Friday, April 26, 2019

Exploiting the Fallen: Why I Oppose Free Tuition for Gold Star Families

Friends, Governor Cuomo is at it again.  This time he's using taxpayer dollars to give full college scholarships to the spouses and children of servicemen and women killed in the line of duty.  In other words, he caved to Republican pressure.  I'm not convinced that perks and entitlements for the families of the fallen are in New Yorkers' best interests, though, and the political exploitation of their grief sickens me.  My perspective may go against the grain, but give the article a read and see what you think:

Here's some more grist for your mill.  This article is about the Obama administration's attempts to lobby the Ukrainian government to help it find dirt on Donald Trump -- and to suppress dirt on Joe Biden's son.  Keep an eye on the Ukrainian connection to the Trump-Russia hoax, as well as the British connection.

That pesky U.S. economy just keeps growing and growing.  Darn!  Don't consumers know that nothing is more important than defeating President Trump in 2020?  Maybe the Dems' fondest wish will come true, and we'll have a recession soon.  But I doubt it.

This is a very interesting article on China's rapidly improving missile capabilities.  In the realm of strategic nuclear forces, the Chinese are completely outclassed, but in short and medium range missiles, and anti-ship missiles, they've made a lot of progress.  Since our global dominance is founded on the ability of our aircraft carriers to go anywhere, and bomb anything and anyone, this is a source of concern.  We can and will, I presume, engage in a missile-building arms race, but we also need to find ways of neutralizing enemy missiles.


  1. Dr. Waddy: Re: On tuition freedom for Gold Star families: You argue your position courageously. Its very probable that cynical Andrew took this position in order to counter criticism of his desire to provide tuition free (and perhaps all expense free) college to the illegal immigrants he expects to be supportive of his totalitarian intentions.

  2. Dr. Waddy: To many, the 1992 shibboleth that "its the economy stupid" was a decisive factor in a Presidential election which saw a draft dodger defeat a WWII hero, to the everlasting shame of our country. I have always thought it was mostly the boomers being themselves.

    But that was almost 30 years in the past. For one thing there are alot fewer boomers, as we comically pay our debt to Father Time. In 2020, the economy may well be decisive and nobody but a wild eyed, "Che" worshiping, recently or unreconstructed collegiate dreamer would venture otherwise, except Bernie and his avatars and there is no hope for them. They should catch a ride on the next Mars rover.

  3. Dr. Waddy: Here are my concerns about our carriers:

    We used them extensively off Vietnam but they didn't win the war for us.

    The place nuclear war is most likely is at sea because there is less possibility of the homelands being hit by nukes. No ship can survive an atomic explosion close aboard and it could be delivered by a sub.

    IN 1967 the Forrestal, which was the prototype of the super carrier, survived many hits from its own bombs during its massive fire at sea. U.S. carriers are built very ruggedly, incorporating the lessons taught by the Kamikaze, which were simply manned antiship missiles. They might be defendable against destruction from conventional missiles. But apparently even in 1962 Russian subs had nuclear torpedoes. Goodbye bird farm.

    In WWI it was the battleships; in WWII it was the carriers; in another all out war at sea, in which, again, use of nukes is perhaps more likely, I would expect subs to dominate.

    Its right to note that the greatest sailors of all, the Brits, have recently built their first supercarriers. Such ships afford a nation very much ability to project massive power with great dispatch to very many vital locations. But they do have their limitations; backbone of our military? I hope not.

  4. Dr. Waddy: I cannot follow all the details in the article about the Ukrainian connection in my first reading. I beg your leave to comment after another reading but also suggest the following general background:

    The Ukrainian ruling regime's chief motivation would seem to be an understandable quest for U.S. backing for its opposition to a perceived desire by Russia for restoration of its empire . A widespread perception in the U.S. of Russian invasiveness would serve that end, as would "confirmation" of presumptuous Russian interference in our election. So too, pre Nov.8th, 2016, would have been the desire for the election of Hillary, who could have been expected to be very anti Russia in a classic effort to distract the American polity from her intended radical social orders.

  5. Hi Jack. Yes, no doubt the tuition benefits for illegals, contrasted to the cold shoulder to vets' families, did the trick politically. My impression, though, is that illegals only became eligible for the same tuition benefits and scholarships as legal residents -- they didn't get automatic full scholarships. If I'm wrong, please correct me.

    I'd like to think that a strong economy will mean a cake walk for Trump in 2020, but I doubt it. The "lead story" is whatever the MSM says it is, and unfortunately their lead story since mid-2015 has been "Trump is worst person ever"!

    Your position on carriers is well-argued. It's hard to imagine that, if the Chinese loosed hundreds of missiles at one of our super-carriers, one of them wouldn't strike home. As the article said, missiles are cheap. Carriers aren't. You may well be right about submarines. There's so much about future warfare we don't know, given that we haven't fought anything but an asymmetrical war in ages. I fear a lot of our fancy hardware might prove to be useless when the fatal moment arrives.

    Would the Ukrainians have assumed Hillary would be "anti-Russian" if she were elected President in 2016? Maybe. I think the bigger point would be that they assumed she would be President, and currying favor, by helping to discredit Trump and Co., would have been in Ukraine's interests...

  6. Dr. Waddy: My understanding is that they would be eligible for the same benefits as legals. I was suggesting that Cuomo would be pleased to afford them a full ride if he could swing it. After all, they are welcome, whereas law abiding gun owners are not, in his state.

    You are no doubt right the MSM will make it appear that the President has done the economy no good and where that lie is incredible, will say that he benefitted only the, by definition unworthy, wealthy. It will be conveniently seconded by millionaire Bernie and his avatars. But Trump reminds me of John L. Lewis when Lewis quoted "they smote me hip and thigh and right merrily did I return their blows".

  7. True, Jack -- in liberal eyes, illegal immigrants were long ago promoted to "model citizens". Maybe "super-citizens"? Is there such a thing? There will be soon, if they have anything to say about it.

    Yes, the Left will have to deflect on the economy by stoking class envy, as they always do. It works, to a point, but it works a lot better when people are struggling.

  8. Dr. Waddy: I would suggest that in this economy most are not struggling, as the left arrogantly presumes they are. Some that are are no doubt unwilling to work this economy, to live the positive lives which provide most with opportunity for decency, or whose "struggle" consists of their efforts to avoid productive effort.

  9. Jack, it all depends on what one chooses to call "struggle". Are the inhabitants of the richest, most opportunity-rich society in human history "struggling"? I guess they are, if it's politically convenient to say so, but in any objective sense the very notion is absurd.

    Let's take a trip to Guatemala and preach to them about how hard it is to make ends meet in Peoria... It would be us, not them, who received an education.

  10. Dr. Waddy: The Dems are disingenuous, just like the state employees union leader I saw raising his righteous fist to urge resolute resistance to oppression. The issue was the failure of the taxpayer to grant a 3% pay raise instantly and without question.This from people who already enjoy outstanding pay and benefits. The Dems are always ready to play the "victim game" with abandon and disdain for those who add up the bill.In one sense they are being honest though because if they take over there will be victims aplenty.

  11. Victims aplenty indeed! I wonder if anyone has ever added up the total number of victims -- just in America, let's say -- and how many non-victims are truly left... Few among us, after all, don't check off at least one box, right?

  12. Dr. Waddy: Oh yes, so many of us can play that game these days. Heck, being a Vietnam (Navy) vet I can do it. But I was referring to those who, we can be certain from past practice, would be declared tenth class citizens for their lack of political correctness should the AOCItes take over. Gee, some of them might not deserve it.

  13. Tenth class citizens? I'm not even sure you and I will merit citizenship -- or personhood, or oxygen usage -- if the Left seizes power. Our only purpose would be to suffer for their amusement. Still, it's good to have a purpose!