Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Flying High, But Not High Enough

Friends, the picture above is from that innocent time when Time Magazine was a news outlet, rather than a paid political advertisement for the Democratic Party.  The cover is of Francis Gary Powers, the unfortunate U.S. pilot of a U-2 spy plane that was shot down over Russia in 1960.  Oops!  Was it pilot error, or just a lucky shot by a Soviet missile?  The important thing is that it gave the U.S. a black eye at a very sensitive point in the Cold War.  Even old Ike, with ice water in his veins, was knocked off his game.  Be that as it may, the U-2 was an incredible technical achievement, and before the age of satellites is was one of the few ways for us to obtain accurate intelligence about what was going on in the U.S.S.R.  All in all, it was a project well worth the risk.

This is just one of the many topics Brian O'Neil and I discuss on this week's Newsmaker Show.  We also cover Tony Blair and the Labour Party's victory in the 1997 election in the U.K., "presidential harassment" and the persecution of the NRA by the New York Attorney General, a proposal to divest New York's Common Retirement Fund from fossil fuels, the Biden juggernaut/apology tour, Trump and unions, anti-Semitism at the New York Times, the relentless assault on the extended Trump family, the presidential prospects of Stacey Abrams, and more!  Check it out.

And, if you have time, read this superb debunking of the claim that President Trump ever defended white supremacists, Nazis, and Klansmen as "very fine people," courtesy of none other than Ann Coulter!


  1. Dr. Waddy: Last things first; its good to read Ann writing something favorable about the President;she's an influential voice. I've never understood her expressed antipathy for President Trump; she's a soldier, she knows what is at stake in this existential conflict. She has to know the President is a better leader than we could ever have hoped for and that his advent was a miracle. We were on the very cusp of final radical victory.

    I'm glad the Union won and am as presumptuous as to say I think the South is better off because of it. Slavery was an unalloyed evil and the South paid for it; did it ever. But I honor and admire most aspects of the South's characteristically American defense of its homeland and I know the South today is, along with the mountain West, the most patriotic section of our country. I know there were among those at Charlotteville that day, to defend Confederate memorials,many who refuse to allow arrogant leftist bigots destroy a Confederate heritage which they, for many good reasons, cherish.Once again our gutsy President refuses to back down from support for those who the politically correct intimidators of the MSM would be blithe to casually savage. Thanx to Ann for crediting him for his faithfulness.

  2. Yes, Ann is an enigma. I suspect she enjoys being provocative for its own sake. Her gambit may also be that occasionally bashing Trump ensures that the mainstream media will give her maximum coverage...

    I agree: Trump is brave to stand up for Lee and for the South. On the other hand, the Dems are dumb to trash them. They seem determined to be uncompetitive in the South forever more. Their anti-American gloss on history, however, unfortunately enjoys wide exposure and currency. As a historian, I find that deeply disappointing.

  3. Dr. Waddy:Perhaps though, their obvious antiAmericanism has wide exposure and currency in the real America too and like a child futiley worrying a throbbing tooth ,they flaunt it. I think Americans of common sense attribute such ingratitude, when shown by academics, to be characteristic of a hopelessly compromised and despised '60's generated university elite and I think I can understand how disturbing that must be to you. I'm confident that Southerners will preserve their traditions; they are far too tough to give in - they will find a way. I face one of their expressions of deeply felt pride every year on the reenactment field and though I'm a Yank, its terribly impressive to see and face, believe me.

  4. Dr. Waddy: Having listened: You are right: Cuomo is comically disingenuous in expectorating that Trump is afraid of the NRA! Good luck to anyone who would buy that. UHHH, he sure didn't look ill at ease at the podium at NRA's recent gathering - just imagine Andrew pitching his bitch there!

    You are right on point in noting that the left enacts its conviction that EVERYTHING but EVERYTHING must be subordinated to its unassailably righteous, even spontaneous,airy revelations,as embodied in their pseudo holy ideology. The NY AG, a Cuomo factotum,at least for now (in his consummate self celebration Andrew cannot perceive that he is being used by those far more grimly determined than he)sees the law as vassal to the totalitarian left's promise of their justice. Does it need to be aimed at the President? Why then let it be!

    At the risk of accusation of belaborment let me belabor: We do not need to wonder how it would be under the reign of those diaphonous leftist wraiths who seek to direct our rather painfully established institutions into unseen reaches.

    Their pioneer and exemplar, Andrew Cuomo, holds almost unassailable executive power in the almost impregnable leftist fortress of NY government.

    Let us us be fully beware of the example he sets. First, as any Conservative or anyone insolently doubtful of his wisdom is given to understand, with forcefully disdainful Andrew , anyone in opposition is unworthy of attention, except for that which serves their suppression. Do not doubt, all who are of sanity, that Cuomo in power shows us a clear picture of what we face from any of the left or leftist apologist Presidential candidates. If they prevail, you will be as are we in NY of common sense, of Conservative views or any convictions opposite to our presumptuous radical Governor. You will be NOTHING! This is what is promised you by any typically Dem radical or their enablers like the apologetic Biden. If you are of old line Dem loyalties, then look. They have nothing but presumptuous and
    again contemptuous views of you!

  5. Dr. Waddy: Also: Hey Andrew, where's the "sensitivity" when it comes to the many thousands in your principality who cherish the NRA because it protects their otherwise Constitutionally affirmed gun rights from predation by disdainful leftist totalitarians like you? You surely would not manifest such frantically emotional resistance to the expression of "rights"and tender "feelings" for any of a selection of "politically correct" factions, now would you Andrew - for example killers of police and the killers' admirers, right? We fully realize that in NY State, at least for now, you are numerically possessed of stereotypically leftist near totalitarian control; you have confirmed this in your presumptuous 2019 "progressive"rampage in our benighted and prostrate state. And whether you like it or no, you cannot deny the consequent negative electoral consequences for you and yours in the real America you so loathe. Oh don't try to game anyone outside of NYC metro; we know you!

  6. Jack, good point that the current crop of radicals holds even traditional DEMOCRATS in total contempt. No wonder moderates and conservatives have been fleeing the party. The goal of the media, of course, is to make these sensible Dems give up on politics altogether in lieu of becoming Republicans.

    I must admit, the new tack on the Left of using state-level AGs to persecute their opponents worries me. The law is, or can be, in the eye of the beholder, and the states can put people in just as much legal jeopardy as the feds. Ultimately, the federal courts will be the only defense against this misuse of power, and we all know how disappointing the federal courts can be! We must be on our guard.

  7. Dr. Waddy: Cuomo and his AG's onslaught on the NRA has but one objective. They remember 1994, when NRA hamstrung Slick Willy. They couldn't care less about NRA's defense of gun rights because they know gun control can't work (did it stop that murderous truck driver in Manhattan,Andrew's backyard?) Their motivation is that they know NRA very effectively supports candidates and office holders who are lawful and conservative on a WIDE range of issues. They are tactically and emotionally driven thus because they cannot contain their all encompassing hate for any who disagree with them.

    In a sense, the apparent adoption by the Dems of the assertion of state legal power against conservatives may be a sign that they are hedging their bets against their possible national marginalization. It may be that these state nodes of leftist intransigence may afford them refuge and encouragement for a time. Its hard to be in one of their strongholds. Beware, America.

  8. Yes, I'm sure you're right that the Left is resorting to state AGs because, for now, they've been deprived of federal power. Attack on all fronts -- that's their M.O. I'm actually surprised that they haven't been more aggressive in using state laws and state-level subpoena power to get their way. That power must be substantially limited.