Saturday, April 20, 2019

Let the Feeding Frenzy Commence!

Friends, this is the sort of story that I love to see, especially in the pages of the New York Times, which as you know I hold in the very highest regard.  It seems Mayor Pete Buttigieg is in hot water because he fired a black police chief.  The rights and wrongs of the situation are naturally irrelevant, because Mayor Pete is white, and the police chief was black, so, from a leftist perspective, it's game over right there.  The point to me is this: no one, absolutely no one, can emerge from the Democratic primary process unscathed, because no one can ever be pure enough in the eyes of fanatical leftists.  You might as well try to reason with a great white shark...  (Don't even think about it!)

And, while you're here, allow me to say: God Bless Vice-President Mike Pence!  What a breath of fresh air he is.  I agree with everything he says in this brilliant op-ed about the border.  Unfortunately, the chances that Congress will follow any of his advice are nil -- or less than nil?


  1. Dr.Waddy: The details of the Mayor of South Bend's actions touching in any way upon race are irrelevant, from the point of view of the left, other than from their consummate assertion and slavish conviction that any doubt of their irrefutable "truth" of "all" pervasive "racism " is by definition evil, is thoroughly dismissable by those of democratic mien.

    But I rejoice in seeing the "politically correct" Mayor of South Bend ensnared thus!

  2. D. Waddy: Allow me to add: "by definition evil, which is thoroughly dismissable "etc .

  3. Dr. Waddy: As usual, Fox would not give me access. But allow me to say I think Vice President Pence to be a thoroughly good man whose elevation by President Trump is yet another confirmation of the President's devotion to the real America.

  4. I agree, Jack -- Pence was a superb choice, and that was one of the weightiest choices Trump has made.

    Based on a talk I had today with two liberals, I would say the Buttigiegian bloom is already off the rose. I see a similar dynamic shaping up with the Dems in 2020 as that which prevailed for Republicans in 2016: a succession of challengers rising up to nip at the heels of the frontrunner, and each fading away in turn. The difference being that Sanders is hanging around to make the job of the challengers that much harder.

  5. Dr. Waddy: Just imagine, a year from now the Dem nomination will probably not be determined. Its great fun to follow, especially when we know there to be a real chance that it will come to nought but perhaps in some sense it is laughable. What powerful nonsense our Presidential obsession can be. But its ours and we have thrived.

  6. True! Our political process is like no other in history. It's a farce -- but also a fine spectator sport. Long may the Dem circus act last, I say!