Tuesday, April 30, 2019

The Hunter is Now the Hunted?

Friends, the biggest news these days is that several polls are putting Joe Biden way ahead of his rivals for the Democratic nomination.  He's getting a bump, for sure, and he continues to benefit from a divided opposition.  If I were a non-Biden Dem running for President, I'd be nervous!

You may want to read this article, which suggests that the house of cards (so to speak) built by Democrats and deep state operatives in the attempt to steal the 2016 election from Donald Trump, and then to derail his presidency, may be close to collapse.  Maybe.  I'm not convinced, and I'm also of the opinion that in many ways it simply doesn't matter what we find out about the apparent coup based on the Trump-Russia hoax, because even the most alarming revelations will be dismissed or ignored by the mainstream media.  Only an aggressive prosecutor who obtains indictments and convictions against the coup plotters would truly make a difference, politically -- and only bringing the plotters to justice can protect our democracy from similar threats in the future.

Is the fate of the Supreme Court the most important thing at stake in 2020?  Almost certainly.  This article suggests that Democrats and liberals may not rise to the occasion.  I sincerely hope they won't!

We all know that Fox News is arguably a proxy for the right, and CNN and MSNBC are arguably proxies for the left.  For the same reason, the ratings of these networks can give us a clue about which side has momentum.  Since the 2018 election, and since the denouement of the Mueller inquiry, it would appear that the wind has gone out of liberal sails, while conservatives are energized.  This bodes well!

Lastly, you know how I feel about erasing history.  Maine has just decided to jettison Columbus Day in favor of "Indigenous Peoples' Day."  Ick!  I have nothing against American Indians, but Columbus represents the fusion of European culture with that of the Americas and, eventually, of Africa and Asia as well.  If we reject Columbus, we essentially reject America itself!  We are saying that we wish all those nasty white people had stayed put.  I won't accept this.  Boo, Maine!


  1. Dr. Waddy: The article about Mr.diGenova's predictions was very encouraging. I think the Trump administration would be wise to prosecute this matter to the full now with the possibly deleterious effect it would have on Dem chances in 2020 as it wallows through the political/legal/media morass. President Trump owes it to his supporters to take the "collusionists" to comprehensive task for their terrible obstructionist folly and of course so that justice is served. Bring on Trey Gowdy!

  2. Dr. Waddy: Re: Supreme Court - oh this is so important, it may well be decisive in the existential fight to preserve America from arrogantly leftist presumption of justice and a consequent right to assume full control of the organs of legal interpretation and subsequent unassailable executive fiat.

    Right now, the Supreme Court stands in the balance. A critical opening, for either of the consummately opposed doctrines personified on the Court, could occur at any moment. Should it be within Donald Trump's assured tenure and the procedural certainty of confirmation of the same, we can be certain it will be a Justice devoted to the rule of law rather than the law of leftist fiat.

    Should President Trump be reelected , then the left faces permanent denial of its always fallback position, when faced with insolent legislative denial - the elitist Court.

    At this time, a vacancy, should it be from the departure of a conservative, would almost certainly filled by a lawful judge, preserving the present situation. But if its one of the four presumptuous and creative radicals, then the creation of a 6-3 lawful majority is nigh. And that prospect would be much magnified by a Trump victory in 2020. The stakes could not be higher! Are the Dems really uncomprehending of this?

  3. Dr. Waddy: My understanding is that objectively gathered and evaluated stats reveal that approx. 40% of the electorate is conservative and approx. 20% leftist. That the MSM does not represent this is confirmation of their arrogant disdain of the real America.

    Fox honors a very, very, definite desire on the part of the patriotic, constructive real America to see broadcast confirmation of its well founded values. This is very much welcome to those of us who remember when there was no alternative to snotty anti Americans on all networks.
    That Fox is productive of stats showing it to be very much competitive with leftist bigots, supports our vital role in the existential struggle over what America is to be.

  4. Jack, yes! I hope that justice will soon be served to the plotters. The Left's very shabby treatment of Bill Barr may make that more likely. On the other hand, they are savaging him so fiercely precisely for that reason -- to discredit the investigations and prosecutions that they must know are coming...

    You're so right about the Supreme Court. A 6-3 majority would be pretty close to "game over" for leftist judicial activism. Denied the sympathy of federal courts, I suspect many liberals would turn to the streets, or to straight-up insurrectionary violence, and then their movement could begin to unravel.

    So I take it you watch Fox, Jack? I don't watch much tv at all. I look at the Fox News website, however. It strikes me that Fox is right-leaning, but not reliably conservative. Still, it's the best we can hope for out of the mainstream media...

  5. Dr, Waddy: I think Fox has done a monumental job of expressing the views of the real America and that, in doing so,has had a profound effect on the American polity. So very many of us realized the casual disdain and contempt shown for our views on all outlets prior to Fox. Like most people we appreciate modern TV and its redeemimg to see on it those who confirm our views, instead of those of snotty elitists who have nothing but contempt for us, our culture and our convictions.

  6. You're right, Jack -- Fox News is light years ahead of its competition. That merits our thanks.