Tuesday, April 2, 2019

El Presidente Muy Excelente?

Friends, it shocked and appalled many leftists in 2016 when President Trump won approximately 30% of the Hispanic vote, and there are indications that he could do much better than that in 2020.  There are roadblocks, of course -- the media will portray any and all reasonable efforts to stop illegal immigration as "racist" and fascistic -- but Hispanics so far have seen through this propaganda.  In a close election, needless to say, Hispanics could be the deciding indeed they arguably were in 2016.  Democrats have wanted for years to do to Hispanics what they've sadly already done to blacks: hoodwink an entire community so thoroughly that it will vote en bloc for Democratic candidates, no matter how irrational or self-destructive that choice proves to be.  With Hispanics, Democrats have had only partial success -- and history suggests that, as Hispanics assimilate, intermarry, and move up the economic ladder, their allegiance to the Democrats will fade.  2020 could be the beginning of the end of Dem dominance among Hispanics, I say.  Just you wait!


  1. Dr. Waddy: That was a well argued and supported and very encouraging article. Your views on it ring very true too. It is summed up well in its last paragraph. This canny and courageous President is building a monumental record in part as he shows up the racially patronizing Dems for what they are - clueless on Hispanic life in and near the U.S. Lets be optimistic that President Trump will continue to convince all minorities of his devotion to equal opportunity for all willing to lead positive lives - a principle obviously anathema to the matronizing dictatorial left.

  2. Hear hear! Trump doesn't have to win over all that many minority voters to make a Dem victory in 2020 an impossibility. Here's hoping he can make some inroads. My worry is that the Dems/media will use the border situation, and Trump's response to it, to spin more tales of "racism". They're good at that.

  3. Dr. Waddy: Yeah, they are good but I saw a column today by one S.E. Cupp, not a Trump partisan, saying that the Dems are recklessly affording Trump all the ammo he needs to play them like trout often are. She notes that Trump is skilled in provoking the frantic and hyberbolic responses which he delights in exploiting.

    These Dems, who thought they were so cool! They are up against a consummate player now and their desperation is manifest. They displayed the same panic in responding to Reagan, who casually and fearlessly countered their "politically correct" presumptuousness to their inane utter frustration. They foolishly nominated criminal loving and arrogant Dukakis.It was only by resort to the most fundamentally dishonest and morally flawed couple in our Presidential history that they conned their way back to the White House, four years removed from the redoubtable Reagan.

  4. Wise words, Jack. Trump certainly is skilled at knocking his enemies off balance and causing them to over-react. A few years ago it was unthinkable that the Dems would be advocating socialism, reparations, and the abolition of airplanes, but here we are...