Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Listen to the Newsmaker Show...IF YOU WANT TO LIVE!!!

Friends, as always, whether you listen to me and Brian O'Neil on the Newsmaker Show is a life or death decision!  We cover a lot of ground this week, including Mutually Assured Destruction, and why nuclear weapons are arguably a blessing to mankind.

In addition, we talk about: the "coup" behind the Trump-Russia hoax, the casualties of the Mueller investigation, the highly personal nature of Trump-hatred, assessing Trump's chances of reelection, the politics of illegal immigration and American demographics, the rise of Mayor Pete, the decline of Beto, the tit-for-tat nature of our political discourse, the legacy of George W. Bush and the future of the Bush family, the highs and lows of Sir Winston Churchill, the decision to drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the patriotism (or lack thereof) of anti-war protestors, the failure of the mission to rescue the American hostages in Iran in 1980, the pivotal nature of the 1980 election, whether Bob Dole could ever have been U.S President, and the influence of political satire of the sort we see on Saturday Night Live.

Don't miss it!


  1. Dr. Waddy: Hey, what foah you wanta mess wit me!? Step off. OK I'll listen but its my call, hear what I'm sayin? (That's salty prison lingo to show how much I'm with it). Comments to follow.

  2. Dr. Waddy: I agree with Rush that the Dems oppose Trump because they simply don't like him. But their antipathy is, I think, attributable also to the realization that he is their Nemesis- one who cannot be shamed by their excoriation and this bamboozles them.

    I completely agree with your devotion to the necessity of a complete and exhaustive investigation of their "collusion" illusion as they they enforced it.

    You say the left "hates" Trump and you are right on. They so misuse that word and they cannot endure direction of it upon themselves.

    In reference to your creditable
    observation that the Dems would recoil from deporting anyone, I would suggest that they would be blithe to expel anyone expressive of views at all doubtful of theirs'.

    I value your often expressed image of a Dem "circular firing squad" and of your recent description of Mayor Pete as the "Flavor of the Month". What a comical aspect the Dems present us with these days!

    General Westmoreland was right on point in describing the perfervid efforts of the monumentally and tragically wrongheaded efforts of the majority of the ingenuously "antiwar" demonstrators in the '60's as being in aid and comfort of the enemy. North Vietnam General Giap triumphantly acknowledged the decisive factor these fools were in the Communist envelopment of South Vietnam, with all of its tortuous and murderous accomplishment and consequences. Would that some of the detached American radicals were treated to graphic depictions of communist atrocities.

    I very much like your observation that Carter's incompetence led to the ascension of Reagan, common sense and the subsequent defeat of completely discredited Marxism .

  3. Dr. Waddy: Please excuse my misuse of the phrase "efforts of the" the majority... ."

  4. Yes, Jack -- the Left relies on its power to intimidate. The un-intimidatable, those like our valiant President, are their nemesis.

    Kudos to General Westmoreland for having the courage to call out anti-war protesters. Of course, the Silent Majority was well aware of the necessity of facing the communist threat in the Cold War, and would have been in little doubt of who "the good guys" were in Vietnam. Some people genuinely believed their own propaganda about "peace" and giving Brezhnev a hug, of course, but that doesn't make their nonsense any less dangerous.

    Reagan's win in 1980, and by such a large margin, came as quite a shock to the center-left establishment, as you will recall. It's chilling to think what the world might be like if the Gipper hadn't carried the day.

  5. Dr. Waddy: The Vietnam era "antiwar" types were opposed only to the American war effort, not to that of the Commies. One could wish upon them the experience of seeing the forces they so exalted marching into their dorm quadrangles and lining them up for . . . well, whatever.

  6. Quite right, Jack. Unilateral disarmament and "peace" are two different things! Thank heavens we never had to learn that lesson firsthand.

  7. Dr. Waddy: For so many in country vets the first hand revelation of casual communist savagery lives even now in their nightmares. If only such visions could be visited upon those who, in the protective cocoon of '60's America,stupidly supported the always murderous communist host.

  8. Experience is a good teacher, Jack. Can you imagine if the ABC, CBS, and NBC correspondents had been embedded with the VC? Oh my!