Sunday, April 7, 2019

Get a Grip, Liberals: Trump Isn't Hitler

Friends, today I bring you a number of articles (none of them written by me) worthy of your attention.  First, like me you may be tired of hearing about how Trump is a dictator reminiscent of Hitler or Mussolini.  The weakness of the analogy is obvious, and the fact that modern political commentators are CONSTANTLY falling back on Hitler as the archetype of evil is just...sad, as evil comes in many forms, history is complex and multifaceted, and the only "lesson" taught by such inane comparisons is that current observers know and care little about history in itself.  Check out this great article on why liberals should stop returning to the Hitlerian well:

This is a superb analysis of how unhinged Democrats have become on the issue of "collusion," and how far to the left they have traveled in response to Trump:

Don't miss this article, which reveals how false the Left's treasured narrative about hate crimes truly is.  There is, in fact, no objective evidence of a rise in hate crimes -- but there is plenty of evidence that claims of hate crimes are often patently false and/or politically motivated, and the mainstream media, given its own prejudices, eats those claims up like they were chocolate chip cookies.

Many of you have already heard about the Senate's decision to limit debate time for Trump nominees to district-court-level federal judgeships.  This article lays out the context and potential ramifications.  Democrats themselves once limited debate in just the same way, so they could ram through as many "Obama judges" as possible.  It's amazing to me that, in the last two years, Democratic obstructionism has actually led to the number of vacancies in our district courts increasing!  All that should change now.  America's federal courts are about to get a whole lot Trumpier -- thank heavens!

Finally, take note that Rep. Devin Nunes is sending a number of criminal referrals to the DOJ related to the cabal that engineered the Trump-Russia hoax.  I've been calling for a second special counsel to investigate these matters, and I still hope Bill Barr will heed that call, but if he doesn't I would expect that someone in the Department of Justice will look into whether crimes were committed in the furtherance of a conspiracy to damage or destroy the Trump presidency.  Remember, as soon as someone with prosecutorial authority starts examining these issues, there's no telling where that investigation will lead, or who will be caught up in it.  The plotters might start singing like canaries.  None of that happens, though, unless the DOJ does its job, and unfortunately we can't count on that to happen.


  1. Dr. Waddy: I think it cheeky of leftists,either aspiring totalitarians themselves or apologists for those who surely are, comparing those who dare to oppose them to one of the two most monstrous totalitarians of modern times. Anyone cognizant of the indescribable, incalculable malice enacted by the Nazis (try reading The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich without becoming nauseous)knows how specious such a notion is. Yet, one can well imagine the torrent of truly Nazi like pronunciamentos which would issue from AOC if she were ever to acquire full power. Think Cambodia 1975.

    Leftists purposefully refrain from referring to their Marxist icons when making disparaging calumny because they know they know such would be a window to their very essence. They embrace their extremists. You don't see pictures of Goebbels, Heydrich, Rosenberg and Adolf on the walls of college dorm rooms or the offices of "No Show Federally Funded Revolutionary Storefront Community Organizers" or the havens of the American academy's predominantly very far left faculty. But you do see good 'ol Che, Marx, Engels, Lenin,Mao, etc. and expressions of firm support for the now almost completely public Democratic Socialists of America, whose declarations of purpose could have been written by any Bolshevik in 1900. Those icons are every bit as consummately evil, in effect or in accomplishment, as any Nazi. That's indisputable. Why, they were well esconsed in the hearts of at least Obama and Hillary."Bill"? "Don't make no never mind to me as long as I can get high on whatever. Marxist, neo Platonist, ah don't give a hoot, just leave me be, do whatcha waont. But remember, them America lovers rile me".

    The truth is that right wing extremists (eg. neo Nazis) are utterly powerless in the country as a whole and within the Conservative Movement. They are a despised and miniscule faction. Show me any Nazi who has risen in modern government to the level of the casually declared Communists who pollute our polity and very significant portions of our government (eg. the Obama appointed bureaucracy, like Van Jones and tax payer supported thoroughly left wing institutions like SUNY New Paltz, which David Horowitz described as the most Communist college east of Berkeley - it has made recent facile changes but they are fronts only). I'd give you riches unending (if I could) if you could find one Nazi poster on that thoroughly Red campus but you'd be likely to find Che tee shirts in profusion.

    The left is utterly discredited in its presumptuous references to Hitler himself, for God's sake!

  2. Dr. Waddy: Lets talk common sense. Most white thugs, no matter by what motivated, would not casually venture into black neighborhoods to do cynical venal crime or to enact racial animus. Why? Simple. They know black men are exceedingly tough. "Nuf said."

  3. Dr. Waddy: Re: the expedited confirmation of Trump judicial nominees: our Senate side is very well advised to take advantage, without regret, of any technical strength deriving from its majority and its legislative skill. The justification for this, of course, is the certainty of the left in power especially but even without, employing ANY tactic with which it can get away, proven since its essential America hatred cuckooed the established vehicle of the Dem party starting in 1972. Only a fool or a coward willingly allows an existential opponent any advantage. Our side must resolve to fight to the death! In defying the sociopathic dictatorships of the 20th century our country did not allow pitiable arguments of moral relativism to stop us! We concentrated our strength, knowing that it worked for good. The real America MUST redirect this certainty to the complete defeat of the overidealistic, wrongheaded and grimly determined America hating left!

    I rejoice at the ongoing transformation of the Federal judiciary to lawfulness. The agony and desperation of the left at this potentially decisive development is obvious and should inspire us to FOLLOW THROUGH!That's what winners do and our President is a winner and we should be fully cognizant of the perhaps once in a lifetime advantage he affords our cause and resolve to support him without stint.

  4. Dr. Waddy: Fox News wouldn't allow me access; oh well. I'm elated at Rep. Nunes' efforts and am encouraged by recent statements of the President suggesting future official investigations. The leftist onslaught on our electoral process (only, of course, when it denies them their assumed dominance) must be met resolutely and Rep. Nunes is doing that good mischief! C'mon Mr. President, give the order!

  5. Quite right, Jack -- the adulation of communist icons continues on college campuses. Would a student with a poster of Che be forced to undergo "sensitivity training", or be expelled? Of course not. Communism is cute -- fascism, or "fascism," is intolerable! It must be nice to make the rules, huh?

    It's interesting to speculate on whether recent changes in the Senate will eventually produce the end of the filibuster. If that happens, and a permanent Republican majority coalesces in the upper house, as it could, given the fact that there are more "red" states than blue, then Congress might one day start legislating again. Imagine that!

  6. Dr. Waddy: The term commie should carry every bit as much opprobrium as does nazi and any sympathy with or apology for the Marxist screed should place the advocate at the despised and inconsequential margins of our political culture. That this does not obtain is very disturbing.

    The prospect of a lock on the Senate, perhaps analogous to the one the Dems had on the House for so long, is a cheerful one,. especially so since it promises eventual permanent restoration of SCOTUS to its proper role. Should we dominate the Senate we might be well advised to end or severely limit filibuster. I wonder what new lawless tactic the left, deprived of its extralegislative lawmaking ability, might pursue - early 19th century nullification? CA and especially Cuomo York appear headed in that direction. President Jackson said he'd use the Army to bring S. Carolina into compliance; maybe President Trump ought to suggest that he is considering that possibility.

  7. Hmm. Perhaps, but first you need to bring the courts into compliance with the Constitution (and human reason). Without the courts, it's hard to make any headway.

    I hear Schumer is refusing to commit to keeping the filibuster if the Dems take the Senate. Voila -- I think we now know the fate of that Senate rule.

    Unfortunately, if we do retain the Senate, and lose the presidency, in 2020 I'd bet we're still in deep trouble, because you can't rely on Republican Senators to stonewall every judicial nominee of a liberal persuasion. We Republicans are fair-minded, you see -- to a fault!

  8. Dr. Waddy: That's for sure and its very dangerous; unless we resolve to go for the "haymaker" and to be ready to land it whenever the opening shows and then to stand, Dempsey like, ready to beat their disdainful party into the political ground, we will receive the very like from them. Schumer is their exemplar in his open and withering contempt for the real America and his determination to bring it to New York style powerlessness.