Thursday, April 11, 2019

The Line Between Love and Hate Gets A Little Thinner Every Day

Friends, it's a tried-and-true tactic on the Left to conflate conservative principles with "hate." In the case of homosexuality, all opposition to gay marriage, for instance, is assumed to derive from blind, searing hatred of all gay people.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Lately, it's presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg who is targeting our esteemed Vice-President Mike Pence with charges that he is hateful.  Ben Shapiro makes quick work of those charges.

Speaking of the ongoing culture wars, check out this article about the kinder, gentler form of book burning taking place in Barcelona, Spain.  Children's books that don't conform to leftist ideas about gender are to be eliminated.  Friends, I haven't been a child in quite some time, and I'm thankful for that, because I shudder to think how full most children's books and cartoons must be nowadays of left-wing propaganda.  More's the pity, kiddos!

I would also like to express my profound disappointment in the British government and the leadership of the European Union.  Britain has been given yet another extension, so that it can avoid the supposed perils of Brexit for another six months.  If I had voted for the "leave" option in 2016, frankly I would be close to despair right now.

On a brighter note, Attorney General Bill Barr is to be commended for his frankness in admitting that the DOJ and FBI "spied" on the Trump campaign -- and for his decision to create a team to look into the origins of the Trump-Russia hoax.  I just hope it's the A-team!


  1. Dr. Waddy: My reaction to such as the South Bend Mayor is this: STEP OFF! If I,or Mike Pence or any thinking person criticizes your baseless redefinition of the 5000 year old institution of marriage between persons of opposite sex and you attempt to shut us down, then STAND BY! Ben Shapiro argues sweet reason in opposition to your approach and Mike Pence exemplifies confidence in proven traditional values. I support them both without reservation. But I also say my above. Your behavior in support of your (to you) irrefutable doctrine, bespeaks a fundamentally totalitarian bigotry which is intolerable and which will block your comical quest for national office. The real America does not apologize to aspiring bullies like you for its values. Believe me, we are thoroughly disenchanted from honoring you and your "antiracist", "antisexist", "anti whatever you don't like" comrades. We know now that there can be no accomodation short of complete surrender to such as you and yours. AND WE VOTE THAT WAY!

  2. Dr. Waddy: Couldn't get to the Fox article. When I was a sub teacher in our very rural area ten years ago I did my duty and read to second graders a story about perfidious humans invading a utopian planet with placid green (of course) inhabitants who eventually drove out the oppressors and their smoky civilization. Typical, typical, yes and appalling. If teachers or administrators who think this example to be constructive were also required to realistically portray the actual summary 1975 Khmer Rouge restoration of the unforgiveably civilized urban population of Cambodia to the tender mercies of the tropical jungle , they would FREAK, wouldn't they! But then, that Cambodia '75 is the predictable product of their dreams is beyond their ken. And that says it all about them and their curricular commissars. It is we that must freak, sooner better than later, because these people will never give up until we defeat them in the marketplace of ideas. And we will, of course, have to fight to keep that arena open from their dictatorial intent..

  3. Well said re: Buttigieg. His rise in the polls makes him increasingly relevant, and his targeting of Pence is as repugnant as it is brilliant (from the perspective of garnering attention among leftists). Amazing how support for traditional marriage went from utterly normal, even among Democrats, to intolerable and unthinkable -- in the space of a few short years! It makes one wonder what other vestiges of Judeo-Christian morality will be frisked aside in record time by the Left if it assumes power in 2021...

  4. Dr. Waddy: Whatever they dream, in their smoky salons, of opposing in an instant;for them it is more than enough that something offends their exalted feelings. Consequences, historical lessons and counterargument are dross, dust merely. Their most intense contemptuous dismissiveness is reserved for the very feelings of those they oppose. If it is sacred to the real America it is by definition profane to the left and liable to onslaught.