by now that there is essentially no expedient the Trump-haters will not use, or at least try, to "get" their man. I mean, does Trump seem like the type who would be intimidated by a mere "raid"? A conviction, on the other hand, would place Trump on the back foot and might guarantee that he would be unable to run or willing to forswear running. The leftists are smart and strategic, yes, but they also have a nasty tendency to believe their own propaganda. My guess is that they accept, almost without question, that Trump is guilty of dozens of different crimes, and thus to fail to convict him of ANY of these outrages would be to invite more and possibly even Trumpier Trumps in future... I wouldn't be shocked if they really do intend to bag Trump and mount his head on the wall in the Oval Office this time around.

    Good point that the electorate has short memories and is barely paying attention to this debacle anyway. Most of them would happily trade away the rule of law for $3/gallon gas. If I were the Left, I'd probably be thinking, "Man, I can libel a president, I can violate countless laws, and I can ransack a former president's home...and there's not a sliver of a chance I'll ever be held accountable. Why NOT go all in and charge Trump with whatever seems most plausible?"

    Jack, yes: Trump has been Mr. Teflon, but the rest of America must be deeply impressed/mortified by the lengths to which the establishment will go to silence and/or obliterate anyone who challenges and offends it. Trump is still standing, but countless other victims of the Left's newfangled tyranny aren't. And, if they succeed in "getting" Trump, what hope will there be for the rest of us?

  8. Thanks for weighing in Dr. Waddy. Great points all.

    Just finished watching the GOP press conference on the Trump raid here: (

    How can anyone with a modicum of reasoning not see the difference between the presser linked above... and the coverage carried by the majority of the main stream media.

    One would HAVE to decidedly shut off any search for the truth to not be swayed by the exchange from these lawmakers and what is showing on the modern press.

    What an utter embarrassment our media has become.

    Is "shame" something completely void in our current culture?

    You go Elise Stefanik!

  9. Dr.Waddy et al from Jack: The left hopes to engender a rino renaissance by giving rinos the ability to say" see what disaster Trump has brought us with his oafish intransigence. Open minds and comity are key in closing the rift so evident in our polity! That our opponents are proven an existential threat to all we cherish is powerful nonsense unbecoming to us! "

  10. Dr. Waddy from Jack: President Trump's demonstrated defiance of that view invites our consummate backing !!! Haven't we always wanted a force to support us at decision makiing levels? Didn't PRESIDENT Trump DO SO?

  11. Thanks, Richie. I do my best. :)

    I'm gratified to see that the vast majority of Republicans view the Mar-a-Lago raid as excessive and dangerous. That bodes well, although the Dems won't be saitsfied until DJT is sizzling on the electric chair. I'm still waiting for a poll of Dems: "What is the proper punishment for Donald Trump?" I suspect a lot of them would forget about their opposition to capital punishment double-quick! The number who would volunteer to strangle Trump personally would reach into the tens of millions.

    Jack: Liz's toadying to the Left certainly is unbecoming. As defiant as Trump was, in terms of style, I'd still like to see him defy conventional wisdom even more in practice. His policy prescriptions were often timid, and he could be bullied into cutting loose his advisors when they treaded on the toes of the establishment. Next time, he should really let the lefties have it! No apologies, and no retreats.